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Millions Candy – An Assortment of Chewy Sweets

Millions candy strawberry flavor

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Millions candy is a collection of small, almost round-shaped starburst balls. The candy is native to Britain and is offered in nine fruity, juicy, and sour flavors. It is chewy, but a little effort is required to bite into the tiny candy since it is so small.

According to their website, Millions is the original candy with this texture and flavors. They warn people about copycats who manufacture similar candy but are unable to imitate their authentic taste.

Millions candy has nine flavors: strawberry, cola, bubblegum, apple, raspberry, blackcurrant, iron brew, banana, and Vimto. All the flavors are suitable for vegetarians.


What Does Millions Candy Taste Like?

Millions candy is colorful, sweet/tangy, and chewy—a perfect candy for kids and adults to satiate their sugar cravings. You are intrigued by the colors that promise a lip-smacking taste of that flavor before you even pour a handful of these beads into your palm.

Pink for strawberry, purple for blackcurrant, and so on—these vibrant tiny beads of sweetness are the right choice for a quick, sugary snack!

The Millions candy is made using these ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, fruit juice (3% concentrated strawberry, apple, orange, raspberry, or lemon juice), hydrogenated coconut oil, starch, citric acid, gelling agent, flavoring, color (E160e and E162), and emulsifier.

History of Millions Sweets

Douglas Rae, a Scottish businessman, was the brains behind Millions candy. He was the head of Golden Casket Confectionery Corporation and Greenock Morton. Golden Casket is a company famous for Millions candy and Buchanan’s Toffees.

In 1990, Douglas Rae came up with the idea of a tiny, sweet, colorful, round-shaped candy. He named this creation “Millions.” The candy has been available in various flavors from the beginning, and almost all of them were an instant hit.

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Golden Casket did not only rely on Millions’ taste to attract more customers—they invested their time, effort, and money into marketing and promotion. Millions could have been a candy from Britain known only to locals, but due to the efforts of Golden Casket and their staff, it became a brand worth over £11M.

The Millions Gang (Flavors)

Millions candy has nine flavors, each symbolized by an animated character with unique personality traits.

  • Strawberry:Aubrey Strawberry represents the pink-colored strawberry flavored Millions candy. Aubrey loves meeting people. This flavor is also the most popular Millions flavor.
  • Bubblegum:Hugh Blue is the character portraying the blue-colored bubblegum candy. He likes creating mischief for his Millions gang.
  • Raspberry:Ruby Raspberry is the fun-loving million of the all-natural raspberry million. She also loves to party and meet people like Aubrey Strawberry.
  • Apple:Green-colored millions have the hip Apple Pip representing the flavor. He is the tech enthusiast of the gang with interest in music.
  • Blackcurrant:Fuzz and Buzz are the two characters portraying the sweet and sour flavor of blackcurrant.
  • Cola:The brown-colored, cola-flavored million is the flavor of Kid Cola. He is the cool kid of the gang.
  • Vimto:Vimto is the flavorful combination of grapes, blackcurrant, and raspberries. Tasty candy is one of the special products of Millions. Vimto does not have an animated character associated with it.
  • Iron Brew:Ron Brew is a strong, wild, and funny character representing the orange-colored Millions.
  • Banana:The yellow-colored banana flavor of tiny Millions has Minions featured on the packaging. The image of a minion on banana-flavored Millions packaging attracts kids’ attention.
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Of these nine flavors, strawberry, apple, bubblegum, blackcurrant, cola, and raspberry are kosher approved.

Millions Candy Range

The flavors and the Millions gang are not the only fascinating fact about Millions candy. This candy comes in a range of packaging options. People can decide whether they want to buy a small bag for occasional snacking or keep a jar on the kitchen counter for everyday use.

Millions candy range comes in Tubes, Shakers, Mini Tubes, Hanging Bags, 30p Tubes, Weigh Out Jars, Gift Jars, and multipacks. The candy is also available in a skincare range!

Millions Candy Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 pack (65g)
Calories per Serving 259
Fat 2.8g (4%)
Saturated Fat
Carbohydrates 56.4g (22%)
Sugars 42.2g (47%)
Protein 0g

Brothers Try Every Flavor of Millions Sweets and Blend Them

They try every flavor of Millions candy and blend some of them to make their own flavor. Check out what happens when you mix different flavors of Millions candy!


Millions candy is manufactured in the United Kingdom by Golden Casket Confectionery Corporation. The candy is an assortment of tiny chewy balls made with fruit juices in nine flavors. Strawberry is the most popular flavor of Millions. No artificial flavoring is used for the production of Millions candy.

Millions Candy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Strawberry Millions Gluten Free?

All the flavors of Millions candy are gluten-free, including strawberry. The pink-colored candy is also kosher.

How Many Millions Are in a Millions Packet?

The Millions candy comes in various packaging, including small tubes, mini packs, and jars. This packaging has different serving sizes, so it’s hard to tell the exact number of Millions in a Millions packet.

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Where Is Millions Candy Made?

Millions candy is made in Fort Matilda, Inverclyde, and Greenock. It is manufactured internationally.

Are Million Sweets Vegan?

Yes, all flavors of Millions candy are vegan and vegetarian. There are no animal products used during the manufacturing process.

Who Created Millions Candy?

Douglas Rae of Golden Casket introduced the world to Millions candy in 1991. He was the chairman of the confection company until 2018.

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