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The 7 Best Items On The Five Guys Menu + Our Least Favorite! (2023 Update)

Five Guys Menu

Last Updated on January 31, 2023 by Jim Edwards

Five Guys Restaurants Enterprises is an American fast-casual restaurant store chain that focuses on hot dogs, hamburgers, and french fries. The enterprise is headquartered in Lorton Virginia. The Five Guys restaurant was opened in 1986 and by 2001, the chain had grown or rather expanded to five locations in Washington D.C.

In 2003, the restaurant began franchising and with a period of rapid expansion and within 18 months, the restaurant had been sold for more than 300 franchised locations. Currently, the fast-food chain has over 1500 locations worldwide, some under development.

As said, the Five Guys menu is centered on burgers served with Kraft American cheese, BLT, grilled cheese, and vegetable sandwiches. Additionally, at Five Guys there are numerous toppings thus you have the opportunity to customize your item according to your taste. Below are the best and worst items served at Five Guys.


The Best Items on Five Guys Menu

The Little Cheeseburger

The little cheeseburger is one of the best yummy items that you can order at Five Guys. It might not be the best burger that you will ever have, but when it comes to fast foods the item is incredible. This patty has some crust from the griddle. The tomato oozes, the lettuce crunches and the taste of the fries is just like real potatoes.

Typically, the Little Cheeseburger is just a single patty and is great if you are not a big eater. However, do not underestimate it since it can be served for two. To get the best out of the little cheeseburger, when your order is placed on the table, take out your burger and cup of fries and then dumb the fries back in, sprinkle some salt, close your bag and then shake. The will salt the fries nicely and will keep them from steaming and hence getting soggy in your styrofoam cup. If you are allergic to peanuts, this cheeseburger is no for you since the fries are cooked in peanut oil.

Bacon Cheese Burger

This mouth-watering bacon cheeseburger consists of two beef patties, crisp bacon, and American cheese. If you have been to the Five Guys, you will know that their main concept is serving plain burgers and then you can decorate your burger with numerous toppings to form a unique tasty burger. The best thing about the restaurant is that they have relish, A, and hot sauce. You can even add or rather sprinkle cajun seasoning on the beef and eat the whole burger with a side of peanuts.

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The plastic-tubbed toppings that are available to top up your burger include onions, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, grilled mushrooms, mayo, ketchup, and more. Without a doubt, Five Guy Bacon Cheeseburger is all you want to have a beautiful item that virtually no other restaurant offers.

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Cheese Veggie Sandwich

The cheese veggie sandwich is meant for vegan featuring mushrooms, grilled onions, and pepper on your toasted bun topped with lettuce, melted American cheese, and tomato.

This is one of the lighter items if you are checking on your weight since the cheese veggie sandwich at Five Guys comes with 420 calories. However, the item is not entirely vegan since the buns contain dairy and eggs, but considering that 90% of the burgers here are beef, it is an ideal option. The cheese sandwich is fried in butter and hence unbelievably tasty. To add to that, there are 15 different toppings to choose from on the menu.

What makes the cheese veggie sandwich at Five Guys tasty is that they toast the buns on the flat griddle top until it is crispy and golden crispy. For a perfect taste, the best toppings are mayo and ketchup. You can also opt to use BBQ sauce, hot sauce, mustard for a delicious cheese veggie sandwich.

Bacon Cheese Dog

The bacon cheeseburger is another interesting item from the Five Guys Menu. It comes with a split hot dog, American cheese, and bacon plus your choice of their numerous free toppings.

For a free tip; if you consider ordering this item, ensure you are served with American cheese. Numerous cities in the U.S. have their trademark hot dogs such as the Chicago hot dog, New York-style hot dogs.

They all include onions and spicy mustard, but neither has a single slice of American cheese topping. This makes the Five Guys Bacon cheese Dog outstanding and the toppings make a perfect combination.

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The Five Guys hamburgers are amazing. They are made of two patty burgers with fresh beef. The Hamburger consists of two fresh patties off the grill and then placed on a soft toasted bun. You can then add your favorite toppings from their list. The hamburgers are very delicious.

The french fries served with the hamburger are twice-fried in peanut oil, the hamburgers are crispy outside and on the inside are soft mashed potatoes. They are always fresh and delicious. To add to that, the fries are either salted to perfection or they are doused with a creole seasoning. I am pretty sure these are the hamburgers you cannot afford to miss.

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At Five Guys, they know how to treat their customers. They take a paper cup of about 12 oz and then fill it with fries and with a nice hefty scoop. The server then drops that paper cut into your lunch bag-sized paper bag and then adds another scoop of the crispy fries on top of that. Your foil-wrapped hamburger gets dropped in with your fries thus keep your hamburger hot until you reach your desk, table, or home.

Grilled Cheese

If you are a vegan you should seek the grilled cheese at Five Guys. This item is much better than other horrible meat-less options out there. The best parts of the grilled cheese are the golden-brown toasted bread and the completely molten cheesy core. These guys make a perfect item.

The bun is turned inside-out so that there is maximum white and a spongy surface to get griddled. The Kraft American cheese is melted on this inside-out surface to make mouth-watering grilled cheese. As stated earlier, the numerous toppings to choose from are what will make your grilled cheese even tastier.

The best recommendations for this item are grilled mushrooms and grilled onions. Embedded in a pool of tasty melted Kraft American between two halves up your griddled-up bun the grilled cheese makes a pretty tasty sandwich at a fair price.

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Little Bacon Cheese Burger

Do not fall for the name. It may be called “little”, but this cheeseburger is of standard size and can be shared. The only difference between the little cheeseburger and the regular burger is that the normal burger comes with two patties, but this comes with one.

This little Bacon Cheeseburger direct from the grill features bacon, a single beef patty, and a slice of your favorite American cheese and not forgetting the additional toppings. For the additional toppings, I would recommend ketchup, grilled onions, and pickles for a simple sandwich, but there is a vast to choose from.

The freshly prepared patty is much juicier than many fast-food burgers. Overall, the little bacon cheeseburger is incredible and the fresh ingredients are very nice. The nutritional facts of this item include 630 calories, 39 grams of fat, 31 grams of proteins, and 39.5grams of carbohydrates enough to keep you active throughout the day.

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The Worst Item on Five Guys Menu

Kosher Style Hot Dog

So we will not say that we hate the Kosher Style Hot Dog at Five Guys, but generally, given the awesome burgers and fries and shakes on the menu, we think you should be eating all of those every time you visit, LOL!

To be honest, their Kosher style hot dog is sliced down the middle and then thrown into the grill.

We won’t lie, the dog is quite flavorful because it is split in the middle and cooks and grills differently than a standard hotdog boiled in water.  Overall, the Kosher-style hot dog is really good, but we still prefer an awesome cheeseburger and fries at Five Guys.

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Video: The Entire Five Guys Menu

If you want to get a closer look at what the menu items look like and how they taste, this video is worth a watch. I am craving a Bacon Cheeseburger after watching this again!

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Summary of the Five Guys Menu

Five Guys is an amazing fast food restaurant with unique items at affordable prices. The restaurant is famous for its numerous toppings and fresh ingredients that give it a well deserved reputation!

The above items are some of the best that you will get at Five Guys.

And while the hot dog is really good, it’s still our least favorite compared to the delicious burgers!

You can learn more about Five Guys or even order delivery if they are near you from their website –

Image Credit: Mr. Blue MauMau from USA, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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