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Sugar Babies – Are They Really the Sweetest Candy?

Sugar Babies Candy

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Sugar Babies are a Jamaican candy that has been around over a hundred years! They have a crisp shell and a chewy caramel center with a soft milk caramel. They are a bit size sweet candy that starts melting the moment it lands on your tongue. And, as the name implies, they are super sweet and sugary. Kids love them!

The sale of the Sugar Babies candy increases around the holiday season, especially during Halloween. Children enjoy snacking on them. They are one of the most popular caramel-flavored treats in America. People enjoy the candy with ice creams and brownies too.


History of Sugar Babies Candy

Sugar Babies are a Jamaican sweet candy that was first developed in 1935. James O. Welch Company is the original curator. They derived the inspiration for the name “Sugar Babies” from a song called “let me be your sugar baby.” The song was a hit in the 1930s, and hence Sugar Babies was birthed. (Scroll down to see the video).

The Welch company was later acquired by a firm called Nabisco in 1963. After the acquisition, the company renamed itself as Warner-Lambert in 1988. They later changed the name to Tootsie in 1993.

Presently the name is Tootsie Roll Industries, and they are the sole manufacturers of the Sugar Babies candies. The company later produced Sugar Mama, Sugar Step-Mama, and Sugar Daddy candies too. The Sugar Babies candy is quite a hit amongst people of all age groups. The bite-sized candies are perfect for snacking.

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What is the Flavor and Taste of Sugar Babies like?

As the name suggests, Sugar Babies candy is very sweet and sugary in taste. You taste caramel when you chew it.

The tiny morsels are extremely soft and chewy. Initially, when you chew, you will feel a granular texture in your mouth. It is because of the sugar shell. It later melts, and then you get to experience the buttery and caramel flavors.

You feel sugar grains again before everything explodes and melts in your mouth for the final during the climax.

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Caramel Apple Sugar Babies: Flavor and Taste

If you like green apples and the caramel flavor, you will hands-down enjoy Caramel Apple Sugar Babies. The incredible combination of green apple and sweet caramel is perfect for trick-or-treating during Halloween.

It is a seasonal candy, and you will find it in stock only during the holiday season. Like the original Sugar Babies candy, the Caramel Apple Sugar Babies candies are also chewy. You feel grains of sugar in your mouth when you have it in your mouth. The soft core unleashes when you take a bite.

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Sugar Babies – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Makes Sugar Babies Candy?

Sugar Babies candy was originally made by the James O Welch Company in 1935. Presently, Tootsie Roll Industries manufactures these candies.

What are the Ingredients in Sugar Babies Candy?

The ingredients include corn syrup, sugar, invert sugar, dry whole milk, partially hydrogenated soyabean oil, whey, modified food starch, Confectioner’s Glaze, salt, caramel, natural and artificial flavors, caramel color, artificial colors (including FD&C Yellow 5, Red 40, Blue 1, and Yellow 6), White Mineral Oil, and Soy Lecithin.

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How Many Calories are there in Sugar Babies candy?

A 38-gram serving size that includes 19 candy pieces comprises 180 calories collectively.

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Video – Ethel Waters – Sugar That Sugar Baby O’ Mine – 1926

Written by Maceo Pinkard, Ethel Waters made the first recording of ‘Sugar’ on Feb 20, 1926, for Columbia. Pinkard provided her piano accompaniment.” Ethel Waters was an American blues, jazz and gospel vocalist and actress who began her career in the 1920’s singing blues and was a well known musician during her time.

Give the song a listen it will help give you the historical for the candy.

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Image Credit: “Sugar Babies USA Candies” by JeepersMedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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