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Dairy Queen Secret Menu (2023 Update)

Dairy Queen Secret Menu

Last Updated on January 31, 2023 by Jim Edwards

It’s 90 degrees outside, you are hot, and you need something to help cool you down. Why not head over to your local Dairy Queen and enjoy one of the many ice-cold treats; an original dilly bar or a chocolate shake. How about a caramel sundae, m & m blizzard, or a strawberry malt? Those are just a tiny handful of delicious treats that you can purchase to beat the hot summer heat.

If you are searching for something more filling, freshly made for lunch or dinner, then Dairy Queen has you covered there as well. Choose from a $6 meal deal, a bacon cheese grill burger, chili cheese dog, and much much more. Don’t forget that DQ also has their chicken baskets, fresh salads, and kids’ meals.

If you want something new and original, delicious and unique, then try one of the following DQ secret menu items listed below. Remember, it will only be at select locations with the ingredients that are willing to make something not on the menu with any secret menu item. Dairy Queen Blizzard Flavors not on the menu are included below too! Fair warning, the majority of the secret menu items have to do with Dairy Queens’ signature soft-serve ice cream.


Dairy Queen Secret Menu Items

DQ Secret Menu Item – Cheese Fries/Chili Cheese Fries

Who doesn’t love french fries with cheese? How about chili and cheese? Some fast-food restaurants have these as a regular menu item, but Dairy Queen does not. Of course, they are super simple to order, but not every location will be willing or able to make them for you.

You may or may not be able to request chili cheese fries because not all locations have chili on their regular menu.

If they can not accommodate your order of cheese fries/chili cheese fries, then you order the size of french fries that you want (ask for a boat or something to pour them into). Then you order a side, or 4, of the queso they serve with their warm pretzels.

You can either dip your fries into the queso, or you can pour your fries in the container you asked for and smother them in the queso.

DQ Secret Menu Item – Hot Chocolate, Frozen

The Frozen Hot Chocolate was created because of Peppermint Hot Cocoa Blizzard and the Oreo Hot Chocolate Blizzard. It is a perfect treat for those hot summer days that will remind you of your favorite winter drink. Who doesn’t love hot chocolate (especially with marshmallows) on a chilly winter evening? (If you love Oreos, be sure to see our Oreo Thins Review too).


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The Dairy Queen employee will need to take hot chocolate and ice cubes, blend them until it turns nice and thick. You then ask them to top it with hot fudge and whipped cream (or maybe a little drizzle of marshmallow creme).

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DQ Secret Menu Item – Marshmallow Creme

Do you like marshmallows? How about the whipped marshmallow in the jar from the grocery store? If so, this is the perfect treat for you. It is effortless to order (as with all the secret menu items) and even easier to make. It can be added to any frozen treat that you wish.

How does a sundae sound with the sweet marshmallow creme? Maybe on a blizzard, a hot dessert a la mode, or even an ice cream cone?


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When you order, order your favorite frozen treat from the regular menu and ask them to top it with marshmallow creme. They will smother your Dairy Queen frozen treat in warm melted marshmallow creme.

DQ Secret Menu Item – Coffee Blizzard

If you are a huge fan of coffee, if it is an everyday staple in your life and can not live without it, this treat is just for you. Coffee and Dairy Queen soft-serve ice cream in blizzard form, yum!


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Order a vanilla blizzard and ask them to use coffee syrup. Or you can take it up another level and order an Oreo Cookie Blizzard and have them add the coffee syrup to it. Why not make your own secret menu item and try the coffee syrup with another blizzard flavor? Be creative.

DQ Secret Menu Item – Banana Split Blizzard

If you are a huge connoisseur of the banana split, I have found the perfect secret menu item for you at Dairy Queen. The traditional Banana Split is on the DQ everyday menu. So, why not turn it into something easy to eat and you don’t even need napkins. Bananas, strawberries, pineapples, hot fudge, and whipped cream all turned into a thick cold treat.


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When you order the Banana Split Blizzard from Dairy Queen, you can ask for extra bananas, strawberries, and pineapples if you wish.

You can also choose to eliminate the hot fudge from your Banana Split Blizzard. Maybe opt for a dash of the marshmallow cream instead of the whipped cream? Make your blizzard your own, unique, and outstandingly delicious.

DQ Secret Menu Item – Macho Meal-Triple Cheeseburger

Although the triple cheeseburger is no longer on the menu, you should have no problems at all ordering a triple cheeseburger since they have plenty of patties and cheese on hand. But before you order this Macho burger, make sure you have a healthy enough appetite to eat it, especially if you want to add fries and a drink (or frozen treat).

