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11 Starbucks Refresher Secret Menu Drinks to Keep You Chilled in the Summer

Starbucks Refresher Secret Menu

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Starbucks is a name we are all too familiar with when it comes to coffee and other beverages. Founded in 1971, the coffee brand has amassed immense popularity and fame among people and celebrities alike, becoming a household name across America and the world. To give you an idea of just how renowned the brand is, Starbucks owned over 33,800 stores in the world and was operating in 80 different countries by the end of 2021. Surprisingly, 15,444 of these stores were located in the US.

Starbucks brought a wide variety of coffee beverages and is unanimously credited for influencing the second wave of coffee culture. In addition to traditional coffee, Starbucks also offers a wide variety of cold and hot beverages, as well as micro-ground instant coffee, whole bean coffee, espresso, full and loose-leaf teas, caffe latte, juices, and Frappuccino beverages, snacks, and pastries. However, some beverages are seasonal or are available in only certain stores.

With the summer heat gradually rolling in, this article will take you through 10 Starbucks refresher secret menu drinks that will keep you chilled in the summer.


Starbucks Refresher Secret Menu Drinks You Didn’t Know About

Starbucks Refresher Secret Menu drinks and snow

Starbucks’ Secret Menu Refreshers range from pop culture-inspired cocktails like Wonder Woman Frappuccino and Olivia Rodrigo drinks to rainbow-colored concoctions and iced tea drinks. Below are some of the best secret menu refreshers and how to order them.

1. The Sunrise Drink

The Sunrise Drink is essentially a fruity lemonade combined with teas of varying flavors that is sure to cool you down this summer. This unique mix of ingredients grants the beverage an ombré effect, making it appear quite cool and delectable. Being an invention of a Starbucks barista known as Ryan Gawlick, the sunrise drink is not officially a part of the Starbucks menu.

To order this refresher from Starbucks, you’ll have to explain to the barista at your local Starbucks how to make it. But don’t worry, it’s quite easy and can be done in two steps. First, order a Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade without berries. Then instruct the barista to add passion and peach tea on top without blending it, and there you have it.

2. The Orange Drink

Don’t be fooled by the name Orange Drink; this Starbucks secret menu beverage is far from tasting anything like an orange and is actually peach-flavored. The only thing that’s orange about this drink is its color. It’s a half-sweet Black Tea Lemonade combined with infused peach tea, finished with a splash of soy milk for a creamy look and texture.

The drink was discovered by TotallytheBomb.Com, who uploaded the first photo of the Orange Drink on their Instagram. It’s said to taste the same as the gummy peach rings we all love to stuff our mouths with. To order the drink, first, you’ll need to get yourself a venti Black Tea Lemonade, half sweet. Ask the barista to then add a bit of soy milk and peach tea to the drink. It’s that simple!

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3. The Purple Drink

Starbucks has been on a relentless stride towards releasing a refresher drink in each color of the rainbow, and this lavender-colored drink brings them a step closer to achieving their goal. On its release, the purple drink along with the pink drink made huge rounds on social media, and a majority of Starbucks fans loved both the drinks.

The purple drink is essentially a combination of passion iced tea, soy milk, vanilla syrup, and berries. To order the drink, first, order an Iced Passion Tango Tea. Then ask the barista to add a splash of soy milk, 4 pumps of vanilla syrup, and finally a scoop of blackberries.

4. The Rose Gold Refresher

Whenever a Starbucks secret menu drink comes to be known primarily for its color and appearance, it usually indicates that the drink looks better than it tastes. However, the Rose Gold Refresher is an exception. This Starbucks secret-menu cocktail has just the right amount of mango and peach, with a dash of raspberry and vanilla.

Because the Rose Gold Refresher isn’t as sweet or tart as some of the other Refreshers, it’s well worth the hype. The customizations, on the other hand, make it a bit of a mouthful to order. Start by ordering a Mango Dragonfruit Refresher without any inclusions. Then ask the barista to add peach juice and a pump of vanilla and raspberry syrup each.

5. The Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice

If you’re a Potterhead through and through, then this drink is right for you! While you may not be able to get a taste of butterbeer, you can bless your taste buds with the magical flavor of this Harry potter Pumpkin Juice – a vital component of a majority of dinners held in the great hall of Hogwarts.

