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Milk Duds – Chocolate Covered Caramel Goodness!

Milk Duds

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What Are Milk Duds?

Milk Duds are small balls of chocolate-covered caramel that melt in your mouth. They have been around since the 1920s. Considering the era, the idea of coating caramel in chocolate for mass production must have been an original one.

The Hershey Company owns and manufactures Milk Duds candy in a yellowish box with a tint of orange. The packaging itself attracts attention and invites everyone to try the duds!

Milk Duds is a unique name given that the marketing elements mostly focus on chocolate and caramel. However, a large amount of milk in the product garnered the first half of this candy’s name. “Dud” is simply the result of the production team’s failure to create perfect oval-shaped chocolate-coated caramel candies!

History of Milk Duds

Milk Duds were introduced in 1928 by Hoffman and Company. Based in Chicago, they experimented with manufacturing these chocolate caramel candies in a spherical shape. As we know, the form was initially not exactly ‘oval,’ but it gave the company an idea for a creative name for the candy!

Since the initial production of Milk Duds, it has traveled from one manufacturer to another. From Holloway, and Beatrice Foods, to Leaf Candy Company, chocolate candy has been acquired by many big names. It finally settled with Hershey Foods Corporation in 1996.

Milk Duds Candies

Why Are They Special Caramel Candies?

Although the flavor is your basic caramel + chocolate, the candy is memorable for its nostalgic vibe. Even though there are plenty of colorful and flavorful candies these days, Milk Duds hold a special place for their historical value. They were manufactured when people did not have the modern tools and equipment for candy making.

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Interestingly, even with the new tools, the manufacturer continues to use the never-perfect oval shape of Milk Duds.

Milk Duds: Ingredients

  • Sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • Vegetable oil
  • Non-fat milk
  • Chocolate
  • Dextrose
  • Brown sugar (less than 2%)
  • Whey (milk)
  • Mono and diglycerides
  • Milk fat
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Salt
  • Resinous glaze
  • Soy lecithin
  • Vanillin
  • Tapioca dextrin
  • Artificial flavor

Chocolate and Caramel Milk Duds

Milk Duds: Nutrition Facts

Serving/Container About 4.5
Serving Size 10 pieces
Total Fat (5g) 6%
Trans Fat (0g)
Saturated Fat (2.5g) 14%
Cholesterol (Omg) 0%
Sodium (75mg) 3%
Total Carbohydrates (22g) 8%
Dietary Fiber (0g) 0%
Total Sugars (16g)

Added Sugars (14g)


Protein (1g)
Vitamin D (0.1mcg) 0%
Calcium (20.2mg) 2%
Iron (0.2mg) 0%
Potassium (60.6mg) 0%

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Ice Cream Rolls | How to Make Milk Duds Rolled Ice Cream with Chocolate & Caramel | Satisfying ASMR

Do you enjoy eating Milk Duds whenever you crave something sweet and chocolaty? If so, here is a video that is sure to enhance your Milk Duds experience by making Milk Duds flavored ice cream rolls!


The simple combination of chocolate coating and caramel filling is enough to make any candy lover happy! If you have never tried this Hershey’s product before, give yourself a chance to taste Milk Duds!

Milk Duds – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have Milk Duds Been Discontinued?

They have been around since 1928, and despite what rumors say, Milk Duds have not been discontinued yet. Hershey Company still produces the not-so-oval-shaped chocolate caramel candies and manufactures them in those orange-yellow boxes.

What Are Milk Duds Filled With?

Milk Duds have caramel inside the chocolate-coated exterior. The caramel is not the soft kind but a chewy one that lasts the sweet flavor of the candy for a while. The chocolate coating is made from vegetable oil and cocoa.

What Do Milk Duds Taste Like?

Milk Duds taste like any other standard caramel candy with a chewy, filled interior. The taste is like a retreat from the overwhelming candy flavors of today!

Why Do They Call Them Milk Duds?

“Milk” is the part of the candy’s name because the ingredient is used in abundance for its production. “Duds” is where the company failed to produce perfect round spheres and had no choice but to call it a dud.

Are Milk Duds Healthy?

Milk Duds snack-size container is 36g, but it equals 160 calories! It provides 18% of your daily recommended intake of saturated fat.

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