Place an order for a triple cheeseburger and if they will not accommodate and you are set on a triple Macho burger, then order the ⅓ pound double cheeseburger and a regular cheeseburger and make the triple on your own.

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Why not make it even more scrumptious by adding cheese to your fries and having a chocolate shake to wash it all down?

DQ Secret Menu Item – Jack and Jill Sundae

Way back when Jack and Jill Sundae was a trendy, regular menu item. It doesn’t take rocket science to prepare this double delicious treat. The Jack and Jill Sundae is basically a Hot Fudge Sundae with an extra sweet twist, marshmallow creme!

Order a Hot Fudge and Marshmallow Creme Sundae. With the first bite of the signature soft-serve ice cream, hot fudge, and delectable marshmallow creme, you will feel like you are on cloud 9, a marshmallow cloud.

DQ Secret Menu Item – Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Close your eyes and imagine melted cheese between two pieces of scrumptious Texas toast. Yes, the same Texas toast that is served with DQs popular chicken baskets.

Because of these popular baskets and the abundance of cheeseburgers that Dairy Queen prepares in a day, they have plenty of bread and cheese on hand.

Another effortless secret menu item to order. “Please give me a grilled cheese sandwich.” Add a side of cheese curds and your favorite soda to make it the perfect on the go lunch.

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DQ Secret Menu Item – Peanut Butter & Jelly Shake

I, personally, love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But this DQ secret menu shake doesn’t appeal to my taste buds. But, there are a large number of people who have fallen in love with this super delicious DQ shake. Since Dairy Queen has a Peanut Butter Shake on their everyday menu, this tasty delight is easy peasy to order.

Order the original Peanut Butter Shake and ask them to add the strawberry syrup before mixing. That’s it! Another super simple secret menu item from DQ.

DQ Secret Menu Item – Hawaiian Blizzard

Another blizzard that is no longer on the regular menu, but you can still ask for it at some locations. If you explain it, you should be able to get an employee to make the Hawaiian Blizzard. Just like the Banana Split, the Pineapple Sundae is a regular menu item. Most DQ’s keep coconut flakes on hand for mixing into other blizzard treats.

When ordering, try asking for a Hawaiian Blizzard. If the employee is confused or doesn’t understand, you order a plain vanilla blizzard and add pineapple, banana, and coconut flakes. When you take your first bite of this secret menu item, you are going to get an overwhelming sense of sitting on the beach in Hawaii with a slight breeze blowing.

DQ Secret Menu Item – Cookie Jar Blizzard

This particular Dairy Queen secret menu item sounds like absolute heaven in a cup. This will be your new best friend for any of you who loves to eat cookie dough and adores oreo cookies. P

erfect for a hot summer afternoon, sitting on a bench in the park. The majority of DQ restaurants have the Oreo Cookie Blizzard and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard. Do you see where this is headed?

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Ask your Dairy Queen employee for an Oreo Cookie Blizzard with Chocolate Cookie Dough added. Just how delectable does that sound? Solve 2 cookie cravings at one time.

DQ Secret Menu Item – Mocha Heath Blizzard

This blizzard will take the secret menu Coffee Blizzard up a couple of notches. Super easy to make and to order; vanilla blizzard, chocolate syrup, coffee syrup, and a health bar all rolled into one cool treat.

When you are at the counter, order a Heath Blizzard with coffee and chocolate syrup. The taste will send you over the moon.

DQ Secret Menu Item – Arctic Rush Freezes

Dairy Queen has their tasty fruit smoothies; strawberry banana, mango pineapple, and triple berry. Why not take them one step further? Make them even colder for that scorching summer evening.

Order your favorite smoothie and ask them to blend it with their soft serve ice cream. Or, you can ask them just to put a scoop of ice cream on the top. Either way, you have an ice-cold creamy Arctic treat.

DQ Secret Menu Item – Crunch Coat

The crunch coat is a delicious sweet and salty topping for any DQ ice cream! It is a mix of sweet, sugary, colorful sprinkles and crushed peanut butter nougats

To order, ask for a vanilla cone with the “crunch coat” on it. It is only available at some locations, so if the person behind the counter doesn’t know what it is, you may have to explain to them and ask nicely if they will make it for you.


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Final Thoughts

Coming up with a delicious, sweet, creamy treat at a Dairy Queen is pretty easy. They have so many regular menu items that are just amazing, and adding one small little twist could make them 5x better. Come up with your signature blizzard or sundae. There are so many possibilities.

Image Credit: “Dairy Queen” by Ian Muttoo is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

PS – if you really really love Dairy Queen, like we do, be sure to sign up for their Blizzard Fan Club!

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