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Lemonheads Candy – Everything You Wanted to Know!

Lemonheads Candy

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Introduction and History of Lemonheads Candy

Lemonhead candy is a bright yellow candy that has a tart, sour and sweet lemon flavor. For most people it’s a rather mind-blowing and unique experience! They are made with real lemon juice for that perfect lemon pucker mouth watering experience.

If you have ever eaten this candy, then you may be getting the mouth-watering feeling as you are reading this sentence. What is unique about Lemonheads is that they have a sweet coating and and a soft sour shell that is over a hard candy core.

Few candies are liked by children and older people. And Lemonheads are one of those rare candies.

In 1962, Ferrara Candy Company started manufacturing it in the US. Salvatore Ferrara, the founder of Ferrara company, took inspiration from his grandson Salvatore II while naming this candy. He observed that his grandson has a lemon-shaped head. He decided to make candy with a shape like his grandson’s head. He gave it a Lemonhead name having a sweet and sour taste. You have probably always wondered why it appears the Lemonhead mascot is a Lemon baby – and know you know the secret!

The manufacturing process of lemonhead candy is simple. The company uses a cold panned process in which sugar and flavors are added, layer after layer, until the candy reaches the proper size.

Lemonheads are available in two different sizes: 1 cm and 3 cm. 1 cm size Lemonheads are the most popular ones. The gluten-free and fat-free characteristics of Lemonheads have always made it an extremely popular candy. On average, Ferrara produces 500 million Lemonheads a year.

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Everyone thinks that chocolate candies are the most popular, right? But in 2015 sales of sweet and sour candies actually exceeded those for chocolate. Some of the change is due to the younger audience preferring more intense flavors. Ferrara Candy CEO Todd Siwak told ConfectionaryNews “We are seeing a desire in Millenials for cherry gummy candy, especially with sour, sweet and intense flavors.”


Lemonheads Flavors

Over time, fans wanted more flavors and now Lemonheads come in a variety of flavors:

  • Grapeheads: it is one of the oldest flavors of Ferrara candy. If you want to try a low-intensity sourness, go for chewy Grapeheads Candy. The non-chewy version will provide you the balanced sourness with extra sweetness.
  • Appleheads: if you want a face-crunching sourness, you must try Applehead candy. People with sensitive teeth history should avoid it.
  • Lemonheads: this flavor is the primary identity of sweet and sour candy. It also has more sourness compare to the sweet texture. Overall, it provides a breathtaking experience while licking the candy for a long time.
  • Cherryheads: it will give you a smooth sweet, and sour experience. It provides more of a sweet flavor. Children and ladies like this flavor a lot.
  • Orangeheads: it provides more or less similar experiences to Lemonheads. It has a unique kind of sourness that makes it popular among children.
  • Other flavors: Chewy Lemonheads Tropical, Chewy Lemonheads Fruit Mix, Chewy Lemonheads Flavor Fusers, and Lemonhead Gummies are the other flavors available in the market.

Lemonhead Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

In a serving size of 10 pieces, Lemonheads have:

Calories- 50

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Fat- 0 g

Sodium- 0mg

Sugar- 11g

The main ingredients include sugar, corn syrup, lemon juice, different natural and artificial flavors, white mineral oil, and carnauba wax.

So, what are you waiting for, click and order your favorite Lemonheads?



Lemonheads Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Who makes Lemonheads?

Lemonheads are produced by the Ferrara Candy Company.

When were Lemonheads Candy invented?

Lemonheads were first invented in 1962 and came out in the market that year.

Which Candy Came First – Lemonheads or Warheads?

As we mentioned above, Lemonheads were first invented in 1962. And Warheads came out in 1975.

So Lemonheads actually came out 13 years before warheads!

Video -Irish People Try Lemonhead Candy

This is very funny to see the facial reactions. The candy is not as common in Ireland, so seeing Irish people try Lemonhead’s for the first time is fun and entertaining!

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