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Brukdown Chocolate Bar – The Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar with Almonds

Brukdown Chocolate Bar

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What Is Brukdown Chocolate Bar?

Brukdown Chocolate Bar is a specialty of Belize, a Caribbean country famous for its Mayan sites. It is imported by Mahogany Chocolate and Pur-Go from Punta Gorda Town, Toledo, Belize. The Belizean chocolate bar has 50% cocoa from the premium beans that grow locally. The other 50% of Brukdown is milk chocolate with roasted almonds.

The cacao base that makes up half of Brukdown Chocolate Bar is the best source of milk and dark chocolate, native to Belize. The roasted almonds also bring out the chocolaty flavor of the candy.

Each Brukdown Chocolate Bar is made of the following ingredients:

  • Sugar
  • 50% Cacao mass
  • Pure cacao butter
  • Belize cane sugar

Brukdown Chocolate Bar – What Does It Taste Like?

Getting against the norm of more than 70% dark chocolate for chocolate lovers, Brukdown Chocolate Bar offers a balance of milk and dark chocolate. The blend does not compromise the quality of the ingredients.

The milk chocolate bar is different from American chocolate bars because they only have about 10% of cacao. Brukdown has 50% with a deeper cacao flavor accentuated by the creamy, sugary goodness. The almonds are also chopped, so you can feel the crunch as you bite into this chocolate bar.

People often opt for this affordable chocolate bar for its milk chocolate taste but end up falling in love with the cocoa experience. It may be cheap and produced in a country not many can point to on the map, but the chocolate is good enough to remember the two names, Brukdown Chocolate Bar and Belize.

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Brukdown Chocolate Bar History

Brukdown Chocolate Bar is from Belize—a country that was British Honduras until 1973. Belize is the source of 900 Mayan sites and makes chocolate from locally grown cacao. The raw ingredient used in the making Brukdown Chocolate Bar is not low-quality—the cacao used is rich and delicious.

“Brukdown” word is a unique name for a bar of chocolate, but not to Belizeans. It is a Creole word that loosely means party. Traditionally, this word represents European harmonies. “Brukdown” is also a dance form in Belize, and the makers claim that the name is inspired by Belizean Dance Music. Basically, in one form or the other, Brukdown is all about partying, dancing, and enjoying life!

The reason to name Brukdown Chocolate Bar with this fascinating word was to share happiness and joy through the sweetness of chocolate, almonds, and cocoa.

Mahogany Chocolate Expert – Armando Choco on Channel 5

Armando Choco, a chocolate maker expert, presents the Belizean & Brukdown Bars and special products that you will find only in the local stores.


Brukdown Chocolate Bar is made of Belizean cacao that is rich in flavor. It makes up 50% of the chocolate portion, complementing the other half made of milk chocolate. Roasted almonds intensify the taste of milk and dark chocolate. If you have never tasted this blend of chocolate with 50% cacao mass, you should try it at least once.

Brukdown Chocolate Bar – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Brukdown Milk Chocolate Bar?

Brukdown Chocolate Bar’s wrapper says it’s “milk chocolate bar,” but the ingredients clarify that the candy contains 50% milk chocolate and 50% cacao mass. It may be promoted as a milk chocolate bar manufactured in Belize, but the cacao ingredient is what makes people crave it.

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Where Is Brukdown Chocolate Bar from?

Brukdown Chocolate Bar is from Belize, which is a country in the Caribbean. Belize manufactures Brukdown Chocolate Bar as a local product with all local ingredients. The Brukdown Chocolate Bar ingredients include cacao mass, sugar, Belize cane sugar, and pure cacao butter.

Does Belize Grow Cocoa?

Belize produces less than 150 tons of cacao per year. Despite the low production, the country is famous for the richness of the cacao mass.

Is Belize Known for Chocolate?

Belize is a prominent name in the production of cacao. Some people claim that cacao was first used in this region. The region is also famous as the cultural site of the Mayan empire, so it has also been traced back to the Mayans producing and consuming chocolate.

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