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The Most Scrumptious Items from the Buffalo Wild Wings Vegan Menu

Buffalo Wild Wings Vegan Options

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Anyone can tell from its name alone that Buffalo Wild Wings isn’t an eatery that caters to vegans or vegetarians. The restaurant’s main and most popular dish is chicken wings – people don’t typically visit the restaurant for their salads. And most of the restaurant’s fried food is also cooked in beef shortening. This practice also puts regular vegan and vegetarian options like fries and buffalo chips off the table because they are covered in beef fat.

However, vegans can modify certain food items with a little bit of creativity and craftiness and order great food off the menu. Buffalo Wild Wings is a restaurant that focuses on adding as much flavor to its food as possible.

Therefore, you can even try an avocado smash on a challah bun or fresh salsa with crunchy veggies for the ultimate delight.

We advise you to inform your server ahead of time that you are a vegan so that he may take care to avoid any cross-contamination in the kitchen or while serving.

To help you choose the best Buffalo Wild Wings vegan menu items, we have compiled a list of tried and tested products that are nutritious, plant-based, and vegan-friendly.


Here Are Some of the Most Delicious Buffalo Wild Wings Vegan Items

Grilled Chicken Wrap (without the cheese or chicken)

The wraps from Buffalo Wild Wings are vegan and are made of flour tortillas. You can easily ask your server for a grilled chicken wrap without chicken, cheese, or any other dairy product. They’ll serve you with a wrap with crunchy vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce with a scrumptious vegan-friendly sauce or seasoning. The wrap is served with a side of tortilla chips. You can also request your server to substitute the side of fried tortilla chips and salsa that accompanies the wrap with fresh vegetables or a soft pretzel.


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Carrot and Celery Boat

If you don’t want something filling and just want a light snack as you sit down with friends to watch an intense game, you can go for a carrot and celery boat. This Buffalo Wild Wings vegan menu item is just as straightforward as it sounds.

However, it doesn’t mean you cannot elevate the flavors with some seasoning or vegan-friendly dips. Choose your favorite vegan-friendly dips among the wide selection of sauces on the menu and enjoy fresh celery and carrot sticks with them. You can choose multiple sauces and sips to experience a burst of flavor with the plain carrot and celery sticks.

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Kid’s Mandarin Oranges

For an ultimate fresh snack off the Buffalo Wild Wings vegan menu, you can go for the kid’s mandarin oranges. Some of the kid’s meals on the menu come with a side of oranges for a fresher, healthier, and fruitier alternative. If you are craving something sweet and want a new option to choose from, you can ask your server for a container of mandarin oranges.


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Fresh Chilled Drinks

Buffalo Wild Wings is most famous as a sports bar where people can enjoy delicious food with excellent drinks. The sports bar boasts a wide selection of liquors, beers, and other alcoholic drinks. Although it may not be the best diner for vegan food, it is undoubtedly a fantastic bar for vegans who want to enjoy a great drink and party with their friends.

If you are a vegan that is 21 years old or older, you can choose any drink from the menu, from mocktails to mixed drinks (except drinks that include milk). Be sure to inform your server that you are a vegan, and they will guide you to choose the most flavorful vegan drink option on the menu.

They also offer a great variety of beers that you have to try out with your colleagues after a long day or with your closest buddies at your next meet-up.

Big Twist Soft Pretzel

If you want a warm and hearty food item from the Buffalo Wild Wings vegan menu, you must choose the big twist soft pretzel.

True to its name, the big twist soft pretzel is a large salty pretzel fresh out of the oven and carries no risk of cross-contamination. You can replace the queso side dip with any vegan dip on the menu, such as wild sauce, blazin’ sauce, teriyaki sauce, or BBQ sauce.

You can also pair this large soft pretzel with a carrot and celery boat for a filling meal or salsa for a truly new spicy innovation.

The Garden Salad (without cheese or croutons)

The garden salad from the Buffalo Wild Wings is a great salad to try when you can’t decide what to get from the menu as a vegan.

