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Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy – The Sweetest and Juiciest Fruit Gummy Candy

Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy

Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy is made by the same manufacturers that produce the delicious Fruit Stripe Gum. The fruit stripe gummy candy is available in similar flavors to the Fruit Stripe Gum and is safe to eat for younger children.

The most outstanding feature of this gummy is that each piece of Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy has colorful stripes, just like a zebra, while the candy is also shaped like a zebra’s head. This is because the mascot for Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy is a cute zebra with colorful stripes, which signify the different fruity flavors of the candy.

Aside from its fun shape and design, Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy comes in delicious and tangy fruit flavors, such as lemon, tangerine, and cherry. These flavors are perfect for both children and adults as they watch their favorite TV shows while munching on this wonderfully fruity snack.


What Does Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy Taste Like?

Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy is a swirled striped colorful gummy candy. It currently contains only three flavors listed at the back of each package.

The three flavors are cherry, lemon, and tangerine. When you open the bag of Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy, the first thing you will notice is the pleasant, sweet smell of fruits. Since this is a gummy, it is quite soft and squishy.

Due to the fantastic fruit flavors packed in each piece, the outer layer of the candy may stick to your fingers as you enjoy them.

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The candy tastes firm at the beginning but begins to soften after some time in your mouth. Each flavor has its yellow, orange, and red Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy has a distinct flavor profile that shines through uniquely among the rest.

Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy Background

Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy comes from the same brand as Fruit Stripe Gum. The “Five Flavor Gum” gum was invented in 1969 and has been popular for decades among the old and new generations for its unique fruity flavor and texture.

However, the biggest criticism Fruit Stripe Gum has received ever since it was made is that its flavors, which are fantastic for refreshing yourself on a hot day, are not created to last long. The gum loses its flavor after a minute or two, after which you are left chewing a bland piece of gum.

Nevertheless, this is not the case with Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy. This candy is a gummy instead of a piece of gum and can be ingested by young children without worries. The gummy has a unique texture and a similar delicious flavor that lasts long, unlike the Fruit Stripe Gum, and it also has  an unforgettable taste reminiscent of the gum.

Overall, it is much juicier and more appetizing since the gummy is also made for chewing. This is why Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy can attract more younger children with its chewy texture and fruity taste.

Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy Assortment (Different Fruity Flavors)

Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy is available in three different flavors which are:

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– Lemon

– Cherry

– Tangerine

Each flavor of gummy candy has a melt-in-the-mouth texture that is very different from the Fruit Stripe Gum, which loses its flavor within a minute.

Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy Nutritional Information and Ingredients

One piece of Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy contains the following amount of nutrients:

Calories 10
Fat 0 g
Sodium 0 mg
Sugar 2 g


The ingredients present in Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy are:

Sugar, Titanium Dioxide [Color], Corn Syrup, Red 40 Lake, Gum Base, Yellow 5 Lake, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Blue 1 Lake, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, and Soy Lecithin.

Some of the products contain artificial flavors that can be noted from the product’s packaging.

Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who makes Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy?

The Ferrara Candy Company is the company that creates Fruit Stripe products. These products include Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy and Fruit Stripe Gum, the original product from this line.

What is the Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy’s mascot called?

The Ferrara Candy Company has created a cute and colorful animal mascot for Fruit Stripe products called Yipes.

Yipes is a colorful zebra that is featured on every packet of Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy and Fruit Stripe Gum. It is because of the striped mascot that each piece of gum and gummy of Fruit Stripe has a white and colored swirled striped design.


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Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy is a delicious gummy candy that comes in sweet and tangy fruit flavors. Unlike the Fruit Stripe Gum from the same company, the Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy is much more flavorful and long-lasting. It is also safe to eat for young children.

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It is available in three unique flavors reminiscent of the Fruit Stripe Gum’s flavors but is not exactly like them. The flavors for Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy are cherry, lemon, and tangerine. If you are looking for a fun gummy candy, you should definitely check out Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy.

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