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Everything You Need to Know about National Cereal Day

how to celebrate national cereal day

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If you are an adult, there are high chances that you probably don’t know a lot about National Cereal Day or when National Cereal Day is celebrated. Cereal is thought to be a kind of children’s food, but the fact is that many adults also enjoy cereal, although they may contain much less sugar.

National Cereal Day is celebrated nationwide on March 7th to appreciate the large variety of breakfast cereals available in the market. It is also a day when adults get to feel young and happily reminisce about their childhood with a bowl of their favorite brightly colored cereal.

For health-conscious people, eating cereal is a great choice since selective cereals can help in weight loss and even help ease gut problems. A healthy bowl of raisin bran or corn flakes topped with fresh fruits or dried fruits can make your breakfast so much more nutritious.

Nevertheless, for the days you want to indulge yourself with something sinfully sugary, you can choose a fruity, sugary cereal like Froot Loops or Lucky Charms to satisfy your sweet cravings.

National Cereal Day is a great way to help people get back into the habit of eating cereal for breakfast every day. Eating a light portion of cereal every day is much more beneficial to our health than skipping breakfast altogether.

A bowl of cereal can be prepared easily and enjoyed within a few minutes before school or work. Usually you should try to stick to healthier varieties of cereals and keep the frosted ones reserved for special occasions like National Cereal Day only.

types of cereals to enjoy on National Cereal Day


The History of National Cereal Day

Breakfast cereals are one of the most popular types of food in America. It is not only enjoyed at breakfast time, but some enthusiasts also prefer it as a quick snack in the evening.

During the American civil war, many people suffered from gastrointestinal problems due to the high consumption of meat and pork. These diseases were thought to be a way of God punishing humans. When people began to look for healthier alternatives to incorporate into their diet, they came across cereals created by Ferdinand Schumacher.

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Nowadays, cereals are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. However, the first cereals people made were bland and incredibly hard to swallow. Schumacher was a Greek immigrant who began the cereal revolution by grinding a few oats in the backroom of a small store in Ohio and becoming the first national oatmeal commercial manufacturer. In 1877, he adapted the world-renowned Quaker symbol and registered it as a trademark for his breakfast cereal.

There are similar origin stories for other popular cereal brands such as Kellogg’s, Cap’n Crunch, etc. Nevertheless, nobody is sure about the origin of the National Cereal Day. The mystery remains regarding how we first began to celebrate National Cereal Day and how it became a nationwide phenomenon for children and adults.

Healthy kinds of cereals to try on National Cereal day

How to Celebrate National Cereal Day

Although many people want to show their enthusiasm for the National Cereal Day and prove their love for their favorite breakfast cereal, a lot of individuals are confused regarding how to actually celebrate national cereal day. Here are a few tips and ways you can make sure you celebrate National Cereal Day enjoyably:

Eat Your Favorite Childhood Cereal

If you enjoyed eating Cap’n Crunch as a child but haven’t tried it in years, you should buy a box of the cereal and enjoy it with a cold/ warm bowl of milk. You will be sure to unlock some delightful childhood memories as you enjoy the sugar delight.

Try a New Variety

There is a large number of cereals available in the market that you may not have tried before. If you are up for experimenting with new flavors, you should choose an exciting cereal that you haven’t tried before on your next trip to the supermarket. You can share your reviews on the cereal on National Cereal Day among your friends and family or even with the brand online on Twitter.

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Share Your Favorite Cereal Recipes on Social Media

Some people like to enjoy their favorite cereals with fruit, nuts, or other fun additions that add extra flavors to the cereal. If you have a fun and unique recipe for enjoying your favorite cereal, be sure to share it with friends and family for their reviews and reactions.

Show Support to Your Favorite Cereal Brands on Social Media

Many breakfast cereal brands want to interact with their fans on social media on National Cereal Day. Show them your love and appreciation for the cereal’s great taste and their dedication on the 7th of March.

enjoy wheat cereal on National Cereal Day

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National Cereal Day on March 7

Ferdinand Schumacher, a German immigrant, began the cereal revolution in 1854 with a hand oats grinder in the back room of a small store in Akron, Ohio. His German Mills American Oatmeal Company was the nation’s first commercial oatmeal manufacturer. In 1877, Schumacher adopted the Quaker symbol, the first registered trademark for a breakfast cereal.

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National Cereal Day – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is National Cereal Day celebrated?

National Cereal Day is celebrated to shine a light on America’s favorite breakfast food. There are a variety of different flavors and types of cereals available in the country. Therefore, the National Cereal Day is a day when fans of different brands of cereal can show love for their favorite flavors.

What are the oldest cereals made to this date?

The oldest cereal to date is Wheatena. The cereal was created in 1879 by George H. Hoyt in New York City, USA. It was one of the first cereals to be sold in a box-shaped packaging, while other kinds of cereals were kept in a barrel at the grocery store to be scooped for the customers by the pound.

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Who was the first to put milk in cereal?

James Caleb Jackson was the first person to soak cereal in milk in 1863. Since the breakfast cereal at the time was created by using graham flour dough, the result was a dried and broken cereal that needed to be kept in milk overnight to soften it. This type of cereal was called granula, and it was one of the first cereals to be soaked in milk.

What was the first cold cereal served?

The granula, not to be confused with granola, was the first kind of cereal that was served cold.

Is cereal a soup?

Many people believe that cereal is a soup. However, that is not true. Cereal is not a soup even though it is served cold because a soup, by definition, is a mixture of broth, vegetables, and meat.

How did Cereal get its name?

The word Cereal came from the name Ceres, which is the name of a goddess in Roman mythology of agriculture and harvest.

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