You can simply ask the server to remove the cheddar-jack cheese in the salad and the croutons fried in beef shortening oil. The salad contains tomatoes, green onion, shredded carrot, romaine lettuce, and your choice of dressing.

You can also request the white wine vinaigrette with the salad for an added flavor and a side of slaw and avocado smash. The green salad will wonderfully be elevated to a flavor bomb when you mix these components for a creamy, crunchy, and hearty meal.


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Pico de Gallo and Salsa

Although many items may not be vegan-friendly on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu, the salsa and the Pico de Gallo dips are entirely vegan. These dips are some of the most delicious food items on the menu.

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The salsa and the Pico de Gallo dip are made from fresh vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, onion, and other spices. You can choose to enjoy these delicious dips with veggies on the menu or the garden salad if you want to spice them up.

You will be surprised to learn that adding these dips to other items makes for a fantastic and flavorful snack.

Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich (without bacon, chicken, cheese, and bacon aioli)

When you remove the grilled chicken, Swiss cheese, bacon, and bacon aioli from the grilled chicken club sandwich, you can enjoy a creamy and nutritious burger that is vegan friendly.

After removing all non-vegan ingredients, the grilled chicken club sandwich from Buffalo Wild Wings will contain fresh house-made guacamole, shredded iceberg lettuce, and juicy tomato inside a challah bun. Since the French fries at Buffalo Wild Wings are fried in beef shortening, they aren’t a viable side option for a vegan.

We suggest replacing the French fries’ side with a garden salad or with a side of fresh celery and carrots. You can also choose a dip from the wide range of various sauces available on the menu.

Buffalo Wild Wings Vegan Menu Items – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the cauliflower wings at Buffalo Wild Wings vegan?

No, the cauliflower wings at Buffalo Wild Wings are not vegan. Similar to all fried items at the Buffalo Wild Wings, the cauliflower wings are fried in beef shortening and are not vegan-friendly.

Is the black bean burger at Buffalo Wild Wings vegan?

Although you might think that the black bean burger from Buffalo Wild Wings would be vegan, that is not the case. The Southwestern Black Bean Burger contains eggs, making it vegetarian-friendly but not vegan friendly.

Some locations of the sports bar offer a black bean burger patty that is vegan. Therefore, you can always ask your server if the black bean burger patty at your local Buffalo Wild Wings is vegan-friendly or not before placing an order.

Are the fried pickles at Buffalo Wild Wings vegan?

Many vegans love trying fried pickles at fast-food restaurants, but a majority of fast-food restaurants fry these delicious tangy treats in animal shortening. This case is the same for Buffalo Wild Wings.

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The sports bar’s famous fried pickles are fried in beef shortening, making them non-vegan. Nevertheless, if you are craving pickles, you can request your server to serve you plain, unfired pickles with your food.

Are the burgers from Buffalo Wild Wings vegan?

Unfortunately, all Buffalo Wild Wings’ burgers and sandwiches are not vegan-friendly. Although the black bean burger is a great vegetarian option, it contains traces of dairy and eggs, making it a viable option for vegans.

Eating Every Vegan Option at Buffalo Wild Wings

In this episode of #TasteTestTuesday, Braden tastes every vegan option at Buffalo Wild Wings. Unfortunately, Buffalo Wild Wings uses beef shortening in their fryers, so none of the fried foods is vegan friendly.

Additionally, the southwestern black bean burger contains dairy products and is not vegan. This only leaves vegan sauces, salad, pretzels, carrots, and celery as the only vegan options available at Buffalo Wild Wings


Buffalo Wild Wings is not primarily a vegan fast-food restaurant, so you will not be able to find many vegan-friendly food items on the menu. However, with the wide variety of menu items available on the menu and the accessible customization options, you can make a vegan meal for yourself by adding and removing certain items from burgers or salads.

We hope that this article will help you choose a better and more tasty Buffalo Wild Wings vegan meal for your next trip. Feel free to click on any of the following links to read similar articles about the best items at other restaurants.

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