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10 Mouth-Watering Items From The Starbucks Secret Menu (2023 Update)

Starbucks Secret Menu

Last Updated on January 31, 2023 by Jim Edwards

The Starbucks Corporation is a famous American multinational chain of roastery reserves and coffeehouses headquartered in Seattle Washington. Being the world’s largest coffee chain house chain, it is the representation of the U.S. third wave of coffee culture.

The Starbuck menu is very extensive and each drink choice is as great as the next. Their regular menu is categorized into drinks including hot teas, hot drinks, hot coffees, iced teas, cold drinks Frappuccino, and more. Under the food category, there are Snacks, bakery hot breakfast, and more.

But, did you know that Starbucks has a secret menu? Their secret menu is spectacular and real. There is no end to their delicious and mouth-watering creations in their secret menu. The tricky part is about mastering how to order these items.

However, in this article, we will look into the best items on Starbucks’ secret menu and how to order them.


Our Favorite Must-Try Starbuck Secret Menu Items

1. Captain Crunch Berry Frappuccino

The Captain Crunch Berry Frappuccino is the first on our list and one of the most delicious Frappuccinos from Starbucks secret menu. In addition to the normal strawberries and cream frappuccino, you get an extra pump or even two, of toffee, caramel, and hazelnut syrups that will take your taste buds to the next level.

Therefore, if you fancy the taste of Captain Crunch Berries, this is the best chance to make your fancies a reality by asking for hazelnut flavors and then make yourself a Captain Crunch Berry Frappuccino. The recipe for this delicious item includes a pump of hazelnut syrup, strawberries, and creme Frappuccino, a pump of caramel syrup, java chips, and a pump of toffee syrup. To order this item, just show the barista or the person behind the counter this secret recipe and enjoy your meal.

2. Raspberry Caramel Macchiato

The Raspberry Caramel Macchiato is typically one of the delicious and interesting-looking drinks you will find on the Starbucks secret menu. This drink has the same recipe just like the standard Caramel Macchiato, but the raspberry syrup comes in for the vanilla syrup that is found on the bottom of the drink. Taking these drinks gives you an energetic drive throughout your busy day. Grab the drink and you live to love it.

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As already said, the secret is the Raspberry syrup that replaces the vanilla syrup in the standard drinks. To order this drink, ask the barista to give you a Caramel Macchiato, but substitute Raspberry syrup in the place of vanilla syrup.

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3. Chocolate Dalmation

The Chocolate Dalmation is a very popular item from the Starbucks secret menu. To make this chocolate they start with the white chocolate mocha. After that, they add some chocolate chips together with java chips and the end product is amazing. You will automatically love this item with just a glance.


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If chocolate is your thing, take the chance and add some extra chocolate in your drink to make a Chocolate Dalmation mocha. With no doubt, this will be a tasty treat. The secret is chocolate chips, hot white chocolate mocha, and java chips. To order this item, show or rather tell the waiter this secret recipe and you will get a mouth-watering treat.

4. Three C’s Latte

Again this is another famous secret menu item from Starbucks outlets. The Three C’s Latte is famous for a good reason. It is also available in all locations. In addition to the normal Cinnamon Dolcelatte, this famous recipe includes both chocolate mocha syrup and caramel. The item is full-flavored and irresistible.

If you love or fancy cinnamon and you want to sweeten your pot, then this recipe has been made for you. The Three C’s Latte is your perfect cinnamon drink. Therefore, the secret is a Cinnamon Dolce Latte, a pump of caramel syrup, and 2 pumps of chocolate syrup. To order this yummy item ask the waiter for the Three C’s Latte and if he/she is not familiar with it, show the recipe.

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5. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Frappuccino

This is another classic dessert from the Starbucks secret menu. Anyone would love chocolate-covered strawberries. The creator of this item knew most, if not all would love it and thus came up with this sweet masterpiece. Therefore, visit any Starbuck outlet and order this delicious Chocolate Covered Strawberry Frappuccino.

The secret is Mocha Drizzle, Strawberries, and Creme Frappuccino, and java chips. To order this item ask the barista for strawberry and creme frappuccino with java chips and topped with Mocha Drizzle.

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6. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frappuccino

The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frappuccino is another full-flavored item from the Starbucks secret menu for a delicious breakfast cereal. If you have never tried it, this is your chance and you will like it.

The secret is a pump of Cinnamon Dolce Syrup, White Mocha Frappuccino, a pump of hazelnut syrup with cinnamon sugar on top. The best thing is that this delicious treat is available in all locations. To order, show the barista the recipe since some might not be familiar with this tasty item.

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7. The Orange Drink

The Orange Drink from Starbucks secret menu is a sweet and creamy Orange Mango Juice that is mixed with coconut milk and vanilla bean powder to create a mouth-watering beverage that is similar to the orange creamsicle. That might not have the aim of the creator, but what they made will make you lively and energetic throughout the day.

Generally, this flavored drink starts with orange mango juice at the base, and then it gets creamier after the addition of coconut milk and vanilla powder. Those who love it say it has a similar taste to a creamsicle. To get this item, ask for orange mango juice topped with a splash of coconut milk and vanilla bean powder.

8. Strawberry Lemonade

The Strawberry Lemonade is the perfect drink when you want something refreshing, but you are not in the mood of taking a caffeinated drink. If this is the case for you, visit the Starbucks store and try this treat. Strawberries combined with lemonade offer a thirst-quenching combination on a hot day.

The secret is a blend of lemonade together with strawberry flavors. To order this, ask the waiter for a Strawberry Lemonade, if it is not there, they will make it for you if they have all the ingredients.

9. Zebra Mocha Frappuccino

The Zebra Mocha Frappuccino is a stunning item from the Starbucks secret menu. This is a perfect combination of chocolate frappuccino together with the white chocolate mocha frappuccino. So, if you fancy a chocolate concoction, then do not let this chance pass you. From most reviews, the Zebra Mocha Frappuccino is among the tastiest items from the Starbucks secret menu.

The secret is half white chocolate frap, half chocolate frap, optional chocolate chips, and chocolate drizzle. To order this item, ask the barista for a Zebra Mocha Frappuccino and if he/she is not familiar with it, reveal this incredible menu.

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10. Caramel Snickerdoodle Macchiato

Last in our list of the Starbucks secret menu is the Caramel Snickerdoodle Macchiato. This tasty item includes an Iced Soy Caramel Machiatto, but you have to order it upside-down with extra Vanilla and Cinnamon Dolce Syrup. This upside-down macchiato enables all layers to mix to make a blend or rather a uniform drink.

As said, the drink’s recipe includes 1 or 2 pumps of vanilla syrup, 1or two pumps of Cinnamon Dolce Syrup, and an iced Soy Caramel Macchiato that is placed upside-down. To order this ask the waiter or person behind the counter this secret recipe. If they are not familiar with it, show them the recipe and ensure it is served upside-down. You are guaranteed an energetic drive after quenching your thirst with this drink.

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Video: Trying Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks

If you want to get a better sense of what these secret menu drinks look like and how they taste, be sure to check out this video.

If you like this post, be sure to see all of our Secret Menus.


The Starbucks secret menu is stunning and fun to try out. There are wide ranges of yummy items that will leave you wondering what to ask for.

Now that you have discovered this hidden gem, take the next step and visit any Starbucks store and order one of your favorite items from those discussed above and you will surely love it.

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