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RJ’s Licorice Choc Logs – New Zealand’s Popular Licorice

Rjs Chocolate Logs

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RJ’s Licorice Choc Logs is an incredible, sweet licorice most commonly found in New Zealand. It is packed with flavor and is one of the best candy offerings from New Zealand. If any of your friends are visiting from New Zealand, be sure to request they pick up some RJ’s Licorice Choc Logs for you. These licorice treats are unique and quite different from other licorice candies like Good & Plenty Candy and Twizzlers.

Although the name of this licorice can make some people raise their eyebrows in confusion, once they take a bite of the candy, all doubts will surely vanish. ‘Logs’ in the name of the candy relates to the shape of the licorice as it holds a thick chocolate inside it. Even apprehensive and picky eaters can develop a taste for this tasty licorice as it is one-of-a-kind and can make you crave its unique flavor.


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History of RJ’s Licorice Choc Logs

RJ’s Licorice Choc Logs are made by RJ’s Licorice. The company was started by a father-son duo, Roger Halliwell and Regan James, in 1995, who loved licorice.

They established RJ’s Licorice, based on Regan James’ name since they believed they could create a licorice product that was better than the options present in the market. They had perfected the recipe and become industry leaders by 1998, and their factory in Levin became highly successful and profitable.

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Even with many confectioners helping them create new recipes, the father-son duo wanted to try out a combination of licorice and chocolate. With drastically different tastes, combining the two sweets together was no easy feat.

After much trial and error, the idea of putting the chocolate inside the licorice occurred to them. Therefore, they added chocolate to licorice in 2000 and launched RJ’s amazing licorice choc log, which was the first of its kind.


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What Do RJ’s Licorice Choc Logs Taste Like?

RJ’s Licorice Choc Logs are quite thick and long enough for sharing with a partner. The texture of the licorice is semi-soft and dense without feeling mealy. You can tear apart the licorice if you like, but it would require quite some force.

The outside of the log is completely licorice with a sweet chocolate inner. Neither of the flavors overpowers the other but brings out the best notes in each other.

RJ’s Licorice Choc Logs aren’t made of strong-tasting, super-salty, or anise-tasting licorice, which is why it goes along with the dense chocolate inside. The chocolate, on the other hand, is neither creamy sweet milk chocolate nor dark, bitter chocolate.

Although you might not think the flavors would work at first, once you take a first bite, you’ll understand why licorice lovers all over the world want this so badly.

Even if you are a licorice hater, you won’t be able to help but be intrigued by the chocolate and mild licorice flavor.

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RJ’s Licorice Choc Logs Nutritional Information

Here is the nutritional information for RJ’s Licorice Choc Logs:

Serving Size 1 Licorice Log
Calories 153 kCal
Total Fat 3.3 g
Saturated Fat 2.9 g
Trans Fat
Sodium 44 mg
Total Carbohydrates 28 g
Sugars 20 g
Protein 1.5 g
Vitamin D 0 mcg


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RJ’s Licorice Choc Logs – Frequently Asked Questions

Where is RJ’s licorice made?

RJ’s licorice is made by a company called RJ’s Licorice, which is based in New Zealand. They offer a wide variety of fruit licorice flavors and their iconic Licorice Choc Logs.

Does RJ’s licorice contain glycyrrhizin?

Yes, RJ’s licorice contains glycyrrhizin.

Is RJ’s Licorice vegetarian?

RJ’s licorice comes in a soft small tube shape and has a deep satisfying licorice taste. It does not contain animal products and is suitable for consumption by vegans and vegetarians.

RJ’s Licorice Choc Log Review

Nate lumberjacks into RJ’s Licorice Choc Log and decides if this licorice product (admittedly not Nate’s favorite) is worth consuming by revealing the magical details about its contents.


RJ’s Licorice Choc Logs are one-of-a-kind licorice candy made from mild soft licorice and yummy chocolate. It has a great balance of licorice and chocolate flavors, making it a hit among all.

This candy is made by RJ’s Licorice, which is based in New Zealand and offers other great licorice flavors like raspberry. If you have tried SweeTart Ropes and want to try something similar to its texture, we highly recommend RJ’s Licorice Choc Logs.

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