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Pork Rinds – The Ultimate Guide

Pork Rinds - Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on June 13, 2021 by Jim Edwards


What are Pork Rinds?

Pork Rinds are just a culinary term for pigskin. Pork Rinds are Pig Skin, deep-fried, and baked with delicious seasoning.

What are the Ingredients in Pork Rinds?

In short, pork rinds are made of pig skin but in the cooking process it is turned in a salty, rich, crunch and addictive piece of deliciousness.

How Are Pork Rinds Made?

You may have chewed pork skin at some point while enjoying a Pig Roast. That chewy and gummy texture of skin kind of ruins the whole experience. So how does that chewy and gummy pork skin turn into a crackling, puffed, delicious snack?

Let me tell you how the magic happens.

You must first cook the pork skin in boiling water until the skin gets soft. Once the skin gets soft, you can take it out and then cut it into bite-size pieces and then let it chill in a refrigerator for a minimum of four hours. This process is done to solidify the fat. 

After the fat layer is solidified in the freezer, you can clip it off and dispose of it. This is how rind is separated from cracklings.

You must then keep all of the pieces in a mesh tray on top of a drip pan. Then, transfer the pan to a low heat oven for 8 hours to dehydrate the pork and give the snack its puffiness.

After getting rid of moisture, the next step is to fry the pieces. You need to use oil with a high smoking point. Heat the oil to about 360 degrees, and submerge the pieces in the hot oil to fry. 

The remaining moisture present in the skin then evaporates as soon as you dip it in the heated oil. You have to be careful about skin getting stuck at the bottom of the pan; to avoid that, you need to keep stirring it.

Once the rinds are properly deep-fried, you need to season them as soon as you get it out of the pan. It is advised to season it while the rinds are hot so the spices will stick to its surface. Let the rinds cool for some time, and voila, the delicious, crackling snack is ready to be enjoyed.

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Note: This is the process for making them at home. If you buy them in a package from the store, or a link below, they use a similar process but at a massive scale of course.

Microwave Pork Rinds

If you are someone who loves a scalding and crackling bowl of pork rinds, then you are in for a treat. You can get a bunch of microwaveable pork rinds packets for a lower price. Just throw them in the microwave, and you have a really hot crackling delicious treat ready for you to enjoy.

Nutritional Facts of Pork Rinds

The nutritional facts mentioned below are for a serving size of 100 grams of Pork Rinds.

% Daily Value
Calories 544
Total Fat (31 g) 47%
Saturated Fat (11 g) 55%
Monounsaturated fat 15 g
Total Carbohydrates (0 g) 0%
Dietary Fiber (0 g) 0%
Total sugar (0 g) 0%
Sodium (1818 mg) 75%
Cholesterol (95 mg) 31%
Protein (61 g) 122%
Iron (0.36 mg) 2%
Calcium (0 mg) 0%
Vitamin D (0 mcg) 0%
Calcium 3%
Cobalamin 10%
Iron 4%
Magnesium 2%


Our Top 3 Pork Rind Recommendations

Epic Artisanal Oven Baked Pork Rinds

One of the most popular brands for pork rinds is Epic Artisanal Oven Baked Pork Rinds with Himalayan salt. One of the best things about this brand is that it has 40% less fat per serving than other brands.

It is a delicious blend of antibiotic-free pork, non-GMO, with a simple seasoning that is easy on your gut. 

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No products found.

4505 Meats Classic Chili & Salt Chicharrones

Another great brand to go for is 4505 chicharrones Pork Rinds – they are made from the skin of a pig’s belly and fat. All the fat is deeply fried out during the cooking process, resulting in low fat, light snack that melts in your mouth.  They are seasoned with chili, sugar, and a dash of palm sugar, which gives them an incredibly delicious taste.

Their pork rinds have 0 carbs and are keto certified. So if you are on a keto diet, then this is the best brand to go for. 

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Pork King Good Pork Rinds

When it comes to Rinds, Pork King does justify their name. They have a plethora of options when it comes to flavors and seasoning. Pork kings rinds are fried in their own extracted fat and then seasoned with their specially blended seasonings, which are inspected every day by the USDA.

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Pork King is a woman-owned company. Its founder has herself maintained a weight loss journey of around 100lbs, and she stands by the product when it comes to weight loss.

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Video: My Pork Rinds Review and Taste Test

This is worth a watch if you want to get a good visual of what many of these pork rinds look like in the bag. And opening or unboxing of the bag and then finally a taste test of course!

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Pork Rinds Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Pork Rinds Healthy?

Pork Rinds have 0 carbs, 0 sugar, high fat, and protein components. This has made it a perfectly delicious and desirable snack for keto diet lovers, but does that mean it is a healthy snack? And you can go on guilt-free snacking on this delicious savory snack. 

Pork Rinds may feel like a healthy alternative to potato chips and other crisps, but are they really?

Let’s take a look. We are all well aware that eating a lot of junk and processed snacks impacts our health majorly; food high in sodium or calories is considered more harmful than other snacks. 

This is why we can’ consider pork rinds as an unhealthy snack; it is pretty high in sodium and calories. It is an ultra-processed snack deep-fried in oil and rich in salt and calories, making it unsuitable for regular consumption.

Eating high-calorie and processed food drastically increase your BMI and gut. This extra fat stored in the abdominal area leads to insulin resistance and causes high blood sugar levels, which causes heart diseases & diabetes.

The recommended way of eating pork rinds is to eat them in moderation; it is not advised to snack on them. I would also suggest comparing brands and look for brands that have lower sodium quantity & artificial flavors.

Can Dogs Eat Pork Rinds?

Though pork is pretty safe for dogs to eat, the way pork rinds are made makes it not safe for your dog’s consumption. That’s why it is advised not to give pork rinds to dogs. Be sure to ask your dog’s veterinarian for medical advice.

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Are pork rinds bad for you?

If eaten in moderation and not regularly, Pork rinds won’t be harmful to you. It is a safer alternative to other snacks and chips, but only if taken in moderation. Otherwise, the high fat and sodium content present can lead to serious health issues like heart problems, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure.

How Many Calories are in pork rinds?

Pork rinds are high in calories; 100 grams of pork rinds contain about 544 calories. They have 0 carbs but are high in calories.

Are Pork Rinds Keto?

Yes, as mentioned above, Pork Rinds is keto diet-friendly. They have no sugar and no Carbs at all. They have a lot of fat and protein, making them a very popular snack among people following a keto diet.

Do They Make Vegan pork rinds?

If you wonder if there are any vegan alternatives available in the market, you are in for a treat. Many Vegan meatless pork rinds are available that taste the same and are made of either wheat or rice flour & pea protein. 

What is the Mexican Version of Pork Rinds?

The Mexican variety of pork rinds is the chicharron. Before they became popular in the US, they have been common in Mexico for many decades.

Chicharrones are typically flavored with lime and chili powder.

In Mexico, they are often also incorporated into food dishes – some people add them to scrambled eggs, or just eat them by themselves with some hot sauce as a snack.

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