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The Best Items in McDonald’s Secret Menu (2023 Update)

McDonald's Secret Menu

Last Updated on January 31, 2023 by Jim Edwards

McDonald’s is the most famous and well known fast food restaurant in the world. McDonald’s has been open since around 1955 when the first one opened in California. Things have changed with staples including beef burgers, fries, and thick shakes remaining even after the addition of other delicious items. But, something that you might not know is the special dishes served at McDonald’s that you will not find on their menu – their secret menu items that take things to a whole new level!

If you familiarize yourself with some ordering hacks and be extra kind with the guy behind the counter, then you can create the McDonald’s secret menu for a lasting experience.

McDonald’s secret menu has generated great hype recently and their headlines about the secret menu including the Monster Mac, McGangBang, McKinley, and more are airing almost everywhere. Depending on the time that McDonald’s starts serving breakfast as well as the day that you show up, there are numerous options to choose from. So let’s check out more about the McDonald’s secret menu in this article.


Our Favorite McDonald’s Secret Menu Items

McDonald’s Secret Menu Item – The McKinley Mac

The McKinley Mac burger is among the most famous McDonald’s secret menu. What makes it this famous is its extra protein that is included. For the McKinley Mac burger, a quarter-pound meat patty is included, and added to your Big Mac standard toppings. The extra meat makes this secret menu item extra juicy and enjoyable.

Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the normal Big Mac, you can make it even better and ask for the McKinley Mac. You are guaranteed to get this delicious dish from the McDonald’s secret menu and it will be enough to satisfy your appetite. An additional tip; order a big drink along with your burger to wash it down. To order this, just ask for the McKinley Mac instead of the normal size burger.

McDonald’s Secret Menu Item – The McGangbang

This is also a well-known secret menu item at McDonald’s and for a perfect reason, the burger combines the two best items from the McDonald’s dollar menu to make a perfect burger. Place an order for a McDouble and a McChicken.


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What happens is that the McChicken sandwich is put directly inside your juicy McDoublebun to create a tasty sandwich. If the normal McDouble does not satisfy you, create your own McGangbang from the two items from McDonald’s secret menu and you will have an insane appetite any time you think about the experience!

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Just remember – order both the McDouble and McChicken to make your legendary McGangBang.

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McDonald’s Secret Menu Item – Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese has topped the list of the most famous McDonald’s secret menu items occasionally. If you are in search of a light or vegetarian meal, then this is your best sandwich option and will remind you of your childhood too!

Generally, the grilled cheese is cheese inside a grilled hamburger bun. To give you a tip; ensure the hamburger buns are grilled to enjoy the full flavor. Therefore, if you do not fancy a burger, grilled cheese is your best option in the McDonald’s secret menu. Grilled cheese is a nice little snack that will not weigh you down. To make this order, insist that the buns be grilled, that really makes it taste great.

McDonald’s Secret Menu Item – The Monster Mac

The Monster Mac is incredible since it is not just two patties, but eight beef patties that are crammed to make one Monster Mac. Although it might be hard to finish the eight patties, the Monster Mac is worth a trial due to its delicious nature. To make this order, ask for a Monster Mac but if you are not sure, you can ask for a Big Mac with 8 patties.

We hope you don’t eat this by yourself!

Of all the items on the menu, this is definitely one that should be shared with a group of friends. And of course, if you don’t share the picture on social media #MonsterMac, then it didn’t happen!

McDonald’s Secret Menu Item – Hash Brown McMuffin

When the phrase “McDonald’s breakfast” is mentioned, usually what comes into your mind is the hash browns with their McMuffin sandwiches. Interestingly, you can combine the two, and the best part is that it will be very delicious.

In the US, McDonald’s have extended their breakfast menu and you can be served with the Hash Brown McMuffin all day long. In some places, the McDonald’s employees will make the item for you and then it is less messy. So be sure to ask them if they will do it for you. And if you are polite and friendly, you will probably have success.

