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Pixy Stix – Sweet and Sour Colored Powdered Candy in a Fun Straw!

Pixie Sticks

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Pixy Stixs, otherwise referred to as Pixie Sticks, are a powdered candy with a sweet and sour flavor that comes in a drinking straw-like wrapper. To eat Pixie Sticks, you will first rip the straw open and let them dissolve on your tongue. Or you can even sprinkle on other candy. Kids love these and they are one of the first powdered candies and still fun for kids of all ages! They are slightly tart but mostly sweet, especially compared to so many of the more recent super sour and super tart candies such as Toxic Waste Candy.


History of Pixie Sticks (aka Pixy Stix)

There are several great candy brands that people enjoy today. One of the popular items is pixie sticks which were created in the 1950s. In 1952, St. Louis produced the special powdered candy, which comes in a paper straw. Pixy Stix began as a powdered drink mix named Frutola, designed to be blended with water in the late 1930s and manufactured by Sunline, Inc.

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When the company’s founder, John Fish Smith, found that children were eating the powder directly from the package, he decided to market it as a candy, renaming it Fruzola and subsequently Pixy Stix.

Pixy Stix gave way to Sweet Tarts and Lik-M-Aid, similar to Pixy Stix but came in solid form instead of powder. Rowntree Mackintosh eventually bought out Sunline, Inc., which Nestle then bought out. However, Pixie Stix is still available today under the Wonka trademark from Nestle, and kids love the sweet-tart sugar rush. 

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A Few Random Pixie Sticks Fun Facts

  • Pixy Sticks started off as a drink mix – The Fruzola candy company was looking for a way to make water more fun for kids in the 1930’s. They came up with the idea os ticks of colorful sugar that could be added to water. These were called Frutola. When they realized that the kids were actually more interested in eating the tart sugar straight up, they changed the product focus to be a kids candy and renamed it Lik-m-aid. By the way, Lik-m-adi also became another product called Fun Dip! It’s the same sugar powder but in a larger pouch with a candy stick that you lick and then stick into the tart sugar and put in your mouth.
  • Giant Pixie Sticks are officially discontinued – but you can still find them if you know where to look – See Below!
  • Pixy Stix Did Not Become Really Popular until the 1950’s – In 1952, Sunline, Inc. began to manufacture and sell Lik-m-Aid worldwide. In 1959, the company created the Pixy Stix design (Tart candy powder in the paper tubes) and from that point on, they have become a constant success.

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Pixie Sticks Flavors 

Several popular Pixie sticks flavors are available. The main flavors include raspberry, grape, cherry, and orange. They are delightful and packed with the sugar-rush-inducing characteristics you are looking for.

Video: Six Foot Tall Pixie Stick

Wow this is crazy and fun!

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Pixy Stix Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Did Pixy Stix Become Popular?

Sunline, Inc. started to make and sell the Lik-m-Aid globally in 1952. The business renamed the product and established the present shape of the candy sticks, which we recognized today in 1959.

How Many Are Pixy Stix Flavors Available? 

Four primary flavors are available in the market. They include orange, cherry, grape, and Maui punch. But there are also occasional flavors that come and go, including strawberry, lime, and Shelly Belly.

Have Giant Pixy Stix Been Discontinued? 

While the ordinary Pixie Sticks measure 6 inches of pure sugar, Gian Pixie Stix are around fourteen inches long and come in a hard plastic straw so you can enjoy them over more days. You can purchase them below:

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