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The Ultimate Guide to McDonald’s International Menu

McDonald’s International Menu

Last Updated on October 10, 2022 by Jim Edwards

McDonald’s is usually the first franchise we think of whenever someone mentions fast food. Surprisingly, it’s the same for many other countries! As an international fast food chain, McDonald’s has gained many fans overseas with their signature menu items. One would think they should expect the same chocolate French fries, McDouble, and Apple Fritter on an overseas McDonald’s menu, but that’s not happening.

McDonald’s international menu differs from the US menu, but the interesting items will get your mouth watering in no time. Here are our favorite and unique items you can find at the many McDonalds outside the US.


McDonald’s Bacon, Macaroni and Cheese Toastie

McDonald’s in Hong Kong introduced a mac and cheese sandwich with bacon in 2017. The unhealthy combo was pressed between two slices of toasted bread. Overall, the calorie count was off the charts, yet the menu item was introduced. Luckily, it did not last long, and McDonald’s Hong Kong said goodbye to Bacon, Macaroni, and Cheese Toastie.

McDonald’s Ham N’ Egg Twisty Pasta

Going against the norm of western and eastern breakfast culture, McDonald’s Hong Kong introduced Ham N’ Egg Twisty Pasta. Unlike the bacon, mac, and cheese sandwich, this one was a delightful addition to the menu. Eating pasta for breakfast while visiting Hong Kong can be a fresh change for Americans. You can also get it with grilled chicken instead of ham for lunch.


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McDonald’s Chicken & Egg Burger

Another popular addition to McDonald’s Hong Kong menu is the Chicken & Egg Burger. People in America who love McDonald’s breakfast long to have a fresh egg on their breakfast chicken sandwich, but the Hong Kong crowd does not need to worry about their protein intake with this sandwich.


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McDonald’s Iced Milk Tea

Milk tea is a common and popular beverage in Asian and some European countries, so it’s not surprising to see it on McDonald’s Hong Kong menu. Iced milk tea is a rich and delicious beverage perfect as a breakfast or evening drink during the summer.

McDonald’s Tomato & Mozzarella Turnovers

An unusual Italian McDonald’s item is the panzerotti—tomato and mozzarella turnovers. It’s the perfect Italian twist to make McDonald’s menu local for Italians. If you are ever in Italy, don’t forget to try panzerotti.

McDonald’s McFloat

If you’re doing fast food, you need to go all in! At least McDonald’s Hong Kong understands this concept. It has turned the classic creamy soft serve into a Coke Float that gets the attention of passersby in a second. Those who are not into a combo of soda and dairy can try soda with lemon slices.

McDonald’s Gratin Croquette Burger

A seasonal Japanese McDonald’s menu item made of macaroni and crab croquette. The Gratin Croquette Burger is not a regular item on the menu. People can enjoy this creamy and crispy delight during the winter months and let the goodness of the McDonald’s item warm their stomachs and hearts.

McDonald’s Poutine

We are familiar with crispy, crunchy, salty, curly, and even chocolate fries, but as we all know, Canadians do it differently! It turned French fries into Poutine, which is a French fries dish served with gravy and cheese curds. It may never become popular in America, but at least Canadians seem to enjoy it.

McDonald’s Mashed Potato Burger

The name suggests it’s a burger with mashed potatoes inside two buns, but it’s not that simple. McDonald’s China created a burger with a pair of beef patties, mashed potatoes, and bacon, with a piece of lettuce hiding beneath it all. It was introduced in China in 2012.

McDonald’s Banana Shake

McDonald’s Japan has minion-themed Banana Mac Shake on their dessert menu. There are a few minion-themed treats on the menu, such as the waffle cones, which are popular with the crowd. Great Britain and Italy have Banana Shake on their McDonald’s menu, but they are not inspired by minions.


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McDonald’s Baci Perugina McFlurry

Every country with McDonald’s adds a unique flavor to the menu that no other country can produce locally. It’s not a competition but something that sets them apart from others. Baci Perugina is a classic Italian chocolate brand that serves as one of the best McFlurry treats on McDonald’s Italy menu.


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McDonald’s Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry

McDonald’s in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom welcome spring with the Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry. The item is the signature vanilla soft serve topped with Cadbury chocolate pieces and egg fondant sauce. In the States, we have Shamrock Shake for Easter.

McDonald’s McLobster

Although a bold choice at the time, McDonald’s Canada could not continue with the lobster menu option due to the rising prices and the falling demand. It introduced McLobster, a lobster roll sandwich, as a summer staple, but not many people were interested in the item, so it was discontinued.


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McDonald’s McChicken Mozzarella

Having McDonald’s McChicken Burger with mozzarella sticks on top is like a dream come true for fast food enthusiasts like us. Although we can’t have that in the states, McDonald’s Korea is serving it right now, and we think it’s time for a visit to try this out, don’t you?


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McDonald’s Sweet Corn

A healthy alternative to French fries is offered in McDonald’s Japan. While there is the option to have a side salad, people can replace French fries with sweet corn. McDonald’s Singapore and Malaysia also serve corn cups, though the corn isn’t sweet.

