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Goldfish Crackers – Fish Shaped Cheese Goodness!

Goldfish crackers

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What are Goldfish crackers?

Goldfish crackers are fish-shaped cheese crackers. The product package features the slogan “The Snack That Smiles Back! Goldfish!”

Pepperidge Farm manufactures the Goldfish crackers. They are available in different cheesy flavors that we review in more detail below.

History of Goldfish Crackers

Goldfish crackers were introduced commercially for the first time in the United States in 1962. It was introduced by Margaret Rudkin, founder of Pepperidge Farm. 

The original idea of goldfish crackers was curated by Oscar J. Kambly. He was inspired by his wife’s zodiac sign (Pisces). 

Pepperidge Farm is presently a division of the Campbell Soup Company. In 1999, the Campbell Soup Company won a court case against Nabisco. Nabisco had plans to introduce a new version of its Cheese Nips crackers based on the Catalog Children’s TV Cartoon series that included a fish shape.

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What is the taste and flavor of Goldfish Crackers like?

Goldfish crackers are a kind of cheese crackers. They have cheddar cheese as the most important ingredient that brings a blast of cheesy goodness. The crackers are salty and excessive consumption can make your mouth dry.

The different flavors/varieties of Goldfish crackers are mentioned below:

  • Whole Grain Cheddar
  • Colors Baked with Whole Grain
  • Flavor Blasted Cheddar and Sour Cream
  • Flavor Blasted Cheddar Jack’d
  • Flavor Blasted Cheesy Pizza
  • Flavor Blasted Sour Cream and Onion
  • Flavor Blasted White Cheddar
  • Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar
  • Goldfish Baby Cheddar
  • Goldfish Colors
  • Goldfish Original
  • Goldfish Mix Cheddar + Zesty Cheddar + Parmesan
  • Goldfish Mix Xtra Cheddar + Pretzel
  • Vanilla Cupcake Grahams
  • S’mores Grahams
  • Goldfish Veggie Crackers Cheesy Tomato
  • Goldfish Veggie Crackers Sweet Carrot
  • Made with Organic Wheat Cheddar
  • Goldfish Parmesan
  • Goldfish Pizza
  • Goldfish Pretzel
  • Marvel Avengers Cheddar Crackers
  • Princess Cheddar Crackers
  • Special Edition Disney Mickey Mouse Cheddar Crackers
  • Special Edition Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cheddar Crackers
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What are the ingredients in Goldfish crackers?

There is one ingredient that makes the goldfish crackers unique. On the product label, it is mentioned that the crackers are “made with smiles.” We hope the fact brought a smile to your face.

The other significant ingredients are enriched wheat flour (flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), cheddar cheese (cultured milk, salt, enzymes, annatto), canola oil, sunflower oil, less than 2% of salt, yeast, sugar, autolyzed yeast, baking soda, monocalcium phosphate, paprika, spices, celery, and onion powder. 

Nutritional Facts of Goldfish Crackers

The nutritional facts mentioned below are for a serving size of 30 grams/1.1 oz. (55 pieces).

% Daily Value
Total Fat (5 g) 8%
Saturated Fat (1 g) 5%
Trans Fat (0 g) 0%
Polyunsaturated Fat (1 g)
Monounsaturated Fat (2.5 g)
Total Carbohydrates (20 g) 7%
Dietary Fiber (less than 1 g) 4%
Sugar (0 g) 0%
Sodium (250 mg) 10%
Cholesterol (10 mg) 3%
Protein (3 g) 0%
Calcium 4%
Iron 6%
Thiamin 10%
Riboflavin 10%
Niacin 8%
Folate 10%
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%

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Goldfish Crackers Commercials

Goldfish has some awesome commercials. This is a compilation of the best ones. Definitely worth a watch. But just a warning – they will make you laugh and you will probably want to go buy some Goldfish right after you watch!

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Goldfish Crackers Frequently Asked Question

We have answered a few of the most frequently asked questions to let you know more about your favorite cheese crackers.

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Can Dogs Eat Goldfish crackers?

Goldfish crackers contain salt. Excessive salt consumption in dogs can lead to sodium ion poisoning. Moreover, it causes dehydration in dogs and can lead to severe stomach troubles as well. It is therefore not a good idea to feed your dogs with goldfish crackers.

Are Goldfish Crackers Bad for You?

Goldfish crackers are healthier than most of the other crackers found in retail stores. Especially compared to chips and other deep-fried snacks, goldfish crackers are baked. However, an excessive amount of sodium causes an increase in appetite, which ultimately leads to weight gain. 

Goldfish crackers are a better alternative to most of the other snacks. But we advise restrictive consumption to keep your hunger pangs in check.

Are Goldfish Crackers Gluten-Free?

Goldfish crackers contain enriched wheat flour as the key ingredient. Wheat contains gluten. Thus, the crackers are not gluten-free. People who have a gluten allergy or Celiac disease should strictly avoid the consumption of these cheese crackers.

How are Goldfish Crackers Made?

Goldfish crackers are made by Pepperidge farms in Denver, Pennsylvania. 

The ingredients are combined in large mixing machines to form a dough. After it leavens, the dough is dumped on a long chute to a laminator machine. The machine flattens the dough into sheets.

The sheets are transferred through a conveyer belt into a large roller called a die. When the die rolls across the dough sheets, it makes fifty goldfishes in a fraction of a second. 

The fish pieces are salted, baked, and then packaged.

How many calories are there in Goldfish crackers?

30 grams/1.1 ounces of goldfish crackers contain 140 calories. The calories from Fat are 45.

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How Many Goldfish Crackers are there in a single bag?

A 6.6 oz bag of goldfish crackers contains 330 pieces approximately.

When were Goldfish crackers invented?

Goldfish crackers were originally invented in 1958 by Oscar J. Kambly.

What is the Goldfish crackers slogan?

The product package features the slogan: “The Snack That Smiles Back! Goldfish!”

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Video: Find out How Goldfish Crackers are Made!

Here is a good video of the process if you want to see how your favorite fish shaped cheesy cracker is made.

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Video: Goldfish Taste Test

This video is really hilarious. Many American snacks have not been in stores in Ireland so they are rare. This is a great compilation of Irish people tasting Goldfish Crackers for the first time. There are some funny and priceless reactions!

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Image Credit: “Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers Cheddar Cheese in Big cartons” by PatrickRich is marked with CC PDM 1.0

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