To order this pumpkin juice, you first need to order a Grande Apple Juice with one pump of cinnamon dolce. Then get two pumps of pumpkin spice and a pump of chai added to it. Finally, add in some ice to finish it off, and you have a wonderful, magical drink with a touch of Hogwarts in it!

6. The Sour Patch Kids Refresher

This unique refresher drink from Starbucks brings the taste of the much-adored sour patch candy into a beverage. And if the sweet and sour flavor didn’t pack enough of an energy punch already, the drink adds caffeine into the mix, granting you an addictingly delicious flavor that will leave you refreshed, alert, and at the top of your game.

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To order the drink, first, get yourself a Venti Strawberry Acai lemonade. Then have 3 pumps of raspberry syrup and classic, each added to the drink. Finally, ask for a splash of passion tea to finish it off.

Starbucks Refresher Secret Menu drinks

7. The WandaVision Refresher

Are you a Marvel fan? If yes, then you’ll surely have heard of Marvel’s power couple Wanda and Vision. And so, if you love the diverse chemistry between the duo and are a die-hard fan of their TV series, just as a majority of Marvel fans are, then let us dedicate this drink to you! The red color of the drink can be associated with the red accents in Wanda’s theme.

Overall, the drink can be described as a perfect combo of sweet and sour with the rich foam atop enhancing the experience even more. To order the drink, first order a Trenta Strawberry Acai Refresher exclusive of any water. Then add some guava juice blend and three scoops of strawberries. Top it off with vanilla sweet cream cold foam, and voila!

8. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Drink

To create a drink that not only looks good but tastes even better is truly a commendable feat. Drawing on the unmatched compatibility of chocolate and strawberry, this is a drink that satisfies your mid-day dessert cravings, all the while keeping you cool in the summer heat.

To order this one, ask for a Venti Cold Brew. Then ask them to add two pumps of raspberry syrup along with cold foam. Next, add in some strawberry puree and a drizzle of mocha.

9. Blue Drink

Introduced next in Starbucks’ series of drinks that represent a color of the rainbow was the blue drink coming in after the orange and purple drink. The beverage has a light sweet taste. However, the taste of the berries tends to overpower that of the vanilla syrup.

The blue hue makes the drink look even more appetizing and filling, perhaps even more than it actually is. You can order this drink by getting an Iced Passion Tango Tea, but ask them to use soy milk instead of water for that extra thickness and flavor. Then tell them to add vanilla syrup instead of any other form of sugar.

Starbucks Refresher Secret Menu drinks

10. The Firecracker Ombré Drink

The Firecracker is one of the most visually appealing drinks that you can get in the Starbucks Refresher Secret Menu. The drink has an ombre effect as you move down the cup. The tropical flavor mixed with caffeine makes the drink incredibly rejuvenating. The change of hue from red to white looks just amazing and mystical, making you want to keep staring at the drink.

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To order the drink, first, you’ll have to order a Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher, plain. Then ask for a pump of raspberry. Once done, have the ingredients mixed and top it off with Iced Passion Tango Tea and pour the content over ice. It is important to pour the drink over the ice or else there won’t be an ombre effect.

11. The Virgin Malibu

Okay we saved the best for last! This drink tastes EXACTLY like a Malibu Rum Drink but without any alcohol of course and that’s what makes it “virgin.”

To order start with a sweetened lemonade made with coconut milk (instead of water). And add 2 pumps of vanilla syrup. That’s it – this one is very easy and won’t stress your barista out! Plus you can pretend you are lounging by the pool as you drink it at work in your office. Enjoy!

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Secret Menu Starbucks Drinks! (Pumpkin Spice Chai, Tropical Refreshers & More)

I’ve always wanted to make this a series! I featured more iced drinks in this video, but I’m definitely going to do a secret menu for frappuccinos and hot drinks! Thank you for watching!

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If there is one thing that the Starbucks Refresher Secret Menu isn’t short of, it’s variety. With countless secret refreshers, you’ll never get tired of drinking at Starbucks, and perhaps that’s one of the main reasons behind their success. The best part of it all is that you can even have your own secret refresher made by instructing the barista on how you want your drink to be. With that said, the beverages mentioned above are some of the best options on the secret menu that will keep you cool and energized all through the summer.

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