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McDonald’s Bacon Roll

Bacon Roll is a simple yet intriguing item on McDonald’s United Kingdom menu. With sourdough bread, generous slices of bacon are topped with ketchup or brown sauce for this McDonald’s item.

McDonald’s NYC Benedict Bagel

McDonald’s New Zealand serves bacon, egg, and cheese bagel with Hollandaise sauce for brunch. The interesting thing is that Eggs Benedict is covered on top for this McDonald’s item, and as we all know, they are not usually so.


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McDonald’s Cordon Bleu Burger

Like every other country experimenting with McDonald’s menu, Poland had to try something. So, it went with stuffing two buns with as much meat as possible, which resulted in Cordon Bleu Burger. They piled a beef patty, a chicken patty filled with ham, and bacon on top of one another before closing them off with onion buns.

McDonald’s Black and White Burgers

Now, this one is a bit peculiar. McDonald’s China introduced half-sized Black and White Burgers named solely for their colored buns. The white bun had black sesame seeds on it, and the black one had seeds dyed with squid ink. Both sandwiches were topped with bacon and a scoop of mashed potatoes.

McDonald’s Pizza McPuff

McDonald’s India introduced this cleverly named side dish, a hit in the local McDonald’s locations. Filled with vegetables, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce, these pocket-style Pizza McPuffs are perfect for a vegetarian treat.


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McDonald’s McRice Burger

It’s a menu item from various McDonald’s, including Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Singapore McDonald’s used to serve their beef patty with fried fish or chicken sandwiched between sticky rice patties. The McRise Burger is now discontinued, replaced by English muffins and buns.


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McDonald’s McToast Chocolate

This would have been a perfect treat for those who love to eat chocolate in the morning, only if they were in Germany and the McDonald’s item had not been discontinued. McDonald’s Germany once served folded and toasted flatbread with chocolate inside for breakfast.

McDonald’s Sweety con Nutella

McDonald’s Italy once had two pieces of bread coated with a rich serving of Nutella as part of their dessert menu. Although Sweety con Nutella is not on the menu anymore, people can order McCrunchy Bread with Nutella to enjoy the hazelnut chocolate flavor in McDonald’s style.


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McDonald’s McKroket

At first glance, the McKroket of McDonald’s Netherlands menu looks unthreatening, but the simple-looking croquette holds the secret to its damaging nature. The croquette is filled with beef stew, which can help you reach your sodium intake for the day in minutes.


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McDonald’s Spicy Paneer Wrap

Paneer is curd cheese, a popular South Asian staple that is loved in India. No wonder McDonald’s India tried it for a menu item. However, the wrap featuring fried paneer has an extra serving of cheese with veggies and cream sauce, making it extra rich and extra unhealthy.


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McDonald’s Shrimp Beef Burger

Surf and Turf is always appreciated by meat lovers, especially those who love to combine shrimp with beef. McDonald’s Korea served their Shrimp Beef Burger with regular burger fixings to add something new to the mix but not overwhelm their customers.

McDonald’s Shaka Shaka Chicken

Here’s McDonald’s DIY menu item for Japan. Customers can order fried chicken and get pepper flakes, powdered cheese, and/or BBQ sauce on the side. To prepare their Shaka Shaka Chicken, all they have to do is add the toppings in a bag with the chicken and shake it until they are sure the chicken is coated.


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McDonald’s Oreo McShake

Oreo McFlurry is a McDonald’s international menu item, but Oreo McShake is exclusive to the people in Uruguay. We all love the McFlurry version of Oreo, so why not bring the McShakes here too?


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McDonald’s Chicken McDo with Spaghetti

Sounds weird, right? It’s not. At least not in the Philippines. McDonald’s in the Philippines serves fried chicken with spaghetti. If someone does not want the spaghetti, they can order the Chicken McDo on its own or get a serving of rice.


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McDonald’s McNoodles

An experimental dish created by McDonald’s to serve in Austria. In 2012, Mcdonald’s imported ingredients from Thailand to prepare an Asian inspired-menu item. It mixed veggies, salad, chicken, curry sauce, or sweet-and-sour sauce in a bowl of noodles and served it as a limited-time dish. It took McDonald’s 18 months to develop it, but McNoodles did not survive the testing phase.

McDonald’s Petit Pancakes

Having mini pancakes might have been an exotic idea for other countries with McDonald’s, but Japan did it before anyone else. It serves mini pancakes with traditional hotcakes for its customers.


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McDonald’s Lipton Iced Tea McSundae

Imagine ordering tea with soft serve in the states—we don’t think it will be easier to mainstream such a McDonald’s item, but in Germany, it’s pretty common. Lipton Iced Tea McSundae is a popular item on McDonald’s menu, and we’d love to try it.

McDonald’s KitKat McFlurry

McFlurry can never go wrong with sweet items. Whether it’s Oreo or KitKat, people all over the world will love this McDonald’s sweet treat blended with KitKat pieces.


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McDonald’s Apple Fritter Donut

McDonald’s Canada serves an incredible number of baked goods to their customers, and one of them is Apple Fritter Donut. It’s not the only donut on the menu—they have four other kinds of donuts and five types of muffins too.

