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The Best Candy Bowls for Your Sweet Treats

candy bowl

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Offering your guests candy is a great way to make them feel welcome at your humble abode. However, handing out pieces of candy directly by hand would be a poor way of doing this and can take away from the sweet gesture itself.

Instead, you should have a dedicated candy bowl for storing, displaying, and serving your delicious and mouthwatering candy collection to your guests, regardless of whether it’s just a casual visit, a planned get-together, or a celebratory party. This article will tell you all about the best candy bowls in the market, so keep reading!

candy bowl


The 4 Best Candy Bowl Options You Should Consider Buying

When it comes to candy, there is no shortage of options in the market for you to choose from. Sadly, the same goes for candy bowls. As such, it can be really challenging for a candy lover to select the right candy bowl to store and display their candy. But worry not! Outlined below are 4 of the best candy bowl options in the market that you should consider buying:

Anchor Hocking Penny Candy Jar – Clear 1-Gallon

A premium glass-constructed candy bowl that screams quality and elegance. The simplistic design adds sophistication to the bowl, making it an exceptional container for your candies and an aesthetic display for your shelving, coffee table, kitchen top, or any other location in your home.

With a 1-gallon storage capacity, you already know that the candy bowl will have no trouble storing your candies. The generous storage capacity enables the bowl to hold almost all types of candies, including your Christmas, New Year, and Halloween candies. It can even accommodate long candies such as licorice and lollipops.

The thick glass walls along with the chromium metal lid grant the bowl a thick, dense, and hefty profile, making it look and feel lavishly premium. However, these attributes also put the bowl a bit on the heavy side, meaning that kids in the house can easily drop it if allowed to pick it up in the first place.

Naturally, the premium look and feel of the product make it an excellent giftable item. As a matter of fact, the candy bowl boasts a 4.3-star rating for being giftable. The bowl also offers you a two-way positioning option, which means that you can place the bowl in two different positions: one with the lid facing upwards and the other with the lid facing at an angle. Although not much, it does offer the owner a little bit of flexibility.

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Speaking of lids, the chrome metal lid is easy to pop off and put back on, providing you with easy access to your beloved candies. However, do keep in mind that the lid is not air-tight, and therefore, the bowl is not suitable for storing anything that quickly would go stale in the air.

On the downside, the bowl is just a bit shy of a basketball in terms of size and, therefore, tends to take up a significant counter space owing to the generous storage capacity. Also, the absence of any seal means that the lid remains loose all the time.

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Modern Innovations 128-Ounce Candy & Cookie Jar with Lid, Premium Acrylic Clear Apothecary Jar

It would be more appropriate to address this product as a candy jar instead of a candy bowl due to its shape. This large and spacious candy jar rocks the classic and stylish eggplant design that we have all come to love and adore due to its nostalgic charm and ease of access.

The 5-inch-wide opening at the top allows you to easily grab a fist full of candies from the jar without having to worry about getting your hand stuck. The 128 ounce, or 1 gallon, storage capacity makes the jar spacious enough to hold all your candy without any trouble.

Furthermore, the classic eggplant design of the jar makes it an effective ornament in itself. Placing the jar in your guest room, living room, or kitchen will definitely add character to the space, even more so if the jar is filled with a colorful variety of candy.

One of the biggest plus points of this eggplant design is that the jar can provide ample storage capacity for your candies without taking up too much counter space since the jar has a narrow base.

Another major benefit of the jar is that it is made from a high-quality, food-grade acrylic plastic that is durable, long-lasting, and shatterproof. This means that you can freely place the jar anywhere you want to without having to worry about your kids cracking or shattering the candy jar.

In addition, the lid of the jar is lined with rubber allowing it to seal off the container and anything stored within it and preventing air from entering the jar. This means that you can even store confectionaries such as biscuits and cookies that otherwise would go stale in an open candy bowl.

candy bowl

Unfortunately, even this remarkable product has its shortcomings. The rubber lining on the lid has shown to turn yellow over time. Even though this does not affect the usefulness of the lid, it is quite noticeable and may take away from the aesthetics of the jar.

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Other than that, people have rated the product very well for its sturdiness, storage capacity, and value for money.

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Genuine Fred UNZIPPED Hand-Blown Glass Bowl

Looking for a never-before-seen displayable item that also doubles as your candy bowl? If so, then this is the product for you!

This unique glass candy bowl features an unzipped zipper bag design and also manages to realistically imitate the folds and edges of an actual plastic zipper bag. The candy bowl is made from durable and crack-resistant glass that grants the product longevity and sturdiness. In addition, the clear glass construction allows for complete visibility into the contents of the bowl. This means that the unprecedented zipper bag design looks even more prominent and aesthetic when filled with colorful candy pieces.

A zipper bag design may, although, look good. However, many consumers feel that the design isn’t safe and that the bowl is likely to tip over with even the slightest disturbance. If you’re one of the people who are worried about the stability of the candy bowl, don’t! To eliminate spills, this glass bowl has a flat, strong base that provides great stability and balance on a variety of tabletop surfaces.

An added benefit of this glass bowl is that it is dishwasher-safe, allowing for easy and convenient cleaning once you’re done using the bowl or about to refill it. Washing your candy bowl every once in a while helps you maintain its visual appeal and keep it hygienic.

Moreover, this zipper bag-shaped bowl comes in three different sizes that are 8, 12, and 22 ounces. Looking at these sizes, it is clear that the candy bowl lacks in capacity, a tradeoff for its unique design, and one of its biggest shortcomings.

Naturally, the bowl is not suitable for storing a large number of candies, unlike the previously mentioned options. But to be fair, this product serves as a much better decorative item as compared to the above-mentioned options.

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WGV Slant Cut Bowl Glass Vase Clear Terrarium Candy Dish

The slant-cut candy bowl brings a simplistic yet elegant and sophisticated bowl design that not only works as a candy bowl, but also as a glass vase that can store small plants and flowers. One of the most noticeable aspects of the product is the wide variety of shapes it is available in. Some of these shapes include pedestal, orbit, slant cut, and jar.

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This multi-faceted product can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a candy dish, fruit plate, and floral arrangement. The open-top design makes the bowl even more suitable to be used as a plant terrarium. This makes the glass bowl an excellent choice for a housewarming gift and a great gift for other occasions as well.

In terms of quality, the bowl is handcrafted using durable glass with perfectly cut top rims. The thickened glass base adds stability and durability to the product, reducing the likelihood of the bowl turning over.

However, like all other products, this glass bowl also falls short in a few areas. Firstly, being hand-crafted, the bowl tends to vary in dimensions slightly and also has a few imperfections. Secondly, the storage capacity of the bowl does not match up to the first two products mentioned in this list.

Nevertheless, the slanted cut design makes the bowl look extremely stylish, perfect for adding character to your indoor spaces such as the kitchen or living room.

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Video: Epic Candy Fishbowl

Watch as I turn your average fishbowl into an epic candy bowl to entice your taste buds.


Having a tempting bowl of candy in your living room or kitchen can make the space feel more welcoming and warm, just how you want your guests to feel! Investing in any one of the candy bowl options outlined above will help you store and display your sweet and delicious candy in an elegant way that would make your visitors appreciate the beauty of the article while tempting them to sample a piece or two!

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