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Carl’s Junior Secret Menu (2023 Update)

Carl's Junior Secret Menu

Last Updated on January 31, 2023 by Jim Edwards

Carl’s Jr Restaurant is a popular American fast food restaurant chain that is run by CKE Restaurant Holdings with locations in Canada, United States, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. As of 2071, the CKE had  3665 company-operated restaurants in 39 foreign countries, 44 states, and the U.S. territories!

Carl’s Jr provides quality taste as well as innovation that burger lovers want. The restaurant uses fresh local produce and also, high-quality ingredients thus ensuring delicious flavors as well as mouth-watering textures that you might or might not know. Whether your love is for classic recipes or spicy exotic flavors, you will always find something unique that leaves you salivating at the Carl’s Jr. Their menu is very extensive and some of the recipes include Breakfast Burritos, Charbroiled Burgers, Chicken and more, Charbroided Double Deals among others.

As you know from reading our site, many restaurants have “secret menus” and Carl’s Junior is one of them. Honestly, their secret menu is not extensive but if you are a regular there, you should now about these options to enhance the menu.

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Our Favorite Secret Items from Carl’s Jr.’s

Swap Your Combo

Interestingly you can swap your Combo at Carl’s Jr.’s secret menu for a healthy alternative. Currently, at any Carl’s Jr. store you can swap out fries and soda for a better item that is much healthier. To achieve this, get your salad and bottled water instead of the sugar-filled beverage and greasy fries.

This item is incredible whether you prefer to eat a salad instead of the fries, or you are on a diet, this is the best option for you. Typically you can order a side salad and then get a cup of water to fill your soda fountain. Generally, it is cheaper than the combo but is classic if you upgrade to bottled water. It is a great idea to enjoy your hard-earned money. The secret is to swap the fries and soft drinks for an amazing and healthier alternative: bottled water and salad. It might not sound fancy, but your health is your priority. To order this, ask the barista to swap your combo for bottled water and salad.

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Chicken Stuffed Star

When it comes to this item, the question is, Do you fancy giant burger creations? Maybe what you are familiar with is the McGangBang from McDonald’s secret menu. If you are familiar with it, then Chicken Stuffed Star from Carl’s Jr is the perfect comparison. Surprisingly, it is even more of an ultimate version of the McGangBang. The burger is huge and a great idea if you are a heavy eater. It will fill your belly and at an affordable price.

The item from Carl’s Jr secret menu might not be the healthiest but it will, definitely, grab your attention since it is the extreme. If the extreme excites you like most, then this burger is there for you. By all means, I would recommend that you try this item and if you are unsuccessful, just order a Spicy Chicken Sandwich that is between a traditional Double Cheeseburger.

The secret is a spicy Chicken sandwiched between burger patties of your superstar. You can compare this item with the Mc Donalds McGangBang if you are not sure of what is being described. The easiest way to make this order as said is to ask for a spicy Chicken Sandwich between burger patties. If you ask this with a nice smile on your face, the barista will be happy to combine this for you.

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Trim It

Let’s say you have visited the Carl’s Jr. store and you wish to save a few calories on your menu. The trim It or the Low Carb It is a perfect option for you. Both options offer you a drop in the total calorie count in your meal in several ways. For the trim option, you are guaranteed to get rid of about 300 calories from your hamburger buns. With the Trim It, you will cut way much more calories from the fats and only a few calories from the proteins. With the Trim It, you have an added advantage since you get a wheat bun as a bonus which is healthier.

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A free tip with this item: If you do not wish to trim your burger you can try something else. It is not the same as Trim It since with Trim It, you get a chicken patty. But there is a good chance that you can substitute the hamburger patty for a Turkey patty.

The secret with Trim It, you make a sandwich that is lower in calories or fat. Therefore, there is no cheese or mayonnaise, chicken, and wheat buns instead of meat. It is very easy to order this since you ask the person behind the counter to “Trim It” when you are ordering your burger.

“Veg It”

This is an incredible item from the Carl’s Jr. secret menu. If you are a vegan, you do not have to look far when in the Carl’s Jr. The best thing is that you can substitute or remove the meat on your sandwich or hamburger at this store. This is something you can do at other stores, but with this particular one, it will go smoothly without any hitch.

You also know that by removing the meat or substituting it, it will be cheaper. The big secret is removing or rather substituting your meat with a vegetarian option that is available. The item is not very popular but what we are sure of is that you will get it. To order this, simply ask the barista to “veg it” when placing your burger order.

Low Carb It

Although the Carl’s Jr. secret menu is quite new, there are high hopes that it will go on growing with time. The low-carb item from their secret menu is one of the most interesting and coolest things that you will find there. The item is very similar to the In-N-Out’s protein burger. This menu makes any burger lighter and healthier thus one of the fan-favorite menus.

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The best part is that this burger saves a lot of calories and carbohydrates. To be precise the low carb saves you about 300 calories and up to 48 grams of carbohydrates that have been removed by swapping out the lame buns for amazing crisp lettuce. Here the secret is turning any regular or ordinary bugger onto a wrapped lettuce burger. To order this item from Carl’s secret menu, just ask the barista to serve you a “low carb it” and if this name is hard to remember just say your burger be lettuce wrapped.

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The Carl’s Jr. restaurant is amazing with extensive chain stores worldwide. The restaurant has a delicious menu with naturally obtained and high-quality ingredients. On top of that, they have their secret menu that is growing with time.

Try and reach out to any Carls and try one of the items in their secret menu from the above list and you are guaranteed that you will love it.

Image Credit: “Carls Junior” by 1Nine8Four is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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