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The Best Items on Arby’s Secret Menu (2023 Update)

Arby's Secret Menu

Last Updated on January 31, 2023 by Jim Edwards

In 1964, Leroy and Forrest Raffel were tired of the fast food burger chains, so they opened up their own sandwich shop in Boardman, Ohio. The restaurant that they opened could serve a fresh sliced, hot roast beef sandwich just as fast as a McDonalds could serve up a hamburger.

By 1965, Arbys turned into a franchise and the first franchise opened. In 1971, Arby’s changed the way they made their roast beef that is featured on most of their sandwiches and has been using the same roast beef recipe ever since. 1977 was the year that the Arby-Q sandwich made it’s first appearance in restaurants. The Arby’s Beef N’ Cheddar started being served in the restaurants in 1978, featuring a toasted onion roll and topped with warm cheddar cheese sauce. Loves Park, Illinois became the 1,000th Arby’s restaurant to open in 1980. The first international Arby’s opened in Japan in 1981, and Arbys started their foundation in 1986.

Now that you know some of the restaurant’s history and when they began making the delicious classic roast beef sandwiches, you should also know about Arby’s Secret Menu.

When you are ordering in the drive-thru, or at the restaurant, you’ll notice that these items are not featured on the regular menu alongside the Classic Beef, Classic Beef N’ Cheddar, milkshakes, curly fries, chicken tenders, gyros, rubens, and potato cakes. It is said that if you are using delivery services such as DoorDash, you can even order some of these secret menu items to be delivered to your house or place of business.


15 Must Try Items on the Arby’s Secret Menu

Arby’s Turkey and Cheddar

This sandwich was launched in the Arby’s restaurants in 2012 and was on their regular menu at one point. All you have to do is order a Classic Beef N’ Cheddar but swap the beef for the freshly sliced turkey that Arby’s uses on their turkey wraps, turkey sliders and turkey gyros to taste the delicious turkey and cheddar sandwich complete with a toasted onion roll bun. If you want to go the extra mile with this secret menu item, you can also add bacon to sink your teeth into a turkey, bacon and cheddar sandwich.

Arby’s Double Stacked Rueben

We all know the reuben sandwich is made on marble rye bread with sauerkraut, fresh sliced corned beef, and melted swiss cheese topped with thousand island dressing. Wouldn’t it be nice to have twice the meat though? You can just ask for double the meat on your reuben and instead of 3.5 ounces of corned beef, your sandwich will be double stacked with 7 ounces.

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The Meat Mountain Sandwich

This sandwich is the biggest sandwich than Arby’s has ever sold, but it no longer exists on the regular Arby’s menu. Don’t worry, you can ask for the meat mountain so you can ‘have the meats’ just like Arby’s. This sandwich features not one but two chicken tenders, corned beef, roast beef, turkey, bacon, angus steak, smoked brisket, ham and not only cheddar cheese but also swiss. If you want to create a ‘surf n’ turf’ vibe with your meat mountain, you can either have them also top it with their beer-battered fish fillet or you can just order that sandwich as well and mash them up together yourself.


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Bacon Beef N’ Cheddar

It’s all in the name with this secret menu choice. Order a Classic Beef N’ Cheddar sandwich and have the friendly crew members top it with the savory peppered bacon to create a bacon, beef n’ cheddar sandwich to enjoy.

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Junior Deluxe

This secret menu item is really a simple one, if you want just a little extra on your junior roast beef. Ask for a junior deluxe, or customize your junior roast beef when ordering to create the junior deluxe. This sandwich is simply the mouth watering roast beef in between the buns with lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

Roast Beef N’ Swiss Sandwich

If you look really hard on the Arby’s website, they have a small list of things on a secret menu that you can order from their restaurants. This sandwich is on that list. The Arby’s website describes this sandwich to be made with honey wheat bread, their delicious roast beef, tomato, lettuce, red onions, and swiss cheese all topped with a spicy brown honey mustard. You can customize the sandwich however you’d like though.

