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Everything You Should Know about National Fast Food Day

National Fast food day history

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Fast food is one of the most preferred meals for busy individuals all over the globe. Fast food restaurants and brands serve greasy and rich food that tastes heavenly after a long day of work or activities. The best thing about fast food is that it can be delivered straight to your home or served to you at the restaurant within minutes. It can even become an addiction for people who eat fast food regularly since it is easy and convenient.

Fast food is delightfully diverse and has different categories for every foodie. People who like cheesy foods can enjoy hot, saucy, and cheesy pizzas on the go just with a click of a button. If a person loves a burger, they can easily go to McDonald’s to get their favorite cheeseburger or the fish fillet burger. Wendy’s fries are some of the best fries on the market, and In-N-Out shakes are the creamiest and most delicious shakes to be found at any fast food restaurant.

You can try a variety of different fast food items on the menu at any given fast food restaurant since a large selection of other foods attracts customers there in the first place.

National Fast Food Day is celebrated to indulge in any of your favorite fast food treats without any guilt and enjoy the wide selection of foods ranging from tacos to animal-style saucy fries. You can enjoy cheese-rich foods from your favorite restaurants or indulge yourself with sinfully sweet and creamy donuts as a dessert on National Fast Food Day.

different kinds of fast food you can eat on National Fast Food Day


The History of National Fast Food Day

Cars became increasingly popular among the public once the first World War ended, and people wanted to visit new spots in the city. Since the number of road-bound travelers increased, the need for food prepared quickly while you were on the go arose.

Whether you were going into town for a delicious, rare treat or going on a cross-country adventure, hot food prepared fast became necessary to fill hungry stomachs. White Castle was the first to capitalize on this niche of business in 1921 and began offering hamburgers at $0.05 each. After that, the boom of fast food was inevitable since people found it cheap, convenient, and easy to eat on the way. Around 1950, the fast food scene had surpassed international borders and had even made its way to Delhi, India.

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Fast food has become a popular category of food that every cuisine in the world has its own unique version. You can easily find Mexican fast food such as burritos, nachos, quesadillas at your local Mexican fast food store and even Chinese fast food such as orange chicken, kung pao, etc. Nowadays, no matter what kind of fast food you are craving, you can easily enjoy a mouthful of rich and greasy goodness at the restaurant nearest to you.

A waitress serving fast food to children at a restaurant

Learn about National Donut Day

How to Celebrate National Fast Food Day

Nation Fast Food Day is celebrated by true foodies and lovers of fast food on November 16th each year. If you aren’t sure how to exactly help celebrate National fast food day and show appreciation for your favorite restaurants, keep reading for some valuable tips:

Enjoy Your Favorite Fast Food at Work or School

If you don’t eat fast food much due to health-related reasons, it’s a good idea to indulge yourself with the great variety of fast food on National Fast Food Day. You can order your favorite pizza flavor with the most delicious toppings at your workplace to enjoy with your colleagues or among your friends in college. You can also go for a vegan burrito or vegetarian burger if you have unique dietary preferences at various fast food chains.

Try the Trendiest Fast Food on Social Media

There are always trends about different fast food online about different kinds of vegan meat products used in fast food, a new sauce, or an entirely novel method of recreating simple recipes. If you are an avid fast food eater, you may have tried most of the items on the menu of various fast food restaurants. However, you can go for limited-time food items on different fast food restaurants’ menus to give yourself an exclusive one-of-a-kind experience.

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Visit Your Beloved Fast Food Restaurant and Show Them Love on Social Media

If you have a dedicated favorite place where you order your beloved Kung Pao chicken or a spot that makes the most delicious burgers, you should show them your support on National Fast Food Day. If you want to support your favorite fast food restaurant, you can simply visit their outlet for some food or order their food at your home.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can even leave a review on their website or your social media about why you like their meal and how everyone should try it once as well. These reviews from customers give the restaurants some much-needed publicity and the opportunity to grow their customer base.

various types of fast food

Try Some Restaurants Offering Deals and Offers on National Fast Food Day

Many restaurants offer their burgers, pizzas, or burritos at a decreased price to attract their loyal and new customers on National Fast Food Day. If you are someone who can’t resist a discount, you should definitely try visiting your favorite restaurant this National Fast Food Day to avail the best deals on food items.

Try Secret Menu Items at Different Fast Food Restaurants

Many American restaurants have another menu that they keep secret from their regular customers. These menu items are a combination or an upgrade of standard items and have been tried out by fast food connoisseurs as some of the best from the restaurant. Fast food joints like Popeyes, Wendy’s, Five Guys, and even Taco Bell have a secret menu that is loved by foodies all over America.

National Fast Food Day (November 16) Celebration

What is National Fast Food Day? Why do we celebrate National Fast Food Day? Learn information about the history of fast food and fast food restaurants.

National Fast Food Day – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the faster option on National Fast Food Day: Walk-in, Drive-thru, or Delivery?

Depending on the time of the day and where you live, either of the options could be the fastest among the rest. During busy lunch and dinner hours, cars may line up on the street to get food, and the walk-in option may be quicker. However, if it’s not a busy time, the drive-thru option will definitely be always faster than the rest. Delivery times depend on the service you choose and if other orders are lined up at the restaurant before yours is ready for delivery.

How to choose a healthy option from a fast food menu?

To make a fast food meal healthier and keep yourself from consuming extra calories, you can always refuse the add-on of soda with your drink. If you have an option between grilled or fried meat, always go with the frilled option since it is bound to be healthier.

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