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Banderilla Candy – Mouth-Watering Tamarind Spicy and Salty!


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Not all candies are sugary sweet and soft like marshmallows, especially not Mexican candies. Mexican candies are famous for being in a class of their own for their saltiness, spiciness, and mouth-watering sourness.

If you are new to trying Mexican candies, you should choose Banderillas as your first Mexican candy. Banderillas are deliciously salty and sweet, entirely different from American candies, and are loved by lovers of sour and spicy candy in North America. The candies are made from fruits, chili, salt, and tamarind, which give them an authentic taste that is not common.

These candies come in a long and tube-shaped plastic packaging and are reddish-brown. Its simple appearance often puts many people off, but after trying a single bite of the candy, they find it difficult to stop!

These candies may look like beef jerky sticks to Americans but are much juicier and more mouth-watering than any dry jerky. Many people find it difficult to understand how to eat Banderillas, but we will tell you different popular methods of enjoying this amazing candy stick in this candy review.

History and Background of Banderilla Candy

Banderillas come from a popular candy company called Tama-Roca. Tama-Roca is a Mexican confectionary brand that has been making creative tamarind candy for its consumers since 1975. The reason why fans praise Banderillas for its original tart tamarind taste is that Tama-Roca is dedicated to creating great products by only using natural ingredients.

The tamarind candies in the market often use tamarind flavoring, but Tama-Roca uses the actual Tamarind fruit to incorporate it in its products. The company is proud to represent Mexico on a world-scale and only offers quality, hygienic, and innovative products that show the revolution of traditional Mexican candies. The company offers a small variety of products aside from the fantastic “Banderilla,” which is not just loved by Mexicans but also candy enthusiasts around the world.

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What Does Banderilla Candy Taste Like?

Banderillas come in a long yellow tubular plastic packaging, with all candies come individually wrapped to retain freshness. When you open a pack of Banderillas, you will see a reddish-brown and glossy exterior of the candy wrapped around a plastic straw. The dark red color of the Banderillas may alarm you of its spice level since this candy is definitely not for the faint-hearted. The straw can be held as you chew the candy off of it, or it can be placed into your cocktail drinks to make them even more delicious. The candy has a soft bite to it and a delectable sweetness from the fruit. The saltiness and spiciness are well balanced by the real tartness of the tamarind fruit, which keeps you coming back for more.

How to Eat Banderilla Candy?

Many non-local people trying Banderillas for the first time don’t understand how to actually eat the candies. The Banderilla candy is wrapped around a straw, which is unconventional for many people. The best way to eat Banderillas is to either chew off the candy in small bites like a corndog or try tearing into it like you would lick the sugar off the last of your cotton candy stick.

Banderilla Candy in Drinks

Banderillas taste amazing as a standalone candy but taste divine when you try them with alcoholic drinks. Many people who want to upgrade their margaritas or mangonadas like adding a Banderilla straw in their drink to add a kick of spice and sourness from the tamarind candy.

Banderilla Candy Nutritional Information and Ingredients

The packaging of Banderillas reads that it contains salt and chili with tamarind fruit. Each packet of Banderilla holds a single straw wrapped with tangy and spice candy goodness. The nutritional information for a single pack of Banderilla (40 g) is given as follows:

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Calories: 150

Total Fat: 0 g

Sodium: 380 mg

Carbohydrates: 36 g

Sugar: 24 g

Protein: 0 g

Vitamin A: 15 μg

Vitamin C: 0.6 mg

Iron: 0.2 mg

The ingredients present in Banderillas are Tejocote (Hawthorn) Pulp, Sugar, Water, Glucose, Citric Acid, Iodized Salt, Ground Arbol Chili, and Artificial Colour FD&C Red 40.

Banderillas de Tamarindo Natural Tamarind Fruit Hot Pepper and Salt – Mexican Candy Tasting

Watch a product video for straw candy containing natural tamarind fruit – Mexican Candy Tasting – Banderillas de Tamarindo.

Banderilla Candy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you eat Banderilla Candy?

Banderilla candy can be eaten off the straw as it is. You can chew the soft, tart, and spicy candy or lick it to savor the spiciness. The straw between the candy makes it perfect for adding to drinks as it slowly melts away and adds a sharp tang to your cocktail.

What are the benefits of Banderilla Candy?

Banderilla candy is made from natural tamarind fruit and chili, which contain a good amount of Vitamin C. Tamarind is also known to have antiscorbutic properties and contains minerals like iron, potassium, and phosphorus. Therefore, whenever you treat yourself to a Banderilla, you also give your body a Vitamin C boost.

How many Banderilla candies are available in a tub?

Banderillas are commonly available in a tub of 30 individually wrapped sticks. Moreover, a tub of 50 individual Banderillas is also available in some online stores for enthusiastic fans of this Mexican candy.

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