Ultimate BLT Sandwich

The Ultimate BLT sandwich was introduced in 2002 and was on their menu for a grand total of 3.99. It is however not on the regular menu anymore, but you can still order it. The BLT is obviously bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo but you can customize to take off anything you don’t like. The original Ultimate BLT sandwich that was released featured only five slices of bacon but it is said that if you order the sandwich off of the secret menu you get eight slices instead of five.

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Roast Ham N’ Swiss Sandwich

This is another item Arby’s features on the secret menu part of their website. They describe the sandwich to be made on honey wheat bread, with ham, swiss, tomato, lettuce and topped with mayo and brown spicy honey mustard. Again, you can order and customize the sandwich however you like though, including topping the ham and swiss with peppered bacon.

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Arby’s French Dip Max

Sort of like the double stacked reuben, this secret menu item is actually on some of the restaurant’s regular menus. If it happens to not be on the menu at your local Arby’s, don’t worry all you have to do is order their french dip and swiss sandwich with double the meat to get yourself a french dip max.

The Rachel

This sandwich was only on the Arby’s menu for about a month in 2015. Although the original version of the Arby’s Rachel featured coleslaw instead of sauerkraut, you unfortunately cannot order it like that because they no longer have the coleslaw. You can however order the reuben but ask them to replace the corned beef with turkey and the thousand island with their smokehouse brisket BBQ sauce to get a pretty close version of the Rachel.

The Big Iowa

You’ll probably have to walk the crew members through the details on this one if you’d like to order it, but most Arby’s should have all of the ingredients to make the Big Iowa. In 2017 this sandwich was released as a one-day only promotion at a single Arby’s restaurant in Iowa. The sandwich features ham, turkey, brisket, red onions, parmesan peppercorn ranch dressing, pepper bacon, three mozzarella sticks and melted cheddar cheese all inside of one of those delicious toasted onion rolls.

Chicago-Style Beef Dip

This secret menu item is like breeding the french dip and the loaded italian sandwiches to create a perfect sandwich. You can order a Chicago-style beef dip by simply ordering a french dip and swiss but customizing it by having them make it with banana peppers, roasted peppers and the italian seasonings.

The Bread Switch

Although this isn’t a secret menu item, it is a secret way to customize any sandwich you would like at Arby’s. Arby’s calls this customization the bread switch because you can order any sandwich you want but have them swap it for a different bread they use for little to no extra cost.

Sauce It Up

If there is a certain sauce you like that Arby’s uses, you can swap out the regular sauce that comes with your sandwich. For example, if you order that amazing turkey bacon wrap Arby’s has on their regular menu, you can replace that spicy brown honey mustard with their BBQ, cheddar cheese or even the cucumber sauce that they top their gyros with. This may not be a secret to the menu, but it sure opens up a lot of possibilities that you didn’t even know were there. Many different combinations of the sauces can be used on all of the sandwiches or even as a dipping sauce for your curly fries, mozzarella sticks or potato cakes.

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Arby’s Onion Tanglers

Arby’s has a signature sandwich on their menu called The Smokehouse Brisket, this sandwich has crispy fried onions called onion tanglers on it. Well, you can customize any of your Arby’s sandwiches with the onion tanglers by requesting to top the sandwich of your choice with the crunchy onions.

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Arby’s Video – We Tried 16 Arby’s Menu Items

This is a quick review of some of the best items and they are ranked. We have a hunch you will want to hit Arby’s up soon!

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If you have eaten at Arby’s and have never tried any of these gems, you should order one of them at some as soon as you can!

All Arby’s restaurants should have the ingredients to make these secret menu items, but some restaurants or crew members may not know what you’re talking about so you may have to explain what the sandwich contains.

Additionally, if you are a vegetarian, you can order any of the Arby’s sandwiches without the meats inside of them, and enjoy their crispy delicious potato cakes as a side to your customized veggie sandwich.

Don’t forget the last three secrets, you can order any bread you like, any sauce you like and even top it with onion tanglers to add a mouth-watering crunch.

Image Credit: “Vintage Arby’s sign in Laurel, Maryland [02]” by SchuminWeb is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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