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Manita Lollipop – The Strawberry and Cherry Flavored Delight

Manita Lollipop

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Manita Lollipop is the genius invention of Dulces Vero, a Mexican confectioneries company that produces some of the best sweet and spicy candies in the world. Angel Ibarra Davila is the candy inventor who started Vero Group more than five decades ago. It’s located in Jalisco, Mexico.

The candies by Vero Group are so popular that they have reached international fame. People from the Gulf arena, Europe, the US, and Asia enjoy the flavorful taste of Manila lollipops, Vero Mango, Vero Melon, Rellerindos, etc. If we talk about Manita lollipop, in particular, are a candy tinged with the flavor of strawberries and cherries, a taste that is impossible to dislike!


What Does It Taste Like?

Manita lollipop is a treat that will add some sweetness to your life with delicious cherry and strawberry flavors. As soon as you taste it for the first time, you’ll realize that the candy is a combination of the two flavors—a perfect candy for those with a sweet tooth. Only Vero Group can produce candies that help us discover the deliciousness of Hispanic culture!

The strawberry and cherry flavors are artificial, but they perfectly capture the essence of real fruits. They can treat anyone’s tastebuds with the sweetness of Mexico. The flavor is captivating but not overwhelming for people of any age. Children and adults can enjoy the lip-smacking taste anytime they want.

The Hand-Shaped Lollipop with a Message

The most exciting fact about Manita candy is its shape—the lollipop is shaped like a tiny hand! To make it more fascinating and unique from other strawberry-flavored candies, Manita lollipop manufacturers present the sweet delight in this shape.

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When you unwrap the lollipop, you will find a positive message in the palm—a different message for each lollipop. Also, the hand-shaped sucker is opaque, shaded with a pretty pink color to represent the strawberry and cherry taste.

Serving Size & Nutritional Value of Manita Lollipop

The Manita lollipops are served with 40 pieces per container. It is a perfect size to carry around in your purse or pocket. You can also stuff the candies in a piñata or share them with family on a holiday trip. The nutritional value of Manita lollipop is as follows:

  • Serving Size: 1 piece of 16g
  • Calories: 60
  • Total fat: 0g
  • Total Carbohydrates: 16g (6%)

Manita de la Suerte Strawberry & Cherry “Lucky Hand” Lollipop – Mexican Candy Tasting

Have you ever tasted Manita Lollipop? If you haven’t, watch the product video for a Manita de la Suerte Strawberry & Cherry “Lucky Hand” Lollipop.


Manita lollipop is a candy that conveniently becomes a source of your happiness and a must for fun occasions. You can use the candies as party favors, piñatas, Christmas, Halloween, and Easter treats. The Manita candy can fit anywhere as long as you have the tastebuds to enjoy this flavor delight!

Manita Lollipop – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Manita de la Suerte?

Manita de la suerte is a Mexican candy with strawberry and a cherry flavor. It is made in Mexico and is known for its hand-shaped design. There is also a unique message written on the hand that candy buffs can enjoy. Getting your energy levels up for the day with this five-minute kick is a great way to enjoy this candy!

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What is in Mexican candy?

With various spicy, sweet, and sour flavors, Mexican confectionaries offer flavorful candies and lollipops. Vero Group is among the top candy makers in Mexico with trendy products like Manita lollipop, PicoTamarind, Rellerindos, PicoMango, and more.

Are Vero lollipops vegan?

No, they aren’t. Vero lollipops, especially Manita candy, are produced using animal products, so if you are looking to enjoy a delicious vegan candy, unfortunately, Manita lollipop is not meant for you.

Is Mexican candy safe to eat?

There is speculation that lead has been found in chili and tamarind flavored candies. The research was conducted by FDA on the foreign candies that are sold in the US. The lead may have come from the soil where chili grows or the factory where the sweets are manufactured.

Why is Mexican candy so good?

Mexican candy is prevalent in many regions, including the US and Europe. People love the distinct flavors and the varieties as much as they like local candies. Mexican candies have a unique combination of sour-sweet and spicy flavor—it’s a bold taste that some people occasionally love to try.

What is the Best-Selling Mexican candy?

Many Mexican candies are popular in the United States. The top 10 candies are La Vaquita Lollipops, Lucas Muecas, Vero Mango, Mazapan Peanut Candy, Slaps, Canels’ Gum, Mini Jumbo Cereza Lollipop, Manita Lollipop, Cucharita Spoon Candy, and Revolcaditas with Chili.

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