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Chili Rokas – Assorted Mexican Candy with Chili Surprise Inside!

Chili Rokas

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Chili Rokas is one of the most widely known Mexican candies in North America. They are a favorite choice among Mexican Americans who grew up in Mexico and are in love with the classic flavors of this hard candy.

The candies come in various fruity, sweet, and sour flavors that can be enjoyed any time you want to enjoy a tart and sugary treat. Each large bag of Chili Rokas contains 67 assorted or same-flavored candies, which are perfect for sharing with friends, family, colleagues, and classmates.

Chili Rokas is made by Jovy, a famous Mexican confectionary brand. Chili Rokas are ball-shaped candies with each piece of the candy wrapped individually with a unique flavor on the packet. What is truly unique about Chili Rokas is that even though the hard candy on the outside may be sweet and sour, you get a delightfully mouth-watering punch of spice when you break into the candy.


Chili Rokas History

Chili Rokas is manufactured by a reputable confectionery brand called Jovy Candy. They are one of the leading candy companies in the Latin market since they specialize in making: spicy gummies, hard candies, lollipops, starch gummies, and gelatin gummies, which are highly popular in Mexico and the USA.

They have been making excellent quality and fresh products for the last 30 years and pride themselves on the large number of fans their products have. Jovy Candy makes Chili Rokas keeping in mind the standard procedures, protocols, and procedures necessary to create a safe, healthy, and delicious candy.

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What Do Chili Rokas Taste Like?

Chili Rokas is available in various flavors to suit all palates. Each of these flavors is filled individually in different colored packaging. When you open the packet, you will see a shiny, bright-colored ball of hard candy.

The gooey chili surprise of Chili Rokas will only reveal itself to you when you’re just at the end of the fantastic flavor journey. The chili of candy is not so spicy as extremely distracting but has a kick to it that will awaken your senses. The texture of the filling is almost gooey and carries a mouth-watering mild heat that will keep you craving for more.

Different Flavors of Chili Rokas

You can buy Chili Rokas in a large assortment bag or for a dedicated flavor as per your choice. The assorted bag of Chili Rokas is available in a pack of sixty-seven candies, twenty-one candies, or eighteen candies. In contrast, Chili Rokas bag for a single dedicated flavor are only available with sixty-seven or twenty-one candies.

The Chili Rokas candies are available in five different flavors:

  • Watermelon: The watermelon flavor of Chili Rokas is refreshing and light and will remind you of the hot summer days of eating freshly cut watermelon under the sun. The candy is sweet and slightly tangy, perfect for people who like eating fruit-based sweets.
  • Pineapple: The pineapple flavor of Chili Rokas is delightfully tart and has a zing that will make you dream of lounging on the sunny beach, eating freshly cut tangy pineapple. The spicy center in the candy is salty and spicy, which complements the sweetness of the pineapple flavor well.
  • Mango: One of the best flavors of Chili Rokas, the Mango Chili Rokas is perfect for munching on while hanging out with your friends. The slight tartness of the candy mixed with the deluxe-rich sweetness of the mango is bound to brighten everyone’s moods and make the atmosphere more fun.
  • Strawberry: The strawberry flavor of Chili Rokas has a unique sweetness and sharp acidity that will bring a joyful smile to your face. The spicy center of the candy goes exceptionally well with the sourness of strawberries that will introduce you to an utterly unique and new flavor.
  • Tamarind: The tamarind flavor of Chili Rokas is the OG! This flavor is for people who are addicted to sour candies. It is impossible for someone to notfall in love with the tamarind’s sharp tartness mixed with Chili Rokas’ classic spicy center filling.
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Chili Rokas Nutritional Information and Ingredients

The nutritional information for Chili Rokas (8 g) has been given below:

Calories: 28

Total Fat: 0 g

Cholesterol: 0 mg

Sodium: 6 mg

Total Carbohydrates: 7 g

Sugars: 5 g

Protein: 0 g

The ingredients for Chili Rokas are as follows: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Salt, Chili, Artificial Flavors, and Colors (FD&C YELLOW #5, FD&C YELLOW #6, FD&C RED #40 AND FD&C BLUE #1).

Chili Rokas Watermelon Candy – Mexican Candy Review

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Chili Rokas – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I get Chili Rokas?

Chili Rokas can be found in-store and online. If they are not available in stores in your region, you may be able to find them in an online store.

How many flavors are there in an assorted pack of Chili Rokas?

There are five flavors of Chili Rokas in every assorted packet: Watermelon, Strawberry, Pineapple, Tamarind, and Mango.

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