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The Most Popular and Yummiest Types of Korean Candy

Korean Candy

Last Updated on September 18, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Korean snacks and candy have taken the world by storm. With the popularity of Dalgona coffee (the frothy creamy delight that rose to fame during COVID-19 isolation), Buldak ramen (the fire noodle challenge almost every teen attempted worldwide), and Dalgona candy (from the world-famous TV series Squid Game), it is only natural that curious foodies are looking to try trendy new Korean foods from South Korea.

Aside from a rich culture and history, South Korea boasts extensive regional cuisines that include a variety of traditional and modern sweets and candy.

All these candies are available at street kiosks or local convenience stores in South Korea; however, if you live in another country, you will have to buy these Korean sweets online. Most modern Korean candy comes packed in colorful and eye-catching packaging and contains unique flavors that are unlike what you would have ever tasted. Many of these can be found in a Korean snack box or sweet box prepared by monthly snack subscription companies.

To help you explore some of the best candy flavors Korea has to offer, we have listed down the main types of Korean candy loved by locals and tourists. You can purchase them online on different websites, or if you are traveling to South Korea soon, you can buy them at the nearest convenience store.

A traditional type of Korean candy


Korean Hard Candy

Hard candy is one of the most common types of candy found worldwide. Korean hard candy is not that different from other types of hard candy found over the world; however, you will find some fun and unusual flavors of hard candy in South Korea. Some of the most popular ones are:

Lotte Anytime Milk Mint

If you find the standard mints to be too sharp for your taste, you will love the sweet and cool mint flavor of Lotte Anytime Milk Mint. Each mint is perfectly round and gives you a refreshing and delightful taste as you dissolve it slowly in your mouth.

The milky sweetness of the candy offers a delightful and refreshing taste mixed with the mild minty flavor. This candy is perfect for people of ages and can be easily enjoyed on picnics, birthday parties, or camping trips.

Lenith Grape and Plum Candy

If you are a fan of fruity and sweet hard candy, you will love the grape and plum candy flavors of Lenith Hard Candy. Each candy is shaped perfectly round and packed in individual wrappers to maintain freshness.

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The candy’s packet color reflects the flavor inside and features either grapes or plums on it. Locals and international fans of the candy praise it for its refreshing and sweet flavor and its affordability. If you are looking for a fun candy to hand out at a kids’ party, you may want to give Lenith Grape and Plum Candy a try.

Traditional Korean Candy

Aside from the locally manufactured candy sold in plastic wrappers in convenience stores, you will be able to find sweet traditional candy in South Korea as well. These types of candy do not contain artificial additives but are made of natural substances that are delicious and healthy.

Some of the top traditional Korean candy are Yakgwa (honey cookie), Gangjeong (sweet rice puffs), Hobakyeot (Korean taffy), Okchundang (sweet made of rice flour), Dalgona (sugar candy), and Yaksik (sweet glutinous rice).

Okchundang Candy

Okchundang is a type of traditional Korean candy that is made from rice flour. The candy is made using various food colors such as red, white, and green, giving it a beautiful appearance. It is loved by children and adults alike and is a staple for all kinds of traditional Korean events.

The most popular events where you will be able to see Okchundang are at an ancestral rite ceremony or a person’s 60th birthday.

Dalgona Candy

After the Dalgona coffee, Dalgona candy was the next popular Korean snack that became incredibly popular all over the world. Just like in the world-famous show Squid game, Dalgona candy features various cute designs and patterns on top of it.

The candy is made of sugar and baking soda and can be found at common street stalls in the country. It is most popular among kids since it has a fun design element and sweet taste that appeals to their sweet tooth. Contrary to popular belief, Dalgona candy is easy to make at home and can be prepared with only a few common ingredients.

Dalgona candy

Korean Gummy Candy

Soft gummy candies in South Korea are a hit with children and adults due to the large range of fun and exciting flavors available. Aside from that, South Korean candy manufacturers have introduced a line of low-calorie candy that is perfect for health-conscious people.

Some of the most popular Korean gummy candy include Lotte Yakult Yogurt Gummy Candy, Lotte Jellycious Jaws Bar Jelly Gummy, Screwbar Jelly, Kokkalcorn Jelly, and many more.

Lotte Yakult Yogurt Gummy Candy

If you are a fan of yogurt drinks, you will love the Yakult Yogurt Gummy Candy. This gummy candy is created inspired by the same taste of the dairy drink called Yakult in South Korea.

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When the gummy candy was released in 2016, it became a huge hit among all South Koreans. This gummy candy can be enjoyed on the go, at the office, or while relaxing with your family at home.

Lotte Jellycious Jaws Bar Jelly Gummy

Similar to Yakult Yogurt Gummy, the flavor for Jaws Bar Jelly Gummy is inspired by the ice cream of the same name. These gummy candy are shaped like small fruit-flavored bars and feature a shark on the packaging.

Korean candy made from rice flour

Korean Jelly Candy

Whether you are a kid or an adult, nobody can say no to a delicious jelly candy. Many office workers in Korea have expressed their love for jelly candy and said that they help in relieving stress after a hard day’s work.

One of the best things about Korean jelly candy is its variety of flavors. Some of the most popular types of jelly candy are Orion Oh My Gummy, Ilkwang Mixed Fruit Jelly Candy, Lotte Jellycious Watermelon Flavoured Jelly, and many more.

Orion Oh My Gummy

Orion Oh My Gummy candy is available in South Korea in various fruit flavors. The best part about each type of candy is that it contains flavorful juice that can delight kids and make adults smile with pleasure. If you are looking for a great Korean jelly candy, Orion Oh My Gummy is the one you should go for.

Lotte Jellycious Watermelon Flavoured Jelly

Do you love the juiciness and mild sweetness of watermelons? If yes, you will love Lotte Jellycious Watermelon Flavoured Jelly since it contains a burst of delicious watermelon flavor along with a chewy exterior. This candy is perfect for a lunch treat for kids and adults and can be shared at parties easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What candy was given to soldiers in the Korean War?

The candy that was given to soldiers in the Korean War was Tootsie Rolls. Tootsie Rolls rose to popularity in the First World War and were incredibly easy to pack and ship over long distances. Unlike other chocolates or hard candies, Tootsie Rolls sustained their shape and flavor and did not melt or crystallize.

Moreover, the troops were a big fan of the Tootsie Rolls since they provided a quick punch of energy and tasted fantastic. The Tootsie Rolls played a huge part in the Korean War since they also accidentally saved the troops once from the enemy.

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What is Dalgona candy?

Dalgona Candy is a traditional Korean sweet that is commonly made by street vendors. It rose to popularity due to Squid Game and features fun shapes like a heart, umbrella, or star on top of it. It is extremely easy to make Dalgona candy at home since it only uses two main ingredients: sugar and baking powder.

What is the most popular candy in Korea?

South Korea has a large variety of candy that is loved by locals. Some of the most popular are Custard Cake, Ace Cracker, Choco Pie, Pepero, and Corn Chips.

Markiplier Tries: KOREAN CANDY

My Korean family helps me try some bizarre Korean Candy! Some of it’s good, some of it’s weird…


Korean Candy is one of the most unique and flavorful confections you will ever try in your life. With a wide variety of fruity, milky, minty, juicy, and sweet candy, you will be unable to choose just one when provided with a large variety of options.

No matter if you don’t want to consume too many calories or sugar, you can find a great low-calorie jelly or candy that will match your taste. Aside from the regular manufactured candy, South Korea also offers a range of different traditional sweets that can satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you healthy.

If you would like to read more about different types of candy, click on any of the following links.

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