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The Tastiest Things on the Burger King Secret Menu (2023 Update)

Burger King Secret Menu

Last Updated on January 31, 2023 by Jim Edwards

James W. McLamore and David Edgerton started Burger King in 1954 in Miami, Florida, according to the company. However, there are other sources that say Matthew Burns and Keith Kramer founded Insta-Burger King, in Jacksonville, Florida in 1953. The ownership of Burger King went through quite a few different companies, especially in its earlier days because of its competition with McDonald’s. Burns and Kramer sold their first franchise of Burger King in 1959, making the company a national chain. In 1963, Burger King was expanded to Puerto Rico. The Pillsbury Company bought Burger king in 1967, they even brought in a former McDonald’s executive to help revitalize the burger company and expand the menu. Pillsbury was then bought by a British company in 1989, that company, now Diageo PLC, sold Burger King in 2002.

In 2010, a company called 3G Capital, owned by Jorge Paulo Lemann, took over Burger King in a leveraged buyout. The Burger King chain may have gone through some owners but today the company is valued at around 7.6 billion. The company has been through a couple logos and they just recently changed their logo again, although it just looks like they slightly altered the 1969 logo. Aside from the logo, the Burger King mascot was introduced in 1955, shortly after the restaurant’s beginning, but over the years the mascot changed a little as well.

Burger King’s menu nowadays consists of french fries, onion rings accompanied by their popular zesty sauce, The Whopper, Original Chicken Sandwich, The Big Fish, Hershey pie slices, milkshakes, The Bacon King, and many other mouth watering items. The Whopper originally sold for 37 cents when it was first created and released by James McLamore in 1957. The Big Fish and Original Chicken Sandwich were both released when Burger King hired a former McDonlad’s executive in 1979. Now that you know some of Burger King’s history, you should also know about their secret menu.


Our Favorite Burger King Secret Menu Items

Burger King Secret Menu Item – Rodeo Burger

Many people know about thisBurger King menu secret, even though it was featured on the menu for only a short period of time. Some Burger King restaurants might even still have this item featured on their regular menus because the charbroiled hamburger with tasty upgrades was so popular.

Burger King took a hamburger, added their BBQ sauce and a few of their crispy onion rings on top to make the Rodeo Burger. If you cannot order the Rodeo Burger from your local Burger King restaurant, it is simple to make by ordering a plain hamburger, an order of onion rings and a BBQ dipping sauce cup.

Burger King Secret Menu Item – Mustard Whopper

If you are a Burger King regular, you know that the Whopper contains onions, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, pickles, mayo and a ¼ pound charbroiled hamburger. There is not regularly mustard on the Whopper. You can order this item by simply asking for a Whopper with added mustard, or ordering a mustard Whopper. Apparently if you order the mustard Whopper, they replace the mayo with mustard and fans are saying it changes the whole taste of the sandwich.. In a good way.

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Burger King Secret Menu Item – Frings

Onion rings or fries? It’s sometimes really hard to choose between the two popular Burger King sides. Well, asking for frings instead gives you the best of both sides. Ordering frings features half onion rings and half fries, might not be exactly half but it gives you the feeling that you are satisfying your taste for both the onion rings and fries. If you still want your zesty sauce, you may want to ask them for it.

Burger King Secret Menu Item – Burger King Ham and Cheese

The name says it all. Served on a sesame bun, the Burger King Ham and Cheese can be yours, all you have to do is ask for it. The contents of the sandwich are obviously ham and cheese, but you can add a condiment or maybe even swap the bun out for the bread they use on their original chicken if you choose to do so.

Maybe this sandwich made Arby’s a little nervous and that’s why Burger King has kept it off of their regular menu.

Burger King Secret Menu Item – Burger King BLT Burger

The Whopper is for sure already delicious, but imagine having a Whopper topped with crispy bacon. The classic Whopper already has the essentials to make a BLT and then some. It’s unclear why this menu secret isn’t called a Bacon Whopper instead, but as long as there’s bacon involved the name of the sandwich doesn’t really matter.

