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Pica Limon Candy – The Spicy Lemon-Flavored Powder

Pica Limon Candy

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What Is Pica Limon Candy?

Pica Limon candy is not your usual sweet or sour candy that leaves a delightful taste in your mouth. Instead, it is a candy meant to hit your palate with a spicy-sour flavor that leaves you wanting more. People who have a ‘sweet’ spot for lemon-flavored goodies will surely love the taste of this candy. The blended lemon flavor with chili gives you small lemon bombs that can make your tastebuds forget about sweet fruit flavors!

Pica Limon is one of the best Mexican treats because of its unique and savory flavor. The candy is a lemon-chili powder that you can savor directly from the packet or sprinkle on dishes to bring them to life. You can coat your fruits and vegetables with Pica Limon candy and revel in its savory taste.

What Is Pica Limon’s Taste?

Pica Limon candy is an assortment of spicy and sour flavors. The first taste that hits your palate is the concoction of salt and lemon. As soon as the flavor wakes up your tastebuds, you finally feel the hint of chili. This tasty combination lingers in the mouth and makes you want to taste more.

If you are trying it without any fruit or vegetable, you should prepare yourself for the burst of flavor. It will leave your mouth drooling for some time. For those who do not have any experience with spicy-flavored candies, we recommend trying Pica Limon candy with a fruit or vegetable.

Ingredients in These Lemon Bombs

While the taste is spicy and lemony, there’s more to these Pica Limon candies than meets the tongue. Here is the list of ingredients that make up these lemon bombs:

  • Citric acid
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Natural dehydrated lemon
  • Calcium stearate
  • Calcium silicate
  • Arabic gum
  • Capsicum oleoresin
  • Artificial color
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Nutrition Facts about Pica Limon Candy

Pica Limon candy has a serving size of ½ piece of 1g. It contains 0 calories as per the packaging of 200 pieces per container.

  • Sodium: 205mg (9%)
  • Total fat:0
  • Total Carbohydrates:0
  • Protein:0

Why Should You Try It?

If you are a true candy fan, you must eat all sorts of sweet candies that leave a similar taste on your palates, and for that reason, you should try this Pica Limon candy! It has a refreshing lemon taste with chili pepper to enhance the sensory experience. It’s simply a break away from the tasty sweet delights we usually enjoy!

Moreover, the Pica Limon candies are affordable, with 100 or 200 pieces per container. You can eat as many as you want as long as your palate can bear the tartness.  because of the lemony flavor.

Pica Limon Candy

This is the unwrapping of the Pica Limon Mexican candy. It will show the contents inside along with a visual and aural perspective.


Citrusy munchies are not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like your candies with a little less fruitiness and more of the savory flavor, Pica Limon candy is for you! You can eat it anytime you want and mix it up with any dish that you want to try. Whether it is a sweet drink that needs a spicy kick or some fruits you are having for a snack—Pica Limon goes with everything!

Pica Limon Candy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Pica Limon used for?

Pica Limon is a Mexican candy internationally famous for its savory taste. The candy is a powdered form with lemon and chili flavor. You can taste the powder directly from the packet if you want to try a lemon’s spiciness! If you do not want to overwhelm your palate, you can simply sprinkle the powder on a fruit or vegetable and enjoy the tartness.

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What does pica candy taste like?

The taste of citric acid combined with capsicum oleoresin provides a lemon-chili flavor that leaves your mouth salivating for the sourness. There are many ingredients involved in making Pica candy, but the savory flavor seems to be the dominant one for most candy fans.

How do you eat Pica Limon?

You can sprinkle the spicy and sour grains of Pica Limon candy into your mouth and savor the combined taste of chili and lemon. Another way to try this savory candy is to empty the packets of Pica Limon in a plate or bowl and cover fruit or vegetable with it. This way, you can taste the citric flavor with the sweet or salty taste of vegetables.

Why is most Mexican candy spicy?

Mexico is known for its savory and tangy flavors because the locals enjoy the spiciness of strong seasonings. Some Mexican candies are spicy to add a tangy taste to the sweetness of a candy. They are delightful experiences for our palates that mostly associate candies with a sweet taste.

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