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SweeTARTS – An Original Retro Sweet & Sour Candy

Sweet Tarts

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Sweet Tarts or SweeTARTS are tablet-like sweet and sour candies. The candy tablets are stacked together in a roll that is fun to carry in your pocket.

Each roll contains a variety of sweet and tart flavors and they are loved by children and adults alike. They use citric acid to create a sour, but not too sour taste. So if you like a little bit sour and a little bit sweet, they are always a great option!

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History of Sweet Tarts

Sweet Tarts were introduced for the first time in 1962. It was done under the supervision of the CEO of Sunline, Inc., Menlo F. Smith. The candy preparation process was quite similar to the production of Lik-M-Aid and Pixy Stix.

In 1963, Pixy Stix and Sweet Tarts shared similar flavors in their respective mixes – lemon, lime, grape, orange, and cherry. 

Sunline Inc. was a division of Sunmark group of companies. Rowntree Mackintosh acquired it in 1986. Later, Nestle acquired Rowntree Mackintosh. 

Sunmark, along with the Quaker Company in a joint venture, developed the Willy Wonka brand candies. Sunmark has used the Wonka logo on most of its branded products. In 1988, Nestle acquired the Willy Wonka Candy Company.

Many flavors are and have been a part of the Sweet Tarts candy mix. 

  • Yellow – Lemon
  • Orange – Orange (the flavor discontinued since 2013)
  • Red – Cherry 
  • Green – Green Apple (it was lime flavor before 2002)
  • Blue – Blue Punch
  • Purple – Grape
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Nestle has stopped the production of lemon flavor in 2009 but reintroduced it to the mix in 2013. 

What is the Taste and Flavor of Sweet Tarts like?

Presently, there are five flavors that are present in a single package. They are:

Color  Flavor
Yellow  Lemon
Blue  Blue Punch
Green  Green Apple
Red Cherry
Purple  Grape

The presence of citric acid in the candies gives it a sour taste. Sucking onto sour candies for longer will hurt your tongue and inner cheek. The candies are bite-sized and tablet-like, and easily chewable.

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Variations of Sweet Tarts

Over the years, different versions of the Sweet Tarts candies have delighted and continue to delight its consumers. Below is a list of the different versions.

  • SweeTARTS Chewy Sours
  • SweeTARTS Cherry Punch Soft and Chewy Ropes
  • SweeTARTS Gummies
  • SweeTARTS Soft Bites Gummies
  • SweeTARTS Soft and Chewy Ropes
  • SweeTARTS Whipped and Tangy Gummies
  • SweeTARTS Hearts
  • SweeTARTS Mini Chews


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Nutritional Facts of Sweet Tarts

The nutritional facts mentioned below are for a serving size of 13 pieces (15 grams approximately).

% Daily Value
Total Fat (0 g) 0%
Saturated Fat (0 g) 0%
Trans Fat (0 g) 0%
Total Carbohydrate (14 g) 5%
Dietary Fiber (0 g) 0%
Sugar (12 g)
of which added sugar is 12 g 25%
Sodium (0 mg) 0%
Cholesterol (0 mg) 0%
Protein (0 g) 0%

SweeTarts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the ingredients in Sweet Tarts?

The ingredients in the original Sweet Tarts candy are malic acid, maltodextrin, dextrose, and contains less than 2% of calcium stearate, natural flavors, artificial colors (Yellow 5 Lake, Blue 1 Lake, Blue 2 Lake, Red 40 Lake). The product may contain eggs. 

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How many calories are there in Sweet Tarts?

Thirteen pieces of the Sweet Tarts candy contain 60 calories approximately. 

Are Sweet Tarts gluten-free?

The original Sweet Tarts candies do not contain any glutenous ingredients. However, there are a few Sweet Tarts products that contain wheat in them. If all the products are manufactured in the same facility, there is a high risk of cross-contamination.  

Are Sweet Tarts vegan?

The ingredient list on the candy label mentions that the product may contain eggs. Hence Sweet Tarts candies are not vegan. 

How are Sweet Tarts Made?

Its an interesting manufacturing process. Easier to watch this video to see – very cool to see the factory line and how many are made daily!

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Video: Giant SweetTarts Challenge with NO WATER

This is fun to watch but please don’t try this at home!!

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Image Credit: Evan-Amos, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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