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McDonald’s McToast

McDonald’s Italy serves round ham-and-cheese sandwiches, and they call it the first and only round toast sandwich. Maybe they should look at Uncrustables to see if it’s not an original idea.

McDonald’s Chocolate Croissant

Breakfast is not a specialty of every McDonald’s across the globe. A select few can do it better than others, and some of them include McDonald’s in Canada, France, and Brazil. Brazilian croissants have a chocolate filling, but the Canadian one has a chocolate hazelnut filling.

McDonald’s McCurry Wurst

Do not let the name confuse you or take your attention away from this delicious German McDonald’s item. It’s a local street food served in the form of the McCurry Wurst containing grilled and steamed sausages covered in curry-spiced ketchup.

McDonald’s Crab Croquette Burger

We’ve already established that McDonald’s Japan is not afraid of experimenting with new ingredients. The snow crab and mushroom patty served on ciabatta bread was a limited-time offer and did not receive many positive reviews. People called it goopy and tasteless.


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McDonald’s Cheese Katsu Burger

The Japanese Cheese Katsu Burger is as popular as the McRib. It makes international headlines upon its occasional re-release. Despite the limited time availability, people love the deep-fried, melted-cheese-filled pork cutlet in a bun. It’s one of the best items on the McDonald’s menu in Japan.

McDonald’s Bubur Ayam McD

Porridge is an unpopular item for fast food restaurants, but McDonald’s Malaysia does not think so. It has a staple porridge dish with chicken, diced chilies, and ginger added to the mix. It’s a McDonald’s version of Malaysian specialty, Bubur Ayam. Singapore also has a similar dish called SingaPorridge.


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McDonald’s McCurry Pan

It’s an Indian McDonald’s specialty served as a rectangular bread bowl full of chicken and vegetables coated in tomato curry sauce. It’s a vegetarian option for Indians who also get to enjoy Chicken Maharaja Mac, a Big Mac vegetarian version.

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McDonald’s Bacon Potato Pie

Along with the many Japanese McDonald’s items in this article, the Bacon Potato Pie is also famous. It’s sort of a replacement for apple pie pockets. The Bacon Potato Pie is a dessert stuffed with baked bacon and potato, taro, or s’mores.


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McDonald’s Ebi Filet-O-Burger

Ebi Filet-O-Burger is another Japanese McDonald’s dish, but it’s also available at other Asian McDonald’s locations. Served in a Big Mac roll with shrimp and spicy sauce, it’s a perfect Eastern-Western combination for a McDonald’s item.

McDonald’s Ham Croquettes and Gazpacho

Croquettes stuffed with cheese sauce and ham bits are a favorite McDonald’s Spain menu item. Served with Gazpacho, a cold soup side dish, it’s a perfect meal!

McDonald’s McMollete

McMollete is a Mexican McDonald’s dish that’s served for breakfast. If you ever find yourself south of the border, look for three open-faced sandwiches with refried beans, cheese slices, and pico de gallo salsa. The sandwich does not use an English muffin for this traditional version—it has crusty bolillos.

McDonald’s Truffle Mayo & Parmesan Loaded Fries

You’ll find loaded French fries in McDonald’s locations in Australia. The fries are topped with sour cream and sweet chili or salsa and guacamole. Another version has truffle mayo and parmesan covering the crunchy French fries.

McDonald’s Kiwiburger

The name says it clearly that it’s a burger from New Zealand! McDonald’s locations in New Zealand changed a regular hamburger to red beetroot slices and a fried egg version that was not well-received by Kiwis. The locals always revert to the default McDonald’s items like Big Brekkie Beef Burger or Almighty Texas BBQ Burger.

McDonald’s Spinach Parmesan Croquettes

Here’s another croquettes item, this time from Italy and in pure Italian style. The McDonald’s Italy menu item, Spinach Parmesan Croquettes is a vegetarian-friendly dish with spinach and seasoned melted cheese. Italy is popular for selling vegetable-based McDonald’s items throughout the nation.

McDonald’s Stroopwafel McFlurry

Have you tried stroopwafel-flavored McFlurry in the United States? Maybe, you have because it was available for a short time. However, Netherlanders enjoy it regularly as part of their McDonald’s menu. Stroopwafel is a crisp cookie with a layer of caramel inside two wafers.

Top 10 Exclusive McDonald’s International Menu Items

Order up for these special McDonald’s creations!


McDonald’s may have originated in the United States, but its global popularity shows how much it’s loved in many nations. The McDonald’s international menu proves that the love we all share for food brings us together, enables us to share innovative ideas, and helps the franchise grow.

McDonald’s International Menu – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is The McDonald’s Menu the Same in Every Country?

McDonald’s is available in over 100 countries, and each country has its unique menu. The food each country’s McDonald’s serves is relevant to the culture and local taste.

Does McDonald’s in Asia Serve Spaghetti?

The Philippines serves McSpaghetti, an al dente spaghetti with shredded cheese, tomato sauce, and bits of sausages.

Where Is the Most Beautiful McDonald’s in the World?

McDonald’s Imperial in Porto, Portugal, is often named the best location in the world.

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