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Best Things on the McDonald’s Menu in Japan

Japanese McDonald’s menu best items

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Japan is a place full of wonderful sights, people, and FOOD! There are many reasons to visit the country, and the Japanese McDonald’s menu is one of them. When Den Fujita fell in love with this fast food chain in 1967, he knew he was going to make it popular in Japan. Luckily for the Japanese, he was successful, and the food was liked by people all over the country.

The first McDonald’s in Asia opened in Tokyo’s Ginza department store in 1971. It took years to create a menu that would suit the Japanese palette and over the year’s McDonald’s has hit their groove in Japan.

Let’s cut the praise short and focus on the Japanese McDonald’s menu—the reason this fast-food chain is so popular.


Best Things to Try from the Japanese McDonald’s Menu

Curious to know about the Japanese McDonald’s menu? You won’t be disappointed because the McDonald’s menu in Japan has a wide range of items that can satisfy any palate. Ranging from a Teriyaki Burger to the delicious Pineapple Pie, there are 12 best things to check out!


McPork is famous for its teriyaki sauce, hand-leaf lettuce, and pork. One of the most popular items on the Japanese McDonald’s menu, McPork, sells well enough to get variations. You can add toppings to your McPork and enjoy a meaty and flavorful McDonald’s burger.

Bacon is among the top choices for a topping, but another variation is McPork Double, where you can get two pork patties in one bun. The juiciness of pork combined with the sweet and savory flavor of teriyaki sauce makes this item so delicious. It gives you that breakfast sausage vibe!

Teriyaki Burgers

Yes, not just one, but multiple Teriyaki Burgers! Japanese McDonald’s menu has a few Teriyaki Burgers derived from the original Teriyaki McBurger. The original one has a pork patty topped with sweet & spicy teriyaki sauce, mayo, and lettuce. The Japanese fast-food chain tried making a few variations for the Teriyaki McBurger, which became as famous as the original burger.

They have an Akakara Teriyaki with the same ingredients as the original, added red chili powder, spicy mayonnaise, and zesty cheese. So, that makes it the spicy version of a Teriyaki burger. There’s a Kurokosho Teriyaki burger as well. It has bacon, spicy mayonnaise, and black pepper sauce added to the original ingredients.

German Sausage Chicken

A chicken piece with a hint of lemon flavor is breaded and fried to perfection. Adding in the mozzarella cheese, mustard dill sauce, and steamed cabbage, you get a delicious chicken burger, but that’s not where the innovative minds leave the Japanese McDonald’s menu!

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They make it more unique by adding a slice of bologna sausage beneath the chicken. It is quickly fried and placed on a steamed rye bun, ready to serve to the waiting customer. Once you have it in your hand, get ready to experience the deliciousness of German Sausage Chicken!

Full Moon Cheese Tsukimi Burger

The full Moon line is McDonald’s way of welcoming the autumn season. As soon as the signs of fall appear, McDonald’s re-introduces their lineup of burgers, but one item has made it to the permanent menu. That is the Cheese Tsukimi Burger.

The Full Moon Cheese Tsukimi Burger has a patty topped with cheese and egg. The egg is prepared in a way that it resembles a full moon, hence the name. It has a similar texture to the egg in a McMuffin, so that ensures its flavor. The burger is prepared with a sesame seed bun with a special sauce and a piece of fried ham as toppings.

Shrimp Filet

When chicken and pork burgers do not appeal to the tastebuds, it’s time to move on to seafood! The Shrimp Filet on the Japanese McDonald’s menu is a must-try item. It is somewhat similar to Filet-O-Fish, but with shrimp instead. The flavor of this McDonald’s item is hard to find anywhere else!

The shrimp in the filet is covered in Panko-style breadcrumbs before it is fried. The outer layer of the filet is crispy with the hot and soft shrimp inside. This item has the classic McDonald’s bun with the Shrimp Filet, shrimp tempura sauce, lettuce, mustard, and raw onions. The onions are placed on top of the filet to make it more delicious.

