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About Us


I’m Jim Edwards.

My intention in starting this website was to have some fun reviewing junk food and fast food and snacks and candy. Not the healthiest food out there, but honestly, we all enjoy these things from time to time. My friends saw what I was posting and the site grew and grew over the years and now we have a very large audience!

We like to try new foods – candy, desserts, fast food. We love trying “secret menus” at restaurants. And we love trying new products too. So, we are trying to have some fun with our hobby and share some useful information with our community.

We’ve been mentioned in many publications including the New York Times, Wired Magazine, Washington Post, The New Yorker, The Chicago Tribune, Boing Boing, Epicurious, The OC Register, Jezebel and Mental Floss.

If you have a press inquiry, please contact us.

Please follow on facebook & twitter (@junkfoodblog) to get your fix of the foods that you really like to eat. 🙂