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Jujubes Candy – Small, Fruity and Chewy!

Jujubes Candy

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Jujube candies have long been one of the most popular candies among children. They are fruity candies that are chewy, tasty fun – brightly colored candies that are dense and take a long time to chew.

From chewing and sucking to topping on a dessert (especially cakes!), Jujubes have numerous uses. 

So, what is jujube candy?

These are chewy candy drops majorly made out of starch, gum, and corn syrup. 

Jujubes are colorful, squishy, and moderately soft sugar-coated candies available easily in any general store. Its original flavors are lilac, violet, rose, spearmint, and lemon.

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Jujubes were first produced in or around 1920. Its name ‘Jujube’ actually originated from the Jujube fruit, which was discovered by the Chinese some 4000 years ago. 

There is no apparent link between the fruit and the candy. However, many believe that the candy got its name from the ju-ju gum used in it. 

Later, jujubes became famous as a movie theater candy  At present, they are just chewy, gum-based candies with different fruit flavors. 

Recipes Out of Jujube Candies

In modern days, millennial prefers to chew jujubes by the handful. However, you can also eat them individually by sucking on it and letting a single one dissolve in your mouth.

Did you know jujube candies and cherries, and other jellies are used in sweet dishes as add or toppings? Here are a few creative uses for jujubes to add to other desserts:

  • Jujubes are chopped and used as toppings on ice-creams, pastries, custard, and other desserts
  • It is mixed with roasted peanuts and honey to make a quirky salad for kids
  • Jujube cakes are very common and can be made easily at home – just add some jujubes on type of a white cake and you now have a very colorful and fun cake!
  • Toping of sliced jujube candies are also used in mocktails to add extra flavor and uniqueness. 
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What do Jujube Candies Taste Like and How do They Look?

Jujubes are sweet and fruity flavored. 

The red ones taste like cherry, yellow like a lemon, green like lime or mint.

When packed, they become rigid, nearly like glass. Only when the molten liquid is squirted into the mold and before it is placed in the drier rooms will you find soft Jujube. They are kept in their molds in the dryer rooms for several days until they attain specified moisture content.

They are round-shaped small candies with a flat base. However, the jujubes that were manufactured earlier used to have soft edges compared to the present ones.

Who Makes Jujube Candies?

Heide Candy Company initially produced jujubes. This company was founded by a German immigrant Henry Heide in 1869. After his death, his son Andrew Heide took over the production.

But later, it was sold to The Hershey Company in 1995 and then by Farley & Sathers. At present, they are manufactured by Ferrara Candy Company. During these changes, jujubes underwent various changes in shape, size, and taste. 

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Jujube Candies Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Jujubes Gluten-free?

Jujubes are counted under gluten-free candies as per the United States manufacturers. 

How Many Calories Are There in Jujube Candy?

A Jujube candy contains 140 calories per serving. It has 18gram sugar in one pack and must be taken in a moderate amount. 

What Are the Nutritional Values of Jujubes?

  • Fat / Lipids 0g- 0 %
  • Cholesterol / Cholesterol 0g- 0 %
  • Sodium / Sodium 10 mg 1%
  • Carbohydrate / Glucides 34g- 11 %
  • Sugars/ Sucres 21g
  • Protein 0g.
  • Calcium / Calcium 0%
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Video: Unwrapping and Taste Test of Jujubes Candy

This is a good overview of what the candies look like, first impressions and then a taste test.

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