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Almond Roca – A Blend of Nut and Chocolate Like No Other!

Almond Roca

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Almond Roca is a sweet, chocolatey, and nutty candy that is adored by the majority of the American population. People use the candy for gifts during the holiday season and as a traditional family treat.

In 2009, some state legislators from Washington even stated that Almond Roca should be designated as the official candy of Washington!

Let’s take a deeper look into this popular American treat:


History of Almond Roca

Almond Roca, the popular candy of American tradition, was invented by J.C. Haley and Harry Brown in 1912.  While in their late 20s, Harry Brown and J.C. Haley met in a church in 1908 which was located in their hometown, Tacoma.

At the time, Brown was already in the candy business and owned the Oriole Candy Company. Meanwhile, Haley was in charge of selling spices for Shilling – a spice company.

During their meeting, the two concocted ways to get in business with each other. Their plans eventually bore fruit and in 1912 the two formed a business partnership which would soon lead to what is widely known today as the Brown & Haley company in 1919.

The efforts of the two to invent something that would set them apart from the competition led to the invention of Almond Roca.

The name of the candy was suggested by the head librarian of Tacoma, Jacqueline Noel who used the Spanish word “roca” which translates to “rock” in English to describe the candy.

Brown & Haley began using Almond Roca’s signature pink tin can containers to improve the shelf life of their products in 1927. Almond Roca candy is individually wrapped in gold-colored aluminum foil.

Almond Roca box

Flavor and taste of Almond Roca

The incredibly welcoming response from of people for the original Almond Roca encouraged Brown & Haley to test out different flavors and versions of the candy the result being that there are several different Almond Roca flavors available today as listed below:

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The Classic Buttercrunch Almond Roca

For an addictive taste sensation of buttery bliss, the classic Buttercrunch Almond Roca mixes pure vanilla and premium California almonds with fresh local butter and Brown & Haley’s Signature blend of cocoa beans.

As you bite into the candy you are greeted with a unique texture that is chewy, thick and packed with chopped almonds.

The chocolate counteracts the sugary dominance of the toffee providing you with a sweet and nutty sensation.

Dark Roca

The Dark Roca combines the California Almond made buttercrunch center of the classic Almond Roca with a 73% premium cacao chocolate and a touch of additional cocoa powder to grant the candy a dark sweet taste.

The candy retains the thick and chewy texture of the classic Almond Roca while blending the buttery toffee flavor with prominent dark chocolate flavors.

Almond Roca board

Sea Salt Caramel Roca

Sea Salt Caramel Roca is an immaculate blend of caramelized fresh butter sourced from Tacoma and sugar. This is combined with the same buttercrunch center of the classic Almond Roca made from cocoa beans and California Almond.

A dash of sea salt is added for a finishing touch. The candy has a sweet caramelized and slightly nutty taste with a subtle salty profile which makes for an irresistible experience.

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Roca

The classic buttercrunch Roca center has been blended with chunks of peppermint candy and topped off with dark chocolate.

This flavor has the similar yet slightly subtler texture and taste as the Dark Roca but with a touch of added freshness thanks to the blended peppermint.

The silky smooth dark chocolate effortlessly melts away in your mouth leaving you with a chewy but not so hard center.

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Almond Roca Gourmet Popcorn

This version of the classic Almond Roca combines the premium ingredients of the original with the finest popcorn kernels in order to craft an irresistible popcorn treat.

It has the same sweet, thick and chewy taste and texture in the center enveloped in a popcorn coating, making it an ideal snack.

Almond Roca

Nutritional Value

Brown & Haley offer their classic Almond Roca in a variety of different packaging sizes for various products which include a 5oz stand-up box (12 candy pieces), 10oz canister (23 candy pieces) and even a 20oz tapered tin packaging (44 pieces).

The standard serving size weighs in at 36g consisting of 3 candy pieces with 200 calories per serving as stated on the packaging.

The nutritional values per serving are as follows:

  • Total Fat: 14g (18%)
  • Saturated Fat: 6g (30%)
  • Sodium: 50mg (2%)
  • Total Carbohydrates: 18g (7%)
  • Total Sugars: 16g (30%)
  • Protein: 2g
  • Calcium: 28mg (2%)
  • Potassium: 85mg (2%)
  • Cholesterol: 15mg (5%)

Official ALMOND ROCA Factory Tour

A behind-the-scenes tour of the world’s one and only ALMOND ROCA® Factory. Watch and find out how The Original Buttercrunch Toffee is made.


Almond Roca is one of the most adored candies across the United States. The candy has deeply integrated itself with American tradition and holiday festivities. In fact, Almond Roca is a Christmas custom for many homes in America.

Additionally, many people purchase the candy to give it to their loved ones as well. If you’re a candy lover who hasn’t tried Almond Roca or its various flavor options, we highly recommend that you do. You’ll love it for sure!

Almond Roca – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My Almond Roca Chewy?

Excessive chewiness means that the batch of candy was not brought to a high enough temperature. Using a candy thermometer can help prevent this problem.

Where is Almond Roca Made?

The candy is manufactured in Tacoma, WA at the Brown & Haley’s factory.

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Who Owns Brown & Haley?

In the 1940s, J.C. Haley bought out Harry Brown, and since then the ownership of the company has been passed down through the generation of Haley descendants.

Who Named the Almond Roca?

The name was proposed by Jacqueline Noel, the local librarian, in 1923. Brown cooked a sample batch of the candy and brought it to the local library to get it tasted by the people present there. keeping in mind that most almonds at that time were being sourced from Spain and the long shape and hard nature of the candy, Noel suggested the name “roca” which translates to “rock” in English.

Has Almond Roca Been Discontinued?

Only one version of the candy, which is the Almond Roca Cream, has been discontinued.

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