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KFC Secret Menu – What are the Best Items? (2023 Update)

KFC Secret Menu

Last Updated on January 31, 2023 by Jim Edwards

Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the largest fast-food chains in the world. Millions of people love KFC for its unique blend of 11 herbs and spices that remains top secret still today. How did KFC come to be such a vast multi-national fast-food chain?

KFC had humble beginnings. The man we all know as Colonel Sanders began feeding travelers at his service station in Corbin, Kentucky, back in 1930, in the middle of the great depression. Harland Sanders was 40 at the time. Over the next nine years, Sanders perfected his secret recipe. In 1950, the Colonel put on his iconic white suit. From then on, he always wore it in public.

The first KFC franchise opened near Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1952. In 1956, Sanders sold his Kentucky restaurant and began traveling to sign on new franchises. Kentucky Fried Chicken is now a group of 24,000 restaurants across 145 countries around the world.

What began with some fried chicken at a Kentucky service station is now the most famous fried chicken in the world. Chicken lovers everywhere enjoy Kentucky Fried Chicken’s regular menu items, but the secret menu items are the absolute best offerings of delectable KFC chicken and fixin’s.


KFC Secret Menu Items

The Colonel’s unique blend of herbs and spices will probably be a secret forever, but you can order these secret menu items for more great ways to enjoy your favorite KFC food items.

The tasty possibilities are nearly endless!

Double Down

This chicken sandwich truly is a sandwich made of chicken – it features two KFC chicken fillets filled with cheese and sauce, minus the bun. This trendy secret menu item has been featured on KFC menus across the world for limited periods of time. Stephen Colbert ate a Double Down on The Colbert Report in 2010, making this delicious sandwich even more popular.

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You may get lucky and find a KFC with the Double Down on the menu. If not, ask for two chicken fillets filled with your favorite add-ons. Cheese and bacon are great fillers for this sandwich, along with your favorite sauces. Spice it up by ordering Zinger fillets with hot sauce. The Double Down is a great way to enjoy a chicken sandwich on the go without a bun’s added carbohydrates.

Triple Down

Created because of the Double Down’s popularity, this beast of a sandwich gives you chicken within chicken! If you like the Double Down, you will love the Triple Down. Made with three chicken fillets and assorted fillings and sauces, it’s perfect for someone who adores KFC chicken fillets, cheese, and bacon.

Order your chicken fillets just the way you like them – original recipe, extra crispy, grilled, or spicy Zinger. Layer them with cheese, bacon, fries, or mashed potatoes. Create your own tasty sandwich by adding gravy, barbeque sauce, or the Colonel’s original sauce. If your appetite is huge, this is the KFC sandwich for you.

Build-Your-Own Bowl

You can’t help but love the original KFC bowl, filled with chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn, topped with three kinds of shredded cheese. The serious KFC fan knows you can take the chicken bowl to a whole new level by creating your own chicken bowl with all your favorite ingredients.

Order a chicken bowl and add on your favorites. You might want to substitute fries for the mashed potatoes for a crispier combination. Or add bacon and extra cheese. If you are extra hungry, add some biscuits on the side. Dip them into your gravy or add butter and honey to them for additional down-home flavor.

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Hot Pocket Bowl

The hot pocket bowl is a tasty variant of the Build-Your-Own Bowl. If you like KFC’s Hot Pockets, try them in a bowl. Your hot pocket is served slathered in melted cheese, with mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn, with more cheese shredded on top. It’s a hot pocket lover’s dream bowl.

Simply order a hot pocket bowl to get this original version. Don’t be shy about ordering this bowl with your favorite flavors. Add fries, extra chicken, or bacon for a different taste. You can even ask them to add a biscuit if you are feeling adventurous. For those who love chicken hot pockets at KFC, the hot pocket bowl is a fun way to enjoy your favorite.

Zinger Stacker

The zinger stacker is for chicken lovers that enjoy some extra spice in their lives. Two spicy zinger chicken fillets, lettuce, two slices of melted cheese, chili relish, and an extra spicy sauce are all tucked inside a fresh bun.

Most KFC locations have the ingredients available to make this extra-hot sandwich. Unlike many secret menu items, you can order the Zinger Stacker by name. Of course, you can add bacon or any other add-on item to this unique sandwich. A word of warning – this fiery sandwich is not for the faint-hearted.

Ultimate Zinger

An ultimate zinger is a pulled chicken ultimate sandwich with a zinger fillet tucked inside. The pulled chicken ultimate is a bun filled with lettuce, cheese, two mini crispy chicken fillets, pulled barbeque chicken, and southern-style coleslaw. The spicy variety includes the zinger fillet. Slightly less fiery than the zinger stacker, this is a more moderate sandwich for those who want a bit of heat but don’t want to be overwhelmed by it.

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Order this sandwich by asking for a pulled chicken ultimate burger and adding on a zinger fillet. Of course, you can add on any other side you want. Bacon is a great add-on to this southern-style barbeque sandwich with some added heat.


Unless you are from Canada or the northern United States, you might not recognize this special KFC secret menu item. Poutine, pronounced po͞oˈtēn, is created by adding cheese curds and KFC’s famous gravy to an order of french fries. This item is practically a delicacy in the northern climes of North America.

Many southern KFC’s may not have cheese curds on hand to create Poutine, but in the northern states and Canada, the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants are almost guaranteed to have this interesting ingredient. If you are in the north, just ask for Poutine by name, and they will serve it up hot, fresh, and delicious.

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