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Yasso Bars – Delicious Creamy Greek Yogurt Bars

Yasso Bars

Last Updated on October 27, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Do you like creamy, indulgent ice cream but want something with fewer calories and more nutritional benefits? Yasso Bars are a great option – they are lower in calories, have higher protein from Greek yogurt and avoid the odd artificial sweeteners.

They are one of my personal favorites for a lower calorie ice cream, and I always have a box or two in my freezer! And I’ve never met a single person that did not like them.

The beautiful thing about Yasso bars is they have a delectable blend of tasty ingredients and if you are concerned about overeating, one bar is a great way to maintain portion control for dessert.

There are about 15 flavors from which one can make their choice. Most people never think twice when it comes to choosing Yasso Bars. Yasso Bars contain only ½ gram of fat and 80 calories for every bar.

Also, they will provide 15% of your daily calcium requirement. Greek yogurt offers a protein punch that has 5 grams for every bar as well, so you will feel more full and satisfied than a candy bar.

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History of Yasso Bars (Ice Cream)

The story of Yasso Bars (Ice Cream) started is a big inspiration to the entrepreneurs who are starting their businesses. The company was started by Amanda Klane and Drew Harrington. The two were childhood friends from Boston. Yasso became the first frozen Greek yogurt bar in the world that was available in the market.

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Yasso debuted in 2011, and since then, the sales have been on a positive trajectory. The products can be found in over 16,000 stores globally which shows how popular they are. Yasso Bars are healthy as Yasso utilizes creamy Greek yogurt as a key ingredient for their delicious dessert bars with other healthier ingredients.

While most of the new products available in the market languish on the store’s shelves, Yasso was able to secure listings in over 15,000 stores globally. This was less than two years after the official launch.

Yasso Bars (Ice Cream) Flavors 

  • Mint Chocolate – Each bar has a creamy mint base and all chocolate chips that you can dream of!
  • Sea Salt Caramel – The bar combines sea salt with decadent caramel swirled for a perfect sweet and salty mix.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Cough – All the lovers of cookie dough lovers always return to this flavor several times.
  • Coffee Chocolate Chip – The bar provides a delicious coffee kick on the sweet frozen stick.
  • Cookies n’ Cream – Each bar has been packed with chocolate cookie crumbles mixed with Greek yogurt, which is rich and creamy.

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Yasso Bars – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Yasso Bars Gluten-Free? 

Except for Cookies n’ Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Fudge Brownie, all Yasso bar varieties are gluten-free.

Are There Any Ingredients That Are Artificial In Yasso?

The company prides itself in providing one with tasty dessert utilizing the best ingredients. This means there are no high-intensity sweeteners, colors, and artificial flavors from artificial sources.

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Why Does Yasso Use Greek Yogurt? 

Greek yogurt, unlike traditional yogurt, is strained, offering it its characteristic thick, creamy texture. This process removes excess water while allowing desired nutrients such as protein to be present in higher concentrations, keeping you satisfied for longer.

Do Yasso Products Have Added Sugar?

The amount of sugar that is available in every item changes from one product to another. It is essential to understand that some sugar content occurs naturally from the milk’s lactose. The added sugar is available in caramel swirls, chocolate chips, and cake chunks. Compared to traditional ice cream, these sugar levels are lower.

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