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The Most Popular Food Items on the Blaze Pizza Menu

Blaze pizza menu

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Blaze Pizza is a pizza place that has been rising in popularity for its unique ordering options and easy customization. It was established by the Wetzel’s Pretzels founders, who were searching for a pizza place in Pasadena, CA, in 2011 to conduct a meeting and have lunch, but couldn’t find an option that they truly liked.

When they got tired of driving around looking for possible options for pizza, they drove to Chipotle, where they saw the assembly line and had a Eureka moment. At that point, they talked among themselves about how good it would be to have a restaurant with the same concept for pizza. Many people say that the plan for Blaze Pizza was sketched right in a Chipotle restaurant on a napkin.

The first Blaze Pizza restaurants were opened in Irvine and Pasadena, where gas ovens were installed to cook pizzas in just 180 seconds due to their easier control.

Although the idea for the restaurant was unique, especially for pizzas, the main reason for the boost in popularity of Blaze Pizza is LeBron James. LeBron James is a famous basketball player who endorsed and advertised the pizzas and even gave them away to potential new customers. More publicity videos and materials featuring Maria Shriver and other prominent personalities got the customers interested in Blaze Pizza and what it had to offer.

The restaurant grew almost exponentially after these marketing campaigns. It was named the “Fastest Growing Restaurant Chain Ever” by Technomic after Blaze Pizza introduced 200 new branches to customers in only five years. The restaurant now has more than 300 locations now all over the United States of America.

If you want to learn which items from the Blaze Pizza Menu you should order, check out the extensive list below for LeBron James approved pizza.


The Most Popular Items on the Blaze Pizza Menu to Try!


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Hot Link

Hot Link is one of the most recommended pizzas on the menu, including Italian sausage, black olives, banana peppers, jalapeños, mozzarella, onions, and spicy red sauce.

Although you can choose various dough options such as gluten-free dough, cauliflower dough, keto crust, and high-rise dough with this flavor, it is best to stick to the standard classic dough available. The Italian sausage in the pizza is fatty which is elevated by the tanginess of the jalapeño and its heat.

The banana peppers, red onion, and olives offer a delicious bite to the pizza and make the spicy red sauce come together with the mozzarella deliciously. The sauce isn’t overly spicy but has just the perfect amount of heat to make the pizza enjoyable.

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BBQ Chkn

BBQ Chkn is another one of the signature pizzas offered by Blaze Pizza. It contains gorgonzola, grilled chicken, mozzarella, onions, banana peppers, and a delicious drizzle of barbeque sauce.

The pizza tastes incredibly good with a side of ranch, along with the sweetness from the barbeque sauce and the tenderness of the topped grilled chicken.

The chicken is not at all tough or rubbery, and the crunchy onions and gorgonzola add a fun dimension to the pizza. Although this pizza may seem simple, it packs a punch of flavors that will wow you with the first bite.

Dough Knots

Blaze Pizza has one of the best appetizers in any pizza restaurant called Dough Knots. With a twisted shape similar to a cinnamon roll, the dough knots are essentially just pizza dough rolled up with a green and earthy pesto filling.

They take a little longer to cook than pizzas but come out piping hot with a crispy and gooey cheese topping that makes this appetizer to die for! These dough knots taste best when they come out hot straight from the oven.

Therefore, you should definitely finish your dough knot before moving on to any pizza of your choice.

Meat Eater

The Meat Eater is another one of the signature pizzas offered on the Blaze Pizza menu, but it is designed for people who love meat on their pizza. The meat eater pizza has toppings of pepperoni, mozzarella, crumbled pieces of meatballs, and onions.

The base layer of the sauce includes the classic red sauce, which tastes incredible with the meat and the stretchy mozzarella cheese. If you want to add a bit more pizazz to your pizza, you can add Blaze Pizza ‘finishes’, which are essentially a side or drizzle of your favorite pizza dips or toppings.


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Vegan Pizza

If you are a vegan and don’t know where to find good vegan pizza that tastes absolutely delicious, you must try Blaze Pizza’s Vegan Pizza.

The Vegan Pizza from Blaze Pizza includes the classic vegan base of dough, which does not have any eggs or milk. With delectable toppings of green/ yellow bell peppers (depending on the availability of the vegetables), spicy vegan chorizo, mushrooms, basil, onion, vegan cheese, and a light drizzle of olive oil, this pizza is one of the best vegan pizza that is offered by any fast-food restaurant.

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All of these toppings are layered on top of the classic red sauce by Blaze Pizza which complements the crunchy vegetables and spiciness of the chorizo amazingly.

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Pesto Garlic Cheesy Bread

If you want a side that is absolutely cheesy and has tons of flavor, you should ask for the pesto garlic cheesy bread. Made using the same dough used to make pizzas, this cheesy garlic bread comes with a cheesy topping along with chopped garlic and dried oregano. The garlicky bread is cooked to deliciousness in the oven and is drizzled with a fresh green pesto sauce.

At Blaze Pizza, you can customize the garlic bread as well and substitute the cheesy mozzarella with vegan cheese. If you would like to remove any of the toppings such as oregano, chopped garlic, or the pesto drizzle, you can request the Blaze Pizza employee to do so.

The pesto garlic bread also comes with two options of dips: red sauce and spicy red sauce. You can choose any dip you like depending on your tolerance of spice and preference.


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S’more Pie

Many dessert fans have called the S’more Pie from Blaze Pizza to be the best thing ever on the Blaze Pizza menu. Sandwiched between two crumbly and freshly baked cookies lie fluffy marshmallows with a rich and sweet chocolate sauce in the ultimate S’mores Pie.

Your Blaze Pizza server will be sure to ask you if you want the S’mores Pie heated up, and you must say yes! The warm cookies and chocolate sauce pair fantastically well with gooey marshmallows to provide the perfect end to a fantastic meal.

Blaze Pizza Menu – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Lebron James own blaze Pizza?

LeBron James is a major investor in the fast-food chain Blaze Pizza. He invested in the brand in its early days with a capital of $1 Million US dollars. The chain grew as LeBron made it more popular among the masses, and his investment of $1 Million turned into $5 Million in just a few years.

How big is the large pizza on Blaze Pizza Menu?

The large pizza at the Blaze Pizza is 14-inches in diameter and has eight slices which can be shared among others easily. The large pizza is a much better option for two people since it is much larger than the personal 11-inch pizzas.

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How many slices are in a personal Blaze Pizza?

A personal pizza at Blaze Pizza has a size of 11-inches and has six slices in total. The personal pizza is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a cheesy and filling meal.

The Untold Truth about Blaze Pizza

It’s hard to offer something new in the pizza world, as so many chains have been building up brand loyalty for decades, but Blaze Pizza has done it. The pizza chain borrows from the Chipotle and Subway model and lets you build your own pizza on an assembly line.

With a wide variety of options, including ones that cater to special diets, you could go back to Blaze Pizza repeatedly without ever ordering the same thing twice. From the star athlete who invested in Blaze Pizza for a speedy cook time, let’s take a look at the untold truth of Blaze Pizza.


Currently, Blaze Pizza is one of the most popular fast food pizza restaurants due to their fantastic marketing tactics and customizable options for pizzas. LeBron James, one of the investors and key contributors to Blaze Pizza’s fame, has been known to add around 16 different toppings to his pizza.

The variety available on the Blaze Pizza menu is the best thing since it allows for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options for different customers. We hope you found the Blaze Pizza menu items mentioned above to be an excellent guide for your next food adventure.

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