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Toblerone Bar – Triangle Shaped Swiss Chocolate

Toblerone Chocolate Bar

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Toblerone is a Swiss-based chocolate bar brand. Its unique look attracts consumers. It is a long bar with several triangular prism-like structures on it. It is produced in Bern, Switzerland, and the city’s bear symbol is used as a logo on the package.

The Bar is mainly made of honey and almond nougat with a touch of salt and caramel. Overall, it is a delightful semi-sweet candy bar that is fun to share with family or friends.


History of the Toblerone Candy Bar

Toblerone Bar has a rich history. In 1908, it was introduced by Emil Baumann and Theodor Tobler.

Emil Baumann, Theodor Tobler’s relative, devised the original recipe with milk chocolate, almonds, nougat, and honey. Theodor Tobler himself designed the triangular shape of the Bar. The name was also derived from Theodor Tobler’s name to pay him tribute.

It is also believed that Theodor Tobler got inspired by the triangular Matterhorn in the Italian Alps to make the shape of the Bar. Even a silhouette of Matterhorn can also be seen in the recent packaging of the product.

After a year of its invention, the chocolate brand got the trademark at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property in Bern. The company was independent at first. But then it joined with Suchard, the producers of Milka, to form Interfood in 1970.

In 1982, the Tobler & Suchard business joined with the Jacobs coffee company to form Jacobs Tobler & Suchard. In1990, Mondelez purchased the bulk of Jacobs Suchard, which also included Toblerone. Since then, Toblerone is under Mondelez.

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Toblerone Bar Size And Flavors

The Bar came in various sizes and varieties. No other companies have ever made such an oversized bar as the Toblerone. The size of a Toblerone bar differs from tiny to 4.5 kg. The large-sized bars were made to celebrate the anniversary of its invention.

The size variants are as follows:

  • Tiny- it had three crests.

  • Mini- It also contained three peaks.

  • 35 gram with 8 crests.

  • 50g with 11 crests

  • 75g with 11 crests.

  • 100g with 12 crests.

  • 150g with 9 crests

  • 200g with 10 crests

  • 360 grams with 11 crests

  • 750 g with 17 crests

  • 4.5kg with 12 crests. This was the largest Bar made by Toblerone.

The Toblerone varieties include:

  • Crispy Coconut Bar

  • Berner Bar

  • Honeycomb crisp

  • Toblerone Pralines White chocolate

  • Filled editions

  • Plain chocolate

  • Snowtop

  • OneByOne

  • Fruit and Nut

  • Crunchy Salted Almond

  • Toblerone Tobelle

Toblerone Bar Ingredients

Each variant of Toblerone Bar is made of different ingredients. However, some of the similar ingredients include:

  • Cocoa mass

  • Milk Fat

  • Cocoa butter

  • Almonds

  • Sugar

  • Egg white

  • Emulsifiers

  • Salt

  • Caramel

  • Chocolate

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Toblerone – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Calories Are In 1 Triangle Of Toblerone?

A 1 piece of a Toblerone triangle is 33 grams and 180 calories.

Is Toblerone Vegetarian?

It depends on the flavor. Some of the flavors do contain egg whites. However, if you are worried about gelatin, you can be relieved as no variety of Toblerone contain gelatin in it.

How Much Does A Toblerone Bar Costs?

100gram pack of Toblerone Bar costs Rs 379/-. The price varies with the weight and the number of peaks in it.

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How Much Is A 4.5 Kg Toblerone?

A Jumbo pack of 4.5kg can cost you £73.99.

Who Owns Toblerone?

Presently, Toblerone Bar is owned by a United States-based confectionery company named Mondelēz International, Inc.

Why Is Toblerone Famous?

These bars are famous because of their unique shape, good quality, and profound history. The chocolate bar represents its country and its structures very proudly. This chocolate is also used by many as inspiration. The Toblerone factory was also used in the filming of  Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

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