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What are the Most Popular Snacks in the World?

Most Popular Snacks in the World

Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Snacks are perfect for small hunger pangs. The idea of snacking and snacks is different in different parts of the world. Here we have curated a list of 9 snacks that are the most popular across the globe.

Note: we also wrote about the most popular American Snacks in a different post.


Most Popular Snacks in the World

#1 Fries 

Hands down, fries are the most popular snack all across the globe. Potatoes cut into long strips and deep-fried is a delight. Originally from Belgium, people often think that France invented the snack. Nevertheless, considering the global population, very few snacks soar popularity all across, and fries (Pommes Frites) are one of them.

#2 Nachos

Originally from Mexico, the first plate of nachos was served in 1943 for many military officers. Over the years, innumerable flavors of the crunchy chips have surfaced. It is a very popular party snack and a movie accompanier. Doritos is a famous brand of triangular chips.

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#3 Gyoza

The crescent-shaped dumplings are a staple in Japan. Gyoza took its inspiration from the Chinese jiaozi dumplings and made its variation. The snack comprises a thin wrapper on the outside and a lump of minced meat (chicken, pork, beef, etc.) or vegetable filling.


#4 Quesadilla

Another amazing snack from Mexico, quesadilla, has melted cheese inside with a corn tortilla exterior. There is a various version of the snack. Meat, potatoes, beans are also used as fillings. The only ingredient that is always inclusive is cheese. It is mandatory! Have a quesadilla with salsa or guacamole to enhance the taste.

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#5 Churros

Originally from Spain, Churros are a favorite snack in the US. They look like twisters sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. They can be easily found in supermarkets everywhere. In parts of Latin America and Spain, churros are a part of the breakfast with hot chocolate/coffee on the side.



#6 Falafel

Falafel is on top of the list of Israel’s national dishes. However, the very first falafels were made by Yemen immigrants in Israel in the 1950s. Some consider falafels to be healthy as they are rich in protein. You can easily find falafel mix and prepare it at home. Have these fritters with hummus or salsa or practically any kind of dip.



#7 Korean Pancake/ Jeon

In Korea, you can find more than a hundred versions of pancakes. Jeon is the most popular one and is usually prepared as savory. However, there are many sweet variations that people across the world like. Jeon is usually served as a side dish and is a traditional dish during the Korean Lunar New Year.



#8 Poutine

Poutine was first put together by the French Canadian people of Quebec province. The snack consists of fries dipped in a thick gravy (usually made from chicken or beef stock) along with creamy and gooey cheese on top. Compared to the regular fries, the potatoes are very coarsely cut. 


#9 Crostini

Crostini is an Italian appetizer. The small grilled bread or toast is topped with different savory toppings. It dates back to the Middle Ages when poor peasants ate their food from bread instead of a plate. Crostini is a perfect bar snack and a side dish for soups.

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