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Diddy Riese – Famous Cookie and Ice Cream Shop in Los Angeles!

Diddy Riese – A cookie shop with a variety of flavors

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Diddy Riese Cookies is one of the most popular cookie bakeries and dessert eateries in California. The eatery provides cookies consisting of the freshest ingredients baked to sweet-smelling, gooey perfection.

Diddy started in 1983 and has been providing premium-quality brownies, cookies, and ice cream to customers in Los Angeles. Diddy Riese cookies aren’t just known in the Los Angeles area but are popular in neighboring places in California.

Diddy Riese is widely known for its original and mind-blowing, personalized ice-cream sandwich, first launched in 1995. With a wide variety of ice cream and cookie flavors, you can find any taste you like to cater to your sweet cravings.

Overall, they aim to provide quality desserts and cookies at affordable prices. They are most famous for offering bulk deals and supplying large orders of brownies and cookies for any kind of event.

Whether you have a commercial party or a private celebration, Diddy Riese Cookies can make your happy moments sweeter and even more memorable. Whether you want to order a dozen cookies or beyond a 100 dozen, Diddy Riese Cookies can easily help cater to your needs.


The Most Delicious Cookies and Desserts Offered by Diddy Riese

Diddy Riese offers a multitude of different cookies for different tastes and preferences. Whether you feel like munching on a chocolate chip cookie or a gooey white chocolate cookie, you always find a delectable warm cookie at Diddy Riese!


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Candy Chocolate Chip

If you like candy and chocolate chips, this cookie is the best choice. This cookie contains delicious chocolate chip cookies with crunchy candy pieces that make the gooey cookie taste much sweeter and more delicious. Candy chocolate chip cookies are the best choice for your child’s birthday party or for a fun event organized by a children’s camp or school. It will provide children with the best of both worlds with fantastic candy and sweet and crumbly cookies.

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Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chip cookies are the best option if you are craving a classic cookie flavor and want a nostalgic taste to remind you of your childhood. Chocolate chip cookies from Diddy Riese Cookies are baked with high-quality ingredients that provide a much better and deluxe taste than other cookies you will find in the market. Whether it is a birthday party or a movie marathon, Diddy Riese Cookies’ chocolate chip flavor is the best to go for when you can’t make up your mind.

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Chocolate Chip Walnut

For people who think simple chocolate chip cookies are too dull for them, they need to try the chocolate chip walnut cookie from Diddy Riese Cookies. These cookies contain deliciously decadent, crunchy pieces of walnuts that provide a wonderful bitterness against the sweetness of the chocolate chip cookie. These cookies can be perfect for munching on with your morning tea or trying out on a lazy Sunday with your family.

Chocolate White Chocolate

If you want an excellent contrast to the classic chocolate chip cookie, you can try the chocolate white chocolate cookie from Diddy Riese Cookies. The chocolate white chocolate cookie consists of a cookie baked with chocolate brown batter and mixed in with white chocolate chip cookies. The cookies are incredibly gooey and delicious and can be paired with a glass of warm milk.


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Double Chocolate

Double chocolate chip cookies are one of the best cookies offered by Diddy Riese Cookies. With a mix of chocolate chips and brown chocolate batter, these cookies are baked fresh and can easily be found warm at the local Diddy Riese Cookies store.

The double chocolate cookies are for the people who absolutely love chocolate. The creamy half-melted chocolate chip mixed with the chocolate cookies tastes spectacularly divine, especially when you try them fresh out of the oven.

Oatmeal Raisin Walnut

If you don’t like creamy or highly sugary elements in your chocolate chip cookies, you must try the oatmeal raisin walnut cookie from Diddy Riese Cookies. The oatmeal raisin walnut cookie from Diddy Riese Cookies contains crunchy bitter pieces of walnuts mixed with yummy raisins.

The oatmeal in the cookie also adds a fun texture that tastes mind-blowing with the sharp taste of the raisins. You can order these cookies as a treat while you are trying to watch your weight. Although they aren’t entirely healthy, these cookies have a much more nourishing ingredient list than the other options available.

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Peanut Butter

The peanut butter cookie from Diddy Riese Cookies is the most delicious treat ever if you are a fan of creamy and crunchy peanut butter. The peanut butter cookie is delightfully warm and provides a mellow sweetness and creaminess within the cookie. With small pieces of peanuts present in the cookie, you will fall in love with its texture and won’t be able to stop yourself from trying just “one” more.

If you are looking for a truly sinfully sweet idea to enjoy these peanut butter cookies, we’ve got a brilliant snack idea for you. You can try these peanut butter cookies with a slight spread of Nutella or any other chocolate spread for a sweet snack.

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Sugar Cinnamon

For people who just like simple yet traditional cookies done right, the sugar-cinnamon cookie from Diddy Riese Cookies is the perfect choice for them. The sugar and cinnamon cookie is melt-in-the-mouth crumbly and has a delicious helping of powdered sugar and cinnamon on top. The cinnamon gives an earthy taste to the cookie, while the sweetness from the sugar pairs excellently with the cookie itself.


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White Chocolate Chip

The white chocolate chip cookie can be a great option for people who don’t like dark or milk chocolate. The white chocolate chip cookie is gooey, creamy, and perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings. The cookie contains white chocolate chips, which are soft and half-melted when you try them fresh out of the oven. If you like trying cookies with ice cream, you can also request Diddy Riese Cookies to give you an ice cream sandwich with your favorite flavor.

White Chocolate Macadamia

White Chocolate Macadamia cookie is a customer favorite due to the creamy white chocolate and delicious macadamia nuts present in the cookie. The macadamia nuts provide a wonderful crunchy flavor, while the creamy white chocolate makes the meal complete with its rich sweet taste.

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Diddy Riese – Frequently Asked Questions

What are Diddy Riese Cookies known for?

Diddy Riese Cookies is best-known for its premium quality cookies, brownies, and ice cream in Los Angeles, CA.

How many calories are there in Diddy Riese Cookies?

A single chocolate chip cookie from Diddy Riese Cookies contains 210 calories. Other cookies from Diddy Riese Cookies also contain about the same number of calories, while healthier alternatives may have lower calories.

Nigel Burton treats himself to Westwood classic Diddy Riese

Pac-12 Networks’ Nigel Burton heads to Westwood classic Diddy Riese for a treat. The shop was established in 1983 and is known for its decadent ice cream sandwiches. Nigel chooses the combination of a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie with rocky road ice cream.


Diddy Riese Cookies is a Los Angeles-based cookie bakery and dessert eatery that provides catering services. Although Diddy Riese cookies are only available in select locations, they are popular among locals and people from other states for their fantastic price and taste. The company offers a variety of different flavors to suit different tastes and also has ice cream and brownie options for people looking to try multiple options.

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