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All You Need to Know about National Ice Cream Day

How to Celebrate National Ice cream day

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Jim Edwards

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! National Ice Cream Day is the day when everyone in the country lets their hair down  and celebrates the creation of the most wonderful cold treat: ice cream.

Ice cream is a mixture of a variety of different ingredients such as milk, sugar, flavoring, cream, sweet sauces, and nuts and is enjoyed by more than 90% of the American population.

Ice cream is said to be first created and consumed in 619-97 AD in China. The first ice cream used to be made with buffalo milk, flour, and camphor, which is a substance used in lotion. It is also a known fact in history that Alexander the Great was highly fond of flavored ice and snow with honey and nectar.

Some bible traditions also detail how King Solomon used to enjoy iced drinks during the season of harvest. And Julius Caesar of the Roman Empire used to obtain ice and snow from the mountains to cover it in fruit and juices to enjoy!

However, it was in 1660 when an Italian man called Francesco Procopio Dei Coltelli mixed eggs, cream, milk, and butter in a machine he made himself to create world-class gelato that he sold in Paris. Ice cream first came to the United States of America after a guest of Governor William Bladen mentioned it in one of his letters in 1744.

It wasn’t until after the American Revolution that ice cream became extremely popular among the general public. Since then, the popularity of ice cream has only increased as commercial brands have produced a multitude of different flavors using fruity, nutty, creamy, or chocolatey ingredients.

Ice creams can be easily made at home with easy-to-operate home machines and can be purchased from ice cream vans, supermarkets, and even online.

different flavors of Ice Cream

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The History of National Ice Cream Day

Every year on the third Sunday of July, a large number of Americans in each state celebrate National Ice Cream Day, but many are unaware of the origin of this day and how it came to be.

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Only a few people will know that July of 1984 was declared to be National Ice Cream Month, and July 15th  1984, the third Sunday of July, was called the National Ice Cream Day by Reagan himself.

He stated his reason for marking a month and a specific date for the special treat by calling ice cream a wholesome and nutritious food that was enjoyed by over ninety percent of people in the United States. To make things official, Joint resolution 298 declared that the month of July 1984 and that July 15th 1984 would be National Ice Cream Month and National Ice Cream Day, respectively.

The celebrations were signed into public law on July 9th 1984 by Resident Ronald Reagan with Presidential Proclamation 5219. Even though the declaration called for the celebration for only one July in 1984 as the National Ice Cream Month and a specific date for National Ice Cream Day, marketers and ice cream manufacturers have publicized the day ever since 1984.

Ice Cream flavors at an ice cream store

How to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

If you are wondering about how to celebrate National Ice Cream Day and what would be the best way to pay homage to your favorite flavor, you don’t need to think long. Here we have compiled a list of things you can do to celebrate this amazing and fun day:

Try a New Flavor of Ice Cream

If you don’t know which flavor or kind of ice cream you should enjoy on National Ice Cream Day, we recommend trying out a new flavor altogether.

We all love and regularly enjoy the classic ice cream flavors such as vanilla and chocolate, but if you want to truly enjoy National Ice Cream Day, you should try out crazy ice cream combinations of flavors that you wouldn’t normally get.

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If you are trying out ice cream in a dedicated ice cream shop, ask the server which is their most unusual ice cream flavor and decide if you are daring enough to brave the challenge of trying it out.

Go to a New Ice Cream Store

If you have tried all of the flavors in your local ice cream store, you should try looking up exciting new ice cream places in your locality.

Every ice cream manufacturer or store makes the same flavor of ice cream using different ingredients. This is why the chocolate flavor of ice cream in every shop will be entirely different from what you usually try at your local ice cream store.

Some ice cream stores have various and exciting methods of freezing the ice cream, which affect the taste of the ice cream when you try it.

Create Your Own Ice Cream

As opposed to what you might believe, making ice cream on your own isn’t a challenging task. It is quite easy to make ice cream at home, but you will need a few ingredients and equipment before you start.

If you don’t have an ice cream maker at home, you can borrow one from a friend and look up a good recipe online for making ice cream. Whether you like blueberries or mangoes, you can use any ingredient in your ice cream to customize it to your taste.

Buy Delicious Ice Cream on Sale

Since many brands of ice cream love treating customers on National Ice Cream Day, most of your favorite brands of ice cream can be found offering special discounts and offers on this National day. Try going to your local supermarket or check out your favorite ice cream brands online to see if they are offering yummy ice cream on sale.

Nutty and fruity flavors of ice cream

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National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day, celebrated on the third Sunday of each July, delights those with a sweet tooth.

National Ice Cream Day – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are there 2 National Ice Cream Days?

There are two different dates for celebrating National Ice Cream Day in the USA. Americans enjoy eating delightfully yummy ice creams on National Ice Cream Day, set on the third Sunday of July every year.

On the other hand, some people choose to celebrate National Ice Cream Day on December 13th each year.

Although two dates in a single might cause some confusion for people, indulging yourself carelessly with your favorite treat twice a year sounds absolutely delightful.

When is National Ice Cream Month celebrated?

July is the National Ice Cream Month for people living in the United States of America. Different brands of ice cream market their best creations to people on this day to enjoy on sale.

When is this year’s National Ice Cream Day?

The ice cream days for the coming years have been noted down here:

2022 July 17th, 2022
2023 July 16th, 2023
2024 July 21st, 2024
2025 July 20th, 2025

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