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Limoncho – The Salt and Lime Mexican Powder


Last Updated on March 31, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Mexican flavors are hard to forget once you’ve tried them. With different combinations of salty, spicy, and sour candy, we get to experience the taste of Mexico and get addicted to the unique flavors. The fascinating thing about Mexican candy is that it isn’t all ‘candy’ per se. Sometimes, they are the powdered version of the tartness we expect from Mexican products, just like Limoncho!


What Is Limoncho Candy?

Limoncho is a lime- and lemon-flavored seasoning manufactured by a Mexican company, Zumba Pica. The deliciousness of this Mexican candy powder makes it perfect for margaritas, snacks, and fruits.

If you feel like those things will only get in your way, we’d recommend trying the Limoncho without anything. The lime and lemon flavor are intense and extremely tasty if you have a taste for them!

The Tasty Lemon-Lime Combo

The flavor of lemon combined with the tartness of lime makes a strong palatable powder that leaves your tastebuds refreshed. It’s not a flavor that you can enjoy every day unless you like sourness as part of your food.

Some people use Limoncho as a seasoning for their fruits and vegetables. The white powder can add a flavorful touch to the sweetness of fruits and the salty taste of some vegetables. If you have kids who do not like their vegetables, you can serve them with Limoncho, and they will be delighted with the deliciousness of this Mexican product.

If you have had a Mexican candy before, you must have noticed that most products have lemon as the dominant flavor. Lemon is a citric flavor that cleans the palate and refreshes your tastebuds each time you taste it. If you use the Limoncho powder for your food, you will enjoy every bite as if it were the first one!

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The same is true for drinks—whether it is a margarita or a cold beverage for kids, the lemon tartness of this powder will refreshen your mood and help rehydrate the body. So, don’t hesitate before dropping a spoonful of Limoncho in your drinks or sprinkling the powder on the fruits!

Nutrition Facts about Limoncho

According to the packaging of Limoncho, the nutrition facts are as follows:

  • Serving Size: 1g
  • Servings per container:120
  • Calories:0
  • Total Fat:0%
  • Sodium:240mg or 10%
  • Total Carbohydrates:0%
  • Sugars:0%
  • Protein:0g

Is the Powder Acceptable for Kids?

Yes, for those who enjoy the taste of lemon and lime! Some kids are more interested in eating sweet and delightful candies. At the same time, others enjoy the sour ones regardless of their shape, size, and color! If your kids like the bold taste of lime and lemon, they will love Limoncho.

American Tries Mexican Candy!!

Do you want to know what Americans think of Mexican candies? Do you wish to see their reaction when they try sour or spicy candy for the first time? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ here’s a video to entertain you!


Among the many lemon-lime combos that Mexico offers, Limoncho is one of the best! The white powder can fit perfectly with any food group and help you enjoy the taste of the things you didn’t like before. It’s an enjoyable treat for the entire family, so gather everyone around and share the taste of lemon and lime!

Limoncho – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is lemon salt used for?

Lemon salt is a flavor that some Mexican candies use to entice kids and adults. The tartness of lemon salt flavor is in Limoncho, a Mexican candy that is loved all over the world. It is a white powder packed in small plastic bottles or packets, easy to sprinkle on any fruit, vegetable, or drink.

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What do you put salt lemon powder on?

You can put the salt lemon powder on fruits, vegetables, beverages, lollipops, etc. It’s a flavor that can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. In case you do not want to add sweetness to the mix, you can eat it directly from the packet.

What is in Mexican candy?

Mexican candy is spicy, salty, sour, and sometimes sweet! The confectionary companies manufacture only the products that the locals enjoy, and that’s why most of the candies are spicy or sour. The dominant flavors in Mexican candies are chili, tamarind, lemon, lime, etc.

How do you eat lemon and salt powder?

In Limoncho, the lemon and salt powder is packaged in small containers, so there is no mess when you eat it. You can simply take the powder directly from the packet if you like intense flavors—as most Mexican candy lovers do! If not, you can sprinkle the powder on other sweet candies and enjoy them with the sourness of Limoncho!

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