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The Ultimate Guide to Pringles Potato Chips (2023 Update)

Complete Guide to Pringles

Last Updated on June 17, 2023 by Jim Edwards

Potato chips/ crisps were and are one of the most popular snacks. Children and adults both enjoy munching onto these flavorful and crispy sheets. And they are great when watching sporting events on the weekend, especially with some beers!

Pringles is a brand that has been loved by people across the globe. First manufactured in 1968 by Proctor & Gamble, they were on shelves known as “Pringles Newfangled Potato Chips.” The name was later discontinued as the chips were not technically “potato chips.”

What makes Pringles stand out from its competitors? For starters, the Pringles chips are very crispy and light. Every chip has an identical shape and does not leave greasy remains on your fingers.

Secondly, rarely will you find any broken pieces inside a Pringles can (unless the package shakes vigorously). The chips’ beauty is that it comes in a neat stack inside a cylindrical can. You can later reuse the can in various DIY gigs. A fun fact states that you can roast a hot dog inside a Pringles can.

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History of Pringles

Potato chips have been an American snack for a long time. During World War II, chips’ production was discontinued as they were labeled ‘non-essential commodity.’

In 1956, Procter & Gamble initiated their quest for producing the perfect chip. People complained that the chips bags were mostly filled with broken pieces, and the chips were extremely greasy. 

Fredric J. Baur was a chemist discovered by P&G; he was incredible at Mathematics too. The saddle-shape of the chip was his innovation. Also, the vacuum-sealed, cylindrical can was his idea. 

It took Baur roughly two years to develop the chips. Pringles took the breakage and greasiness very seriously and ensured that the consumers never complained about these factors.

However, people did not appreciate the taste initially. Hence, in the mid-60s, P&G introduced changes in the recipe. P&G discovered Alexander Liepa, who was in the US Army at the time. Instead of a regular potato, they experimented with dehydrated and processed potato paste, corn, rice flour, and wheat.

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Pringles stopped calling themselves chips as the FDA in 1975 pointed out they were not made from potatoes alone. The brand settled for calling itself “crisps.”

Pringles Manufacturing Process

A mechanical engineer named Gene Wolfe helped develop the machines that manufacture the famous Pringles chips. 

Pringles chips are not made from the standard peel and chop of the potatoes. Instead, they include a mixture of corn, rice flour, wheat, and dehydrated potato paste, and then given a shape of a saddle-shaped chip.

The combination of the above main ingredients is mixed together and rolled on a flat sheet. The dispersion happens on a conveyer belt. The mixture then undergoes four tons of pressure. 

After the pressure application, the raw material rolls onto a potato sheet. This sheet then proceeds towards a cutter, which cuts the mixture in the famous saddle shape. Post cutting, the raw chips are ready for deep frying. After frying, they are coated with seasoning and then backflip off onto another conveyor. 

Each chip undergoes inspection. Then they are shaken and spread to then sort into the respective packaging. It takes approximately 20 minutes to make one tube of stackable Pringles chips. 

Learn about the History of Potato Chips

Fun Pringles Facts

Here are eight fun facts you didn’t know about your favorite chips.

  1. The chips were originally called “Newfangled Potato Chips.” The exact origin of the name “Pringles” has several theories.
  2. The Pringles chips aren’t made from real potatoes. They are made from dehydrated processed potatoes.
  3. They are sold in 140+ countries and have 100+ flavors across the globe. 
  4. The design boasts of perfection. Unlike its counterparts, Pringles stressed the chips ‘crispy, crumb-free, and non-greasy’ attributes.
  5. The perfect shape of the chip was created by Fredric Baur, a chemist, who ensured that the chips remain unscathed till they reach their consumers. The shape was called a hyperbolic paraboloid.
  6. The cans are cylindrical to hold the stacked chips in place without compromising their freshness. Fredric Baur takes credit for this as well.
  7. The cremated remains of Fredric Baur is buried in a Pringles can. It was his last wish.
  8. Alexander Liepa worked on improving the flavors in the 1960s. You can find his name in the patent.
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Crazy Flavors around the World

With more than a hundred flavors to choose from in different parts of the world, it is difficult to define “Crazy.” What could be normal for you can make somebody else cringe elsewhere. Here is a list of ten of the most bizarre flavors that you can find.

  • Rosemary and Olive Oil – France
  • Seaweed – Thailand
  • Blueberry Hazelnut – Thailand
  • Garlic Seafood – Japan
  • Soft-shell crab – Singapore
  • Keema Curry – Japan
  • Steak and Onion Pie – UK
  • Roast Turkey – UK
  • Hong Kong Fish Ball – China
  • White Chocolate Peppermint – USA

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients/ nutrition in Pringles?

Ingredients (Pringles Original): Dried potatoes, Olestra (Olean Brand), Maltodextrin, and Rice Flour, 2% Or Less of Wheat Starch, Salt, Dextrose, Polyglycerol Esters, Mono- And Di-Glycerides, Alpha-Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E), Tocopherols (for preserving the flavor), Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin K and Vitamin D.

Nutrition: A 14-chip serving of Pringles (original) contains 150 calories. According to the company website, it includes 9 g of fat, 15 g of carbohydrates, 160 mg of Sodium, 2.5 g of saturated fat, and 1 g of fiber.

What are the most popular Pringles flavors?

Despite introducing many flavors, Pringles Original still stands as the most popular flavor amongst the masses. However, some of the other lip-smacking flavors are:

Salt & vinegar, Nashville Hot Chicken, Fiery Chili Lime, Ranch, Jalapeno, Barbeque, French Onion Dip, Dill Pickle, Salsa Fiesta, Cheddar Cheese, Cheddar & Sour Cream, Pizza, Parmesan & Roasted Garlic, Memphis BBQ, etc.

What do Pringles taste like?

We found a great video, where this guy tastes 17 different Pringles flavors and gives an excellent view.

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Also, he is a very funny reviewer and this video taste test is not only informative, but you will definitely laugh!

How many Pringles are there in a can?

On average, there are about 100 chips in a standard can. The 25g can contain 11 chips.

What is the Pringles slogan?

The original slogan is “Once you pop, you can’t stop.”

However, in the US, the slogan is also advertised as “Once you pop, the fun don’t stop.”

Who makes Pringles?

Pringles was owned by Procter & Gamble. It later got acquired by Kellogg in 2012 for approximately $2.7 billion in cash.

How are Pringles Made?

Ah, it’s easier to explain with a video. This video has many insights and is FUN to watch. One thing we will mention – Pringles are mostly make from potato FLAKES and not sliced potatoes. Like Regular Potato chips.

Give it a watch. Every time we watch this, we find ourselves ordering more Pringles!

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