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Astro Pop – This Rocket Shape Candy Will Take You to the Moon!

Astro Pop Candy

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Astro Pops are a lollipop brand known for their unique design and flavor. It is shaped like a three-stage rocket and has three flavors and colors. It is very colorful and fun to eat and of course that means that kids love them! Also, unlike other lollipops, Astro Pops are not hard – they are filled with jelly and soft to eat. Hot jelly is poured right into the lollipop wrapper and sealed with food-grade paraffin wax. The wrapper acts as a mold and lets jelly take shape after cooling.


History of Astro Pops Lollipop

Just like its design and flavor, Astro Pops also has a wildly exciting past. Two rocket scientists made Astro Pops during the peak of the Cold war in the year 1963. The two rocket scientists working on a space program in California decided to quit their job and work on Astro Pops, modeling the candy design after the 3-stage rocket. They built the machines required for manufacturing the candy themselves.

The timing of the launch of Astro Pops was perfect as it was a historic time for space exploration; the race to reach the moon was intense. The creators of Astro Pop sold millions, taking advantage of the cultural moment and inspiring children and adults to think about the astronauts going into space and to the Moon!

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Later in 1987, the Astro Pops brand was acquired by Spangler Candy Company from the Nellson Candy Company. Spangler introduced two new flavors in the existing variety. In 1997, Spangler got into a little bit of legal trouble as a couple in Washington sued Spangler and 7-Eleven because an Astro Pop injured their son.

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After a few years, Spangler decided to customize the shape of Astro Pop by removing the stick from the thick end and putting it in the narrow end to give more surface area to customers to eat from. 

Ellia Kassoff purchased the brand in 2010, which later became a part of Leaf Brands. Leaf launched new products in the Astro Pop franchise like Astro Pop Asteroids and Astro Pops Sodas.

Old Astro Pop Commercial

If you want to see more about how the candy was marketed and positioned in the 1960’s, this commercial is a lot of fun and blast into the past.

What Are the Flavors of Astro Pops Like?

Astro pops have plenty of unique flavors, their original flavors being cherry, passionfruit, and pineapple, with a banana split and caramel apple flavor being added later.

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Spinoffs and Product Line

Capitalizing on the popularity and craze of Astro Pops lollipop, its manufacturers launched plenty of Spinoff products around the Astro Pop brand. Here is a list of all the products.

  • Astro Confetti Pop™: (lemonade with confetti candy)
  • Halloween Astro Pop™: (orange, vanilla, and chocolate)
  • Citrus Sensation™: (orange, cherry, lemon)
  • Easter Astro Pop: (grape, vanilla, lemon)
  • Astro Pop, Awesome Hot™: (hot cinnamon flavor)
  • Astro Sundae Pop™: (chocolate, vanilla, and cherry)
  • Astro Patriot Pop™: (cherry, vanilla, and blueberry)

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What Are the Ingredients in Astro Pops Lollipop?

Ingredients of Astro Pops are:

  • Sugar
  • Corn Syrup
  • Water
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Colors added (includes red 40, yellow 5, blue 1)
  • Glycerin
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Nutritional Facts of Astro Pops Lollipop

The nutritional facts mentioned below are for a serving of 1 piece (100 grams) of Astro Pops.

% Daily Value
Total Fat (0 g) 0%
Saturated Fat (0 g) 0%
Trans Fat (0 g) 0%
Total Carbohydrate (20 g)
Dietary Fiber (0 g) 0%
Glucose (20 g)
Sodium (10 mg) 1%
Calcium (0 mg)
Potassium (0 mg)
Protein (0 g) 0%
Cholesterol (0 mg) 0%

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Astro Pops Lollipops Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Calories Are There in The Astro Pops Lollipop?

One piece of Astro Pops (100 g) contains 80 calories.

Are Astro Pops Gluten-Free?

Yes, Astro Pops is gluten-free as they don’t contain wheat or any ingredient which contains gluten. However, they are manufactured in a facility that processes gluten products which can cause cross-contamination. So, if you are allergic to gluten or have celiac disease, be cautious of cross-contamination and thoroughly go through the label.

Why Do Astro Pops Have Wax?

Astro Pops have a unique manufacturing process because the cone wrapper is the actual mold that is used for the candy! I don’t know of any other candy like this to be honest. The hot candy is poured directly into the wrapper. And then a paper stick is added and then it is capped off with a layer of wax to help keep the stick in place while the candy goes through the cooling process.

Are Astro Pops Vegan?

No, Astro Pops is not a vegan lollipop. It contains animal milk which makes it unsuitable for a vegan diet. 

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Video: Astro Pop Unwrapping and Taste Test

If you want to see the candy’s unwrapped and a close up and a taste test, this video is great.

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You can learn more about Astropops on the company’s website –

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