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The Best Dutch Bros Secret Menu Items (2023 Update)

Dutch Bros Secret Menu

Last Updated on January 31, 2023 by Jim Edwards

Headquartered in Oregon, Dutch Bros. is the largest privately owned coffee chain in the United States. Founded by Dane and Travis Boersma in 1992. The brothers decided, after generations in the dairy business, to go in a new direction. They started out with just a small pushcart and have grown to over 400 locations throughout the United States.

Every cup of their aromatic coffee is handcrafted when ordered. The coffee beans are hand-roasted in the Pacific Northwest. All of the Dutch Bros. franchises are locally owned and operated, with locations in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, New Mexico, and some other cities but mostly in the west and as of this writing none in the midwest or east coast. The owners of the Dutch Bros. franchise contribute to various local causes and organizations in the communities.

Some of the delicious beverages that you can order at a Dutch Bros. location include teas, freezes, smoothies, and specialty coffee drinks. They also have the Dutch Bros. Blue Rebel, which is an energy drink that patrons can infuse with all different flavors. Dutch Bros. has products for at home use as well, so if you want the unique taste of Dutch Bros. coffee but if do not have a location near you, then you order online on their website or you can buy their coffee here.

Some of Dutch Bros. more popular and most ordered items; the Cold Brew Kicker (which is Irish Cream cold brew), The Iced Double Rebel (with strawberry, coconut, and peach), The Oat Milk Kicker (an Irish Cream Oat Milk latte), and The Toasted Cold Brew Kicker (toasted Irish Cream cold brew). A few of the options to choose from, on their regular menu; Cold Brew, Dutch Freeze, Americana, Dutch Frost, and Fruit Smoothies.

With all of the options above, and even more, there is also a secret menu of scrumptious drinks available at most Dutch Bros. locations. If you are a coffee lover who appreciates handcrafted drinks to order, then you must visit a Dutch Bros. Coffee location. (Note: You can find a list of locations here). You will definitely not be disappointed.

Okay, enough with the history. Now, let us delve into 15 different drinks from Dutch Bros.


Our 15 Favorite Dutch Bros. Secret Menu Items

Dutch Bros. Secret Menu – Cotton Candy Frost

If you have a sweet tooth, we have the perfect drink for you! Ask your Dutch Bros. Barista to whip you up a Cotton Candy Frost. With over 60 frost flavors, this is one of the most popular. Combining blue raspberry with white chocolate to make a thick, sweet delicious Dutch Bros. shake.

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Dutch Bros. Secret Menu – French Toast Breve

A breve is a cappuccino with half and half instead of whole milk. This breakfast drink combines cinnamon, brown sugar, and white chocolate topped with frothed milk foam. Perfect for french toast lovers.

Dutch Bros. Secret Menu – Gummy Bear Rebel

This tasty treat is not your normal “gummy” bear. The Gummy Bear Rebel starts with Dutch Bros. Rebel energy drink. Then they add kiwis, lime, and white chocolate. It is fruity, and sweet with a kick of energy.

Dutch Bros. Secret Menu – Dirty Caterpillar

If you love caramel apples during Halloween or from the state fair, and you prefer smoothies in the scorching summer weather then this drink was made especially for you.

Mix caramel and green apple together until you get a thick and tasty smoothie. Have Dutch Bros. add a drizzle of caramel on top, for a little extra sweetness.


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Dutch Bros. Secret Menu – White Coffee S’mores Breve

Who doesn’t like to roast marshmallows over an open campfire and make the wonderful S’mores treat?

This is a warm, sweet combination that uses white and dark chocolate with brown sugar cinnamon and chocolate macadamia nut. Don’t forget about the thick milk froth to top it off.


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Dutch Bros. Secret Menu – Bob Marley/Bob

Try something new with this Jamacian inspired drink, from the secret menu at Dutch Bros. Blending coconut, and mocha to get a Cocomo. Then you have them blend in a little banana (or a lot) and you have the perfect drink to take you to a Jamacian Beach.

Dutch Bros. Secret Menu – Ba-Nay-Nay

For you dark chocolate conessiours, this is a must try. It is a blend of bananas and dark chocolate topped with sweet and delicious whipped cream. Add some dark chocolate shavings on top and you have a decadent treat for anytime of the day.


