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Mouthwatering House of Pies Menu Items You Must Try

House of Pies Menu Item You Need to Try

Last Updated on October 10, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Based in Los Angeles, House of Pies is an iconic diner that serves delicious staple pies and hot meals to people from all backgrounds. House of Pies can be found in Los Feliz or the Griffith Park neighborhood in Los Angeles, where it was initially established in 1969.

It was part of a small and short-lived chain of diners that spread throughout Los Angeles in the late 1960s and 1970s but later filed for bankruptcy in the 1980s. The House of Pies at the Los Feliz location is the sole survivor of the restaurant chain. But good news is there is a new location under construction that is coming to Venice, a hip city that is part of Los Angeles. Its anticipated opening is in 2023.

Al Lapin Jr. was the creator of the House of Pies, the same genius who established the International House of Pancakes chain and was once an owner of Orange Julius. The diner carries the same retro vibe of the 1960s and early 1970s with quirky architecture and an inviting exterior.

Although the restaurant’s décor is simple and welcoming, the most striking quality of House of Pies is its scrumptious food. From forty varieties of pies and extensive breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, House of Pies relays the message to its diners that when the food is fantastic, you don’t need the pretense of over-the-top decorations.

With Bavarian chocolate, vanilla custard, banana cream, coconut cream, lemon meringue, and many more pie flavors, House of Pies is the best place to go when you’re looking to satiate your sweet cravings. They also offer amazing coffee, burgers, sandwiches, salads, chili, steaks, meatloaf, pasta, waffles, pancakes, and much more items on their menu.


The Best Must-Try Items from House of Pies

Strawberry Cream Pie

A customer favorite and seasonal delight, House of Pies’ Strawberry Cream pie is one of the most delicious pies offered by the diner. It is a delightful and decadent mix of vanilla custard and whipped cream, along with a generous helping of glazed and tart strawberries.

While strawberry pies from other places can taste overly sweet and gloopy, House of Pies has perfected its Fresh Strawberry Cream pie recipe. The diner ensures that their pie tastes like a strawberry-flavored light cloud you can quickly devour within minutes. This Strawberry Cream Pie can be the perfect finish to your meal or can be enjoyed as it is with your friends and family.

Dutch Apple Pie

With a classic recipe, House of Pies’ Dutch Apple pie never fails to hit the spot when you feel nostalgic for your grandmother’s home cooking. With a decadent sweet filling, the Dutch Apple pie  is a customer favorite as it carries tartness from the apples and a hint of earthy spices.

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When you order a Dutch Apple pie, you will be served a generous helping with a light dusting of icing sugar for added sweetness. The inside of the pie may taste slightly goopy, but overall, the pie is far more delicious than any other apple pie you can eat at a diner.

New England Clam Chowder

For people who want something comforting and savory to enjoy at House of Pies, the New England Clam Chowder is the best item on the menu for them.

The New England clam chowder is perfect for chilly days and is available in a small cup and in a more generous helping in a bowl. It consists of a thick, rich white base cooked carefully with plenty of tender baby clams.

You can enjoy the New England Clam Chowder with a side of garlic bread for a more filling meal.

The Big House Burger

Many people don’t know that House of Pies also makes some of the best burgers in the area. The Big House burger is a great option, as it is full of fresh and juicy ingredients. This hamburger is topped with bacon strips, grilled onions, and sliced avocado, a staple of LA burgers. It also features fresh vegetables such as tomato, pickles, and lettuce topped with thousand-island dressing.

Key Lime Pie

The House of Pies menu typically features menu items that are reminiscent of Southern American cuisine. The Key Lime Pie is one of the diner’s specialties and is made with fresh citrusy key lime.

It is a spectacular pie, loved by all customers, that offers an unforgettable refreshing taste with the first bite. The pie crust is flaky, similar to other pies made by House of Pies, with tangy and lightly sweet key lime filling inside. The pie is topped with whipped cream that provides a rich finish.

Lemon Meringue Pie

For people who like tart and citrusy pies, the Lemon Meringue pie from House of Pies offers an outstanding balance of sweet and sour. Lighter-than-a-cotton lemon meringue is piled high onto a flaky delicious pie crust to make for a citrusy treat that will make you crave more.

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The lemon meringue pie is topped with cream, similarly to the diner’s key lime pie, which makes it taste creamier.

Buffalo Wings

A good appetizer can help you start your meal on the right note. If you visit House of Pies and are looking for a delicious appetizer that won’t fail to amaze you, you need to try their buffalo wings.

Although the diner admits they didn’t invent buffalo wings, they have the perfect recipe that offers a superb balance of tartness and spiciness. The diner deep fries chicken wings to tender perfection and drizzles them generously with their house spicy-hot sauce. The taste of these buffalo wings is so amazing you won’t be able to keep yourself from licking your fingers.

Black Pepper Maple-Glazed Pork Chop

House of Pies also serves great dinner options to customers looking for a healthy and filling meal at the end of the day. The Black Pepper Maple-Glazed Pork Chop is one of the finest dinner menu items from House of Pies that customers love coming back for.

The eight oz. Pork Chop is grilled perfectly to ensure you can enjoy the fattiness and tenderness of the meat. The maple-glazed pork chop is topped with zesty garlic butter, giving it a sweet, citrusy, and flavorful taste.

Classic Waffles

If you want to try something sweet and light for breakfast, you must go for House of Pies’ Classic Waffles. Waffles are a great breakfast item that offers more crispiness and crunch than regular pancakes.

House of Pies understands how to achieve a great-tasting waffle and delivers an ever-so-light and crisp waffle that pairs perfectly with House of Pies’ ice cream. It is one of the most delicious things on the menu and can blow you away with its simple flavors and lightly sweet taste. If you are a fan of loaded waffles, you can go for Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Waffles, Fresh Fruit and Pecan Brickle Butter Waffles, Chocolate & Creamy Custard Waffles, or Banana Caramel Pecan Waffles from the diner’s menu.

House of Pies Menu – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns House of Pies?

The current owner of House of Pies is Victor Watana.

How old is the House of Pies in Los Angeles?

The House of Pies, based in Los Angeles, boasts an experience of over 45 years.

When did House of Pies open in Los Angeles?

House of Pies opened in Los Angeles in the Los Feliz area in 1969 and was a part of the chain of restaurants started by Al Lapin Jr. The new Venice location will open in 2023.

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What is the most recommended pie from House of Pies?

The most recommended pie from House of Pies is the Fresh Strawberry Cream pie. It is a seasonal pie with ripe sweet strawberries and a creamy vanilla custard filling topped with whipped cream.

House of Pies: a Hollywood Milestone

Serving breakfast all day, seven days a week, House of Pies is one of the best places to try various types of pies in Los Angeles.


Los Angeles is a food lover’s haven, and you can find great pie flavors in many places in the city. You can find all-day breakfast diners, unusual egg sandwiches, greasy burgers, and delicious steaks anywhere.

However, the taste and quality of pies and food at House of Pies just can’t be matched. With recipes that haven’t been changed for decades, House of Pies creates some of the most decadent pies in the city.

Aside from the food, House of Pies is an inviting diner where people from all backgrounds and cultures feel welcome and comfortable enough to appreciate the sweet and simple things in life. Whether you are a fan of classic waffles in the morning or like loaded pancakes at dinner, you can easily find your favorite dishes for lunch, dinner, and breakfast at House of Pies.

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