Chicken Tatsuta

Among McDonald’s top limited-time sandwiches, Chicken Tatsuta is a popular one. Every year, the Japanese get to enjoy this flavorful McDonald’s sandwich for a short period. With a soft bun and the delicious ginger-soy sauce, Chicken Tatsuta is prepared with shredded lettuce and fried chicken.

The combination of these ingredients makes Chicken Tatsuta a delectable choice. However, there is an option to replace the bun with a rice bun. Those who wish to try a rice bun can order a Chicken Tatsuta and taste the fried chicken with the alternate bun.

Mega McMuffin

This McDonald’s item does complete justice to the name! With two stacked sausage patties in an English muffin, a fried egg, a thick slice of bacon, and a cheese slice on top, covered with an incredible amount of ketchup—Mega McMuffin is the best way to start your day.

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People who do not like ketchup in their McMuffins may not be fond of this item. However, those excited about having a big breakfast will love the Mega McMuffin!


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New York/ Manhattan Burger

It’s impossible to open a McDonald’s in Japan and not include a US-inspired item on the menu! The Manhattan Burger is inspired by New York City, first introduced in 2011 across McDonald’s, Japan. It is not a regular item on the Japanese McDonald’s menu but does get a re-release from time to time.

The burger has a beef patty with a slice of pastrami, lettuce, onions, and mozzarella cheese. As for the sauce, the Japanese use sour cream in the Manhattan Burger. The pastrami is the reason for someone eating this sandwich to think of New York. McDonald’s Japan also has the option to replace the standard bun with a light bun.

Sesame Ebi Filet-O Sesame Buns

It’s a burger similar to the Shrimp Filet but with a different bun. If a person wants to enjoy the delicious Shrimp Filet without the classic McDonald’s bun, they can order the Sesame Ebi Filet-O Sesame Buns. It has sesame seed buns with ‘Ebi’ (Japanese word for shrimp). The item is always placed with the other shrimp items on the menu. So, if you didn’t know before why Ebi is listed with shrimp, now you do.

The item looks like an American Filet-O-Fish, but the taste is nothing like an American burger. It has the shrimp covered in Panko-bread, making it the best shrimp filet on McDonald’s menu!

Cheesecake McFlurry

It’s time for dessert! Now that we are done with the savory items on the Japanese McDonald’s menu let’s take a look at the sweet ones. Cheesecake McFlurry is one of McDonald’s inspiring creations! The fast-food chain in Japan is never afraid to try new flavors on their menu, and this item is one of those bold innovations.

McDonald’s Japan is one of the first chains to offer Cheesecake McFlurry to their customers. They have a few variations for the item, including Oreo Cheesecake McFlurry and Hyuganatsu Cheesecake McFlurry. The latter is a McFlurry with citrus flavor!

Sankaku Choco Pie Black

Among the popular desserts on the Japanese McDonald’s menu, Sankaku Choco Pie Black is one of the best desserts with a rich chocolaty flavor. You’d think that the item tastes just like the pies in the United States, but it has a few changes. The Sankaku Choco Pie Black is triangular in shape with a flaky and light pastry.

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Cocoa is added to the dough to add more flavor to the dessert. To complement the deliciousness of Sankaku Choco Pie Black, the filling is somewhat of a combination of Nutella and chocolate hazelnut.


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Pineapple Pie

When McDonald’s Japan tried the Hawaiian-themed food for their restaurant chain, they also introduced Pineapple Pie to the lineup. If a person is only interested in the sweet offerings of the Japanese McDonald’s menu, they can order a Pineapple Pie with a milkshake or Cheesecake McFlurry!

If you like American McDonald’s apple pie, then you will love the Pineapple Pie in Japan. It has McDonald’s trademark flaky pastry with the sweet, tangy flavor of pineapples.

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The Japanese McDonald’s menu is one of the best in the entire world! From savory items that include juicy pork or chicken filets with tasty sauces to sweet treats like Cheesecake McFlurry, there are amazing items that are hard to miss.

If you are ever in Japan, don’t forget to visit a McDonald’s branch and see what’s available that is seasonal and also some of the menu items unique to Japan.

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