McDonald’s Secret Menu Item – The Apple Pie McFlurry

The Apple Pie McFlurry is also a secret menu at McDonald’s that has a great reputation and it is worth a try, especially if you want to try a desert option. In addition to the normal McFlurry, this delicious dish includes a full pie slice that is blended directly into the McFlurry! Don’t ask about the calories okay – you don’t want to know – and just enjoy it!

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This is amazing for people who like sweets and combines two amazing tastes – a McFlurry frozen milkshake and Apple Pie. What is better than that?  So if a plain McFlurry does not meet your taste desires, then ask for the Apple Pie McFlurry secret menu. From the constant visitors to the McDonald’s and those who order this item, it cannot be outdone. To make this order, ask for a McFlurry and a McDonald’s pie and politely ask your server whether they can blend it to make the Apple Pie McFlurry or blend it yourself.

McDonald’s Secret Menu Item – All American

The All American Burger served at McDonald’s secret menu is very popular for its delicious taste. This is the best if you need a simple meal. This item is simply ketchup, a beef patty, and pickles inside your hamburger bun.

If you don’t like processed cheese, this is the best chance to try All American Burger. This item from McDonald’s secret menu is lighter than the typical McDonald’s burger and is less heavy and won’t weigh you down the same.

Order it with your favorite soft drink to wash it down. Just remember that to make this order, ask for the All American Burger and if your server is not familiar with it, reveal the secret.

McDonald’s Secret Menu Item -Biscuits and Gravy

If you reside or have visited the south, then you know that Biscuits and Gravy are very popular in the McDonald’s secret menu. The reason for them being popular is because of their tasty nature and they remind everyone of southern home style cooking.

To make them extra tasty, they are covered with a generous amount of gravy sausage. If you have the opportunity, do not let it pass and try this delicious dish. To make the order, ask at the counter whether they have Biscuits and Gravy and we hope you are successful in trying this item.

McDonald’s Secret Menu Item – Caramel Apple Sundae

At first, you might be less impressed by this menu item, but the combination really transforms your dessert.

Your hot Caramel Sundae will change from a creamy and purely sweet dessert to one with an additional bit of crisp apple texture to bring back the nostalgia. Moreover, the item is a bit healthier since it will give additional fiber to your dessert. And by a “bit healthier” we mean that you can convince yourself it’s healthier – LOL!

You will not go wrong trying this dessert and you should not let the opportunity pass you.

McDonald’s Secret Menu Item – Surf and Turf Burger

Okay this is probably the fanciest, most expensive sounding thing on the McD’s menu! You can get your own surf and turf in one massive sandwich and enjoy fish and meat together, in one harmonious sandwich. You can thank us later!

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To order: order a Cheeseburger and a Filet-O-Fish sandwich. Then assemble yourself.


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McDonald’s Secret Menu Item – Fries including Big Mac Sauce

This is another perfect option in the McDonald’s secret menu items list and generally one of the most favorite items. It is a combination of a Big Mac Sauce with freshly cooked fries to make an irresistible combination. If you fancy a Big Mac Sauce, then take the extra step and combine it with fries from the McDonald’s secret menu and you will not be disappointed.

To make this secret menu item, just ask for Big Mac Sauce on the side after ordering your fries.

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Video – Is McDonald’s Secret Menu “real”?

Business Insider was curious if the McDonald’s Secret menu items we are talking about are “real” – so they went to explore. This video is worth a watch!

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In conclusion, anytime you visit McDonald’s you should be creative with your order and try something new from the Secret Menu.

Regardless of your dietary restrictions, the McDonald’s secret menu is exclusively foodie-approved and opens up to completely new treasure treats that you cannot afford to miss.

McDonald’s secret menu is versatile and gives you what you need whether you are a vegetarian, keto, or dairy-free. The 10 items above in the McDonald’s secret menu will give you an amazing experience.

Finally, if you want to explore a fun place for events, be sure to read our complete guide to the sugar factory

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