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The Most Delicious Items on the In-N-Out Secret Menu (2023 Update)

In-N-Out Secret Menu

Last Updated on January 31, 2023 by Jim Edwards

In-N-Out is actually our favorite fast food restaurant in the world! We are slightly biased. It is California based and famous for its super-friendly nature and white-hatted staff. You will not find any In-N-Out storefront that is not vibrating with a chill, easy going energy.

This fast-food joint is usually featured on every tourist’s “must-do” lists while in California. Also of note – this the store was really the first to be known for it’s secret menu!

The In-N-Out secret menu is most likely the most famous fast-food industry due to its wide range of fast foods including numerous burger modifications as well as extra drinks and other treats that you might not be familiar with. Below are the top foods, snacks, and smoothies on the In-N-out secret menu.


The Most Delicious Items on the In-n-Out Secret Menu

1. Double Meat Burger

You can order the Double Meat Burger from the In-N-Out secret menu. You should not be confused with the Double Double which double meat and double cheese.

The Double meat burger, is two 100% beef patties, tomato, hand-leafed lettuce, spread, and onions; all stacked on a freshly baked bun.

The double meat bun an extra meat patty without the extra cheese in a standard double double.

2. Well Done Fries

The Well Done Fries are the best option for any individuals who fancy more crunch in their French fry bite. When you order Well Done Fries from the In-N-Out secret menu you will take your fries to the next level.

Most people think the well done fries are incredible and make these the best fries at any fast food restaurant. It’s great when you know the #SecretMenu hacks, isn’t it?

Well Done Fries are a little bit crispier than they appear. And they are a little bit browner and they taste crunchier more like potato chips. You will enjoy them when served piping hot.

The best suggestion is to give these Well Done Fries a wash down with a Milkshake. All the employees know what the Well Done Fries are so just ask for them when you order.

3. Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman served at the In-N-Out secret menu is one of the funniest sounding names on the secret menu.  Honestly, it makes us laugh out loud every time we even ask for it!

This recipe includes two beef patties  sandwiched with two slices of cheese – that is your Flying Dutchman.

This item is not served with any lettuce, bun, or wrapper. It’s another good low carb option, especially if you are on a keto diet. And you can always be asked for these additional toppings if you need them.

One of the favorite additions that you can ask for is whole grilled onion for an Animal Style. The Flying Dutchman is worth your trial and one of the best treats you can ask for. To make the order, just ask for a Flying Dutchman, but if the server is new, then you can show the menu.

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4. Protein Style Burger

This item is near the top of the list of the most popular items on the In-N-Out secret menu. By ordering a protein Style Burger, you are opting for a crisp lettuce wrap instead of hamburger buns. And that dramatically lowers the carbs.

So this is a great option for individuals who are sensitive about their carbohydrate content intake, or eating keto or low carb. The Protein Style Burger is a delicious and tasty option for any burger on the menu. These lettuce wraps guarantee freshness to your burger and great if you need a lighter meal.

5. In-N-Out Extra Toast

The Extra Toast is a nice item that is easy to find on the In-N-Out Burger secret menu. You will be served a bun with additional crispness, since they toast the bun!

It’s a great way to mix things up and get some new flavor in your burger without any additional costs. To get this just ask them to make your buns extra toasted.

6. Mustard Grilled Patty

If you love a meal with some extra spice and flavor, the Mustard Grilled Patty is a good option for you.  When you ask for it, they will will slather your patty with mustard and then grilling it, so it will have a bit of a kick!

7. In-N-Out Free Extras

The secret menu at In-N-Out is very expansive and also a great bargain. If you were not aware of the completely free upgrades, then you are welcome to order extra tomato, lettuce, and onion all on your burger. Besides, who doesn’t want free extras, right?

If you are an adventurous individual, you are free to ask for Whole Grilled Onions or Mustard Grilled Patty or even Hot Pepper Packets.

8. Root Beer Float

The Root Beer Float on the In-N-Out secret menu is not just your normal Root Beer Float. It is more of a Root Beer Milkshake.

The reason for this is because it is a Vanilla Shake that is mixed with Root Beer. And in a float, the whole idea is the the vanilla “floats” on top of the soda.  So technically it’s not a float, but it has the flavors you expect in a root beer float so it keeps that name on the Secret Menu. See, this is deep insider knowledge.

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If it is a warm summer day, this is one of the best drink options on their menu.

9. Add Chopped Chilis

Adding Chopped Chilis is a less well known menu hack but  I guarantee that these delicious spicy and tasty yellow chilies will be a flavor enhancer to any items on the menu. They are free toppings graciously offered by the In-N-Out store to its patrons.

In some stores, they are offered in little packets, but in most locations, the packets are kept in the fridge behind the counter.

You can order the Add Chopped Chilis directly to your burger and this is incredible in two ways. If they make this for you then you don’t have to unwrap your burger and you will be sure that the chilis are more even distributed throughout the burger.

Yellow peppers not always spicy, but some can be and they will add an extra layer of flavor to your burger and improve it with the vinegar hit and the spicy afterburn. When you place your order just ask them to add Chopped Chills – it’s just as simple as that.

10. 4 x 4 Burger

If you are really craving some meat, then this is a massive upgrade over the regular Double Double.

The recipe for this item includes 4 slices of cheese and 4 burgers. The item is made of 100% beef patties, tomato, hand-leafed lettuce, three slices of American cheese either with or without onions and spread, all stacked high on your freshly baked bun.

11. The Puppy Patty

If you’re going to In-N-Out with your dog, then treat your favorite four-legged friend to a well-deserved Puppy Patty. Every dog we know loves a good in and out burger. And they never offer to pick up the tab, do they? 🙂

Just ask for a plain unseasoned patty.


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12. The Neapolitan Shake

If you love their awesome milkshakes and want to try something a bit different, try the Neapolitan shake. It is a blend of their 3 main flavors – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry.

And you have to admit…it looks pretty cool!


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13. Animal Style

We saved the best for last. This is usually the first thing that people think of for this secret menu.

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You can order a burger or fries “animal style.”

So, what is “animal style” exactly? It is when a burger or fries are served with all of the toppings which includes:

  • pickle
  • cheese
  • grilled onions
  • and extra spread

This last item is In-N-Out’s secret sauce. The exact ingredients are unknown, but most people think it is either thousand island dressing or that dressing with some slight adjustments. It is a secret, so only the employees know for sure.

If there is one item to try, this is the one, so be sure to try fries “animal style” next time you go to In-N-Out.

Here is a good close up. Enjoy!


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If you are wondering what wine to pair with animal style fries, wine expert Rebecca Phillips gave Inside Hook the low down on what wine to pair with animal style fries!

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Video: The entire In-N-Out Secret Menu

We could not cover every item and show you video of each item. But this video is excellent and it will give you a good sense of the deliciousness the menu offers.

Our Favorite is still the 4 x 4 Burger – but only on special occasions.

Watch this video and don’t be surprised if you are craving a burger and fries after you watch!

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In-N-Out is a famous burger place that is known for its fresh and delicious fast food. They have an extremely loyal following and they are famous for their fresh ingredients and quality food.

And they were one of the first places that helped pioneer the idea of a “secret menu” – it’s a great way to mix things up and discover new flavors!

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