Dutch Bros. Secret Menu – Molten Lava Mocha

Thinking of Molten Lava, I picture those delectable chocolate cakes with the warm melted chocolate and streams from the inside when you cut them open.

This sweet drink is made using cinnamon and mocha blended together perfectly by the Dutch Bros. barista. You can’t beat it.


Dutch Bros. Secret Menu – Kicker Cold Brew

Quickly mentioned in the beginning. This particular drink is extremely popular and can actually be found on their regular menu. You will want to order one of these thirst-quenching drinks in the scorching sun and humidity.

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Made with Irish Cream, Dutch Bros. Nitro Cold Brew, and cream it is a very smooth, creamy delight. Add an extra scoop of Irish Cream on top for that extra yumminess.


Dutch Bros. Secret Menu – Marmalade Paris Tea

Paris anyone? Take flight with this delicious drink made with some of the most popular American fruits; grapefruit, strawberry, and orange. Blend all 3 flavors of these great iced teas together for a Incredible Hulk sized dose of Vitamin C.

Dutch Bros. Secret Menu – Palm Beach Lemonade

Lets go from Paris to Palm Beach and experience a unique drink with a magic shimmer. A frosty treat for those scorching Palm Beach afternoons. Dutch Bros. will combine pomegranate and peach-flavored lemonade to quince your thirst. Ask them to add their edible shine and you will feel like a star while you cool down.

Dutch Bros. Secret Menu – Picture Perfect

When you think of the perfect picture of a cup of Dutch Bros. coffee, what does it look like? If it is any drink from Dutch Bros. then it is perfect.

But let’s make it a little more fantastic by adding a drizzle of dark chocolate, a drizzle of caramel on top of a delicious generous swirl of whipped cream. Now that, my friends, is picture perfect.


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Dutch Bros. Secret Menu – Trifecta Freeze

A Dutch Bros. freeze is made with white chocolate sauce, breve, espresso, and creme de menthe syrup. Why not take the taste level up a few notches by ordering the Trifecta Freeze?

This will add caramel, dark chocolate, and white chocolate to the already spectacular array of flavors. Perfect for those nice sunny days.


Dutch Bros. Secret Menu – Double Rainbro

If you are obsessed with the Dutch Bros. Rebel Energy drink, then this should satisfy your taste buds. The Double Rainbro adds coconut, strawberry, and peach syrups to a can of Dutch Bros. Blue Rebel Energy Drink. You can also add these extras to a Dutch Bros. Paris Black Tea for a refreshing combination.


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Dutch Bros. Secret Menu – White Coffee Cookie

Finishing up our 15 Secret Menu items, we are bringing something thick, smooth, creamy, and ice cold. This White Coffee Cookie Shake will give you a boost of energy.

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Blending white espresso, breve, chocolate macadamia nut syrup, and white chocolate sauce this is the perfect drink on a warm day.

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Dutch Bros Secret Menu – Taste Video

This is a fun video. They taste all of the options so you can see how they think about them and also what the drinks look like.

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Summary of Dutch Bros Secret Menu

If you go to you can join their newsletter, shop their specialty products, and receive free shipping on $60+ orders. Some of the coffee items you can order; Dutch Bros. Private Reserve in a single-serve cup, 12 ounce can, or a 16 ounce bag.

You can also purchase a Stainless Steel French Press, Dutch Bros. French Press, travel mugs, insulated water bottles/cups, and coffee mugs. Plus gift cards for the holidays.

Besides all of the mouth watering drinks that Dutch Bros. offers, you can add a few tasty food items that go perfect with their coffee perfection. Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin, Granola Bars, Chocolate Chip Muffin, or a Cranberry Muffin. Dutch Bros. even has a tasty Strawberry Smoothie just for the kids. What more could you ask for?

If you do not have a Dutch Bros. near you, then the next time you take a road trip or go on vacation you will definitely need to go to a Dutch Bros! You will not be disappointed in the products, the service, or the taste of their delectable coffees, smoothies, freezes, and more.

Take a look at their menu, their wide array of flavors that they have for each one of their drinks. Maybe during your drive, you could come up with your own concoction that could end up on the secret menu of 2022.

You never know, maybe your special blend will end up being included in an article just like this one! Happy drinking!

Image Credit: “Dutch Bros” by Thomas Hawk is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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