You can try to order a BLT Burger by telling the Burger King crew member you want one, or by just ordering a Whopper or Whopper Jr. and customizing the sandwich by ordering it with bacon.

Burger King Secret Menu Item – Burger King BLT

This is a popular hidden menu item for a lot of restaurants, but ordering it at Burger King will give you the chance to also add an order of onion rings to your meal.

If the crew members don’t quite know how to ring up or make a BLT, kindly explain to them that they can just give you a bacon cheeseburger (that is featured on their value menu for $1 for a limited time right now) but remove the ingredients that you don’t want on your BLT like the ketchup, hamburger, and mustard. To make the BLT a BLT though, you will have to ask them to add a tomao and some lettuce to complete the sandwich.

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Burger King Secret Menu Item – Veggie Whopper

You don’t need to be a vegetarian to want to try this secret menu item. All of the Whopper toppings are included still, but instead of a beef hamburger the sandwich contains a Vegetarian patty instead. This sandwich makes it so those who cannot enjoy the popular Whopper can enjoy a juicy sandwich that tastes just as good.

Burger King Secret Menu Item – Icee Float

Burger King has Icee drinks on their menu, and they are really delicious by themselves. Maybe you want to turn your Icee into an Icee float though, and that’s ok because you can. Ordering an Icee float is pretty simple, ask them to give you the Icee of your choice but to add some of their creamy soft serve ice cream to the Icee.

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Burger King Secret Menu Item – French Fry Burger

When ordering your Whopper, Whopper Jr., Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Original Chicken Sandwich, Big Fish, double cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, or even a Rodeo Burger ask the crew member to top your sandwich off with some french fries.

If the crew member doesn’t want to do it, you can simply order a small or value fry and top the sandwich off with fries yourself.

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Burger King Secret Menu Item – Burger King Club

The Original Chicken Sandwich is very tasty, juicy, and good by itself, but turning it into a Burger King Club will definitely upgrade the taste. A Burger King Club has all of the Original Chicken ingredients on it, but fresh tomato, melty cheese and crispy bacon is added to the top.

If the crew member doesn’t know what you are talking about, just kindly order an Original Chicken and add cheese, bacon and tomato on to the sandwich as a customization.

Burger King Secret Menu Item – The Suicide Burger

This secret menu item basically makes the Burger King secret menu, but it is also known as the Quad Stacker, but both sandwiches are packed full of the same stuff. Four hamburger patties with four slices of cheese between them, special sauce and last but not least bacon are the contents of the Suicide Burger.


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If the sandwich still doesn’t sound like it’d be enough for you, remember to have them add lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, mustard, onions, mayo or any other topping you may want on your four stacked patties.

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Video – 10 Burger King Secret Menu Items That Make Restaurants Jealous

This is a great video that goes over the top 10 Burger King Menu Items. There is nothing like trying something new that others don’t know about, right?

Try these “secret” items. #SecretMenu

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Our Summary

If you don’t want to try the Burger King menu secrets, you must not really be that big of a fan of their charbroiled hamburgers after all. Ah, just ribbing you a bit – what junk food lover doesn’t like a challenge, eh?

Everybody has their preference on where they want and don’t want to eat, that’s ok though, these items are really intended for the hardcore Burger King lovers. Some people prefer McDonald’s, (See  )obviously one of Burger King’s biggest competitors, McDonald’s actually sued Burger King at one point for a commercial that talked smack about McDonald’s and the actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), also received backlash from the lawsuit because she was in the commercial, she was only a child at the time though.

Note: be sure to check out our post on the Best McDonald’s Secret Menu Items too.

Some of these items may be easy to order, while others may be hard because of either the crew members not understanding how to make them, or the particular restaurant may be out of or simply doesn’t carry ingredients for things like the Burger King Ham and Cheese. Different locations of the restaurant decided to add some of these secret items to their menu; a common one is the Rodeo Burger. As if Burger King didn’t already have enough amazingly good options on their menu, now you have more things to try

Leave us a comment and let our Junk Food community know what your experiences with the #SecretMenu items has been like and which ones you prefer!

Finally if you want to know about McDonald’s McDouble check out our complete guide!

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