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The 11 Best Items on Five Guys Secret Menu (2023 update)

Five Guys Secret Menu

Last Updated on January 31, 2023 by Jim Edwards

Five Guys started back in 1986 as a small burger joint in Virginia. It was family-owned and has grown massively becoming the best burger chain to many loyal supporters. It has managed to diversify to different locations but it is still hard to find if you live in the midwest. Note: you can find Five Guys locations here.

Five Guys doesn’t use freezers for food at their restaurants to ensure that the food is delivered regularly and is fresh. They allow a lot of customization with their toppings which include: tomato, lettuce, ketchup, mayo, mustard, both grilled and raw onions, sauces, and more. And they also are known for their unlimited topics, which makes them unique in the industry. In this article, we are going to discuss the best items on the Five Guys Secret Menu and explain how to order them


Five Guys Secret Menu Item – Patty Melt

This is one of the well-known Five Guys’ secret menu items. It is easier to make because you only need to request a tender beef patty that is tasty and place it between your grilled bread slices. To make it more delicious add grilled onions as well as cheese that is warmly melted.

While making an order, ensure your grilled cheese has hamburger patties and any other desired toppings. Then you just need to enjoy your Patty Melt that is not on the regular menu.

Five Guys Secret Menu Item – Double Grilled Cheeseburger

The Double Grilled Cheeseburger is delicious for any hamburger lover! It is a great option when you need something simple but you are hungrier. Who doesn’t love two grilled beef patties that are grilled. Five Guys will offer you Kraft American cheese that is melted for your grilled cheese exterior. They will serve your golden brown roasted bun upside-down easing your assembling.

Five Guys Secret Menu Item – Well-Done Fries

Five Guys’ well-done fries are one of their best secret menu items. Many fast food afficionados consider them one of the best fast food fries available. They are perfectly crisp and crunchy.

Five Guys will serve you well-done fries after extra frying and you will just require to add more ketchup.

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Five Guys Secret Menu Item – Steak Frites

Steak fries Five Guys’ secret menu is simple and delicious. A salt-pepper seasoned beef steak is immersed into a butter containing freshly cut fries. To order steak Frites Five Guys’ secret menu, request for French fries with A.1 sauce topped bunless hamburger. Then add pepper and salt to your patty to taste by sprinkling. The Five Guys offers you this menu in a European-style with perfect meat cuts. In case you want it as a take away pair your Five Guys’ secrete menu with a merlot wine or any other type.

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Five Guys Secret Menu Item – Breaking Windy City Dog

The breaking windy city dog served at Five Guys’ secret menu is popular and delicious worth your trial. Although Five Guys is a burger joint, they serve exceptionally good hot dogs. The Five Guys provides different kinds of franks hot dogs such as cheese, bacon-cheese, bacon as well as kosher style. Their breaking windy city dog is as a result of customers’ imaginative assembling of toppings to normal hot dogs making it pretty tasty.

To order this Five Guys’ secret menu, request for a hot dog kosher-style and all your heart desired toppings. Some of the excellent toppings include tomatoes, green pepper, pickles, mustard, and relish. Also, you can ask for a hot sauce and Cajun seasoning to add for yourself.

Five Guys Secret Menu Item – Presidential Burger

This is one of the most popular secret menu items served at Five Guys and is pretty delicious. This secret menu is famous because was first ordered by President Barack Obama for his servants and himself. This cheeseburger is extremely exceptional due to President Obama’s topping request. Since not all Five Guys’ staff might be knowing the president’s topping request, ordering a presidential burger secret menu could be difficult for them. In that case order your cheeseburger with tomatoes, lettuce, jalapenos, and mustard toppings. The Five Guys’ Presidential burger secret menu is tasty and worth giving a trial.

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Five Guys Secret Menu Item – Chip Butty

This Five Guys’ secret menu is also known as chip sandwich. It is a French fry sandwich. Making this kind of menu item is simple as you just need to place French fries on your bread. Then top with cold butter, malt vinegar, or ketchup. To order chip butty Five Guys’ secret menu request for an untoasted bun with little fries in between. You can top it with more ketchup to avoid being plain white.

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Animal Style – inspired Fries and Burgers

The animal style has an extensive secret menu that might be the reason behind the In-N-Out invention. To achieve an excellent animal style burger, place your mustard into the patty and grill it directly in addition to tomatoes, lettuce, grilled onions, and sauce toppings. However, animal style fries requires you to have grilled onions, special sauce, and melted cheese. The Five Guys prepares animal-style-inspired fries and burgers secret menu items perfectly. To order from Five Guys, request for a cheeseburger and top with grilled onions, extra cheese slices, pickles, and tomatoes. In case you want animal style fries, order your fries and top with grilled onions and cheese. If interested you can top your fries or burgers with ketchup, sauce, and mix mayo. To mix the sauces yourself, order them separately.

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Five Guys Secret Menu Item – Cheeseburger Bowl

Cheeseburger bowl is another top Five Guys’ secret menu, which contains little bacon. This menu is “low-carb” and “keto” friendly for customers with health issues. This Five Guys’ low-carb menu item is highly suitable for Instagrammers and fitness people. To order this Five Guys’ secret menu, ensure you request for little bacon cheeseburger that is bunless with the following toppings, green pepper, pickles, and grilled onions. You can have additional mustard, ketchup, or hot sauce. This Five Guys cheeseburger bowl will assist you in setting back some calories and carbs.

Five Guys Secret Menu Item – Vegetarian “BTL”

The Five Guys offers traditional BTS but you can order their secret menu which has no meat. Five Guys replace the bacon with mushrooms either thinly sliced or grilled. To order this Five Guys’ secret menu, just ask for a traditional BTL which contains mayo, bun with hand-torn lettuce, two slices of fresh tomato, and American smokehouse bacon. To get the vegetarian BTL, let the waiters replace bacon with grilled mushrooms, the addition of jalapeno peppers to your sandwich makes it pretty delicious. You can request melted cheese just a slice.

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Five Guys Secret Menu Item – Cheese Fries

At Five Guys cheese fries are available and served as a secret menu. Sometimes they offer them for free to their dedicated customers. Her, your crispy French fries are heaped with cheese that is melted. Order one on your next visit and it will be worth it.

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Video: The Secrets Behind Five Guys’ Perfect Burgers and Fries

Wow, we learned so much from watching this one. We didn’t know that they fry up over 100 million pounds of potatoes per YEAR! Watch this fun video to step behind the scenes to see just how Five Guys masters their burgers and fries!


If you live near a Five Guys location, consider yourself lucky. They are not available in most parts of the United States. Most people who care about fast food consider them to one of the very best fast food restaurants. Their menu is very customizable and these Five Guys Secret Menu items will help you enjoy their menu even more.

We also wrote about the regular menu, so if you want to learn more, see our favorite five guys menu items.

Let us know what item is your favorite and leave us a comment below.


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