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Maynards Wine Gummies — Do They Really Have Wine in Them?

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Maynards Wine Gummies are a very popular candy in the UK that were first introduced in 1909 by Charles Gordon Maynard. These gummies are chewy candies that are available in a variety of sweet and tangy flavors.

Originally, win gummies were made from fermented wine – hence their name. However, they no longer contain wine as this manufacturing process was dropped long ago. In fact, there is 0% wine in the Maynards Wine Gummies today.

Maynards gummies are in an assortment of tart fruit flavors and are mostly popular in the UK, US, Italy, France, Canada, Greece, Spain, Austria, Japan, and South Korea. However, you can find them in candy stores all over the world.

Read on to learn more interesting things about your favorite candy.


History of Maynards Wine Gummies

Maynards Wine

In 1880, Charles Riley Maynard began his confectionery business from his kitchen with his brother Tom in London. His wife, Sarah Ann, used to serve his customers while the brothers manufactured confections. Their company, Maynards sweets, steadily grew and was officially launched in 1896.

In 1909, his son, Charles Gordon Maynard introduced Maynards Wine Gums in an attempt to persuade his Methodist father that candies did not come with wine. His father agreed after a while, and the recipe and manufacturing process for these gummies was revised. The sweets were no longer wine pastilles for adults. Instead, they were fruity and chewy gums.

In the 1990s, the Maynards was acquired by Cadbury. Today, these red and black-colored gums are the most popular in the world today. These colored-candies are made from different fruits depending on which part of the world you are in. For instance, the red-colored wine gummies are raspberry, strawberry, or red berry-flavored in the UK and cherry flavored in the US.

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Flavors of Maynards Wine Gummies

Wine Gummies

Maynards Wine Gummies come in various packs and sizes, ranging all the way to a 1kg pack. They are available in the following flavors:

  • Red Maynards Wine Gummies: These are red-colored gummies that come in raspberry flavor.
  • Yellow Maynards Wine Gummies: These are yellow-colored gummies that come in lemon flavor.
  • Orange Maynards Wine Gummies: These are orange-colored gummies that come in orange flavor.
  • Green Maynards Wine Gummies: These are green-colored gummies that come in lime flavor.
  • Black Maynards Wine Gummies: These are yellow-colored gummies that come in blackcurrant flavor.
  • White Maynards Wine Gummies: These are yellow-colored gummies that come in grapefruit flavor.

Maynards Wine Gummies Nutritional Information and Ingredients


Maynards Wine Gummies are packed with colorful and fruity flavors that are made up of sugar, glucose syrup, gelatine, starch, malic acid, acetic acid, flavorings, colors (vegetable carbon, anthocyanins, paprika extract, curcumin, lutein), vegetable oils (sunflower, palm kernel, coconut), and glazing agent (carnauba wax).

You can find the nutritional information of a 100g pack of Maynards Wine Gummies below:

Typical Values Per 100 g
Energy 1400 kJ
329 kcal
Fat 0.2 g
of which Saturates 0.2 g
Carbohydrate 76 g
of which Sugars 57 g
Protein 4.8 g
Salt 0.03 g

Maynards Wine Gum Chewmelier

Presenting the Maynards Wine Gum Chewmelier. Most people at wine shows know how to appreciate a fine wine. But do they know how to appreciate a fine Maynards Wine Gum? Watch this video for a fun-filled experience!


You can find Maynards Wine Gummies in boxes and packs at any grocery or candy store near you. The assortment of flavors is exciting for children and adults alike. Enjoy a trip down your memory lane and relive your childhood days by nibbling on these fruity and chewy gummies!

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Maynards Wine Gummies — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do wine gummies have wine in them?

No. Although wine gummies are called “wine” gummies, they don’t have any alcohol in them. In 1909, the recipe for Maynards wine gummies was revised so that the gummies didn’t contain wine anymore.

Why are wine gums called wine gums?

They are called wine gums because Maynards Wine Gums were originally wine pastilles. However, in 1909, their manufacturing process changed to eliminate wine from these gummies.

What is in Maynards Wine Gums?

Maynards Wine Gums contain sugar, glucose syrup, gelatine, starch, malic acid, acetic acid, flavorings, colors, vegetable oils, and glazing agents. They don’t contain wine.

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