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Quisp Cereal – The Tastiest Cereal Of All Time?

Quisp Cereal Boxes

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Quisp Cereal was introduced to the grocery stores in 1965! Yes, it goes such a long way back in time. In the beginning, the Quaker company introduced two kinds of cereal with the same ingredients – Quisp and Quake.

The sole difference between Quisp and Quake was the shape of the cereal. Quaker asked the public to decide which cereal should stay on the market and they chose Quisp and Quake was discontinued in 1971.

If you are looking for a perfect cereal, you would be looking for something that has lots of flavors, even when it is layered with milk, and of course, the other important thing is that you would not want to add fruit or sugar to bring some taste. Lastly, it should not get soggy very fast.

You can get that all from the all-time favorite and the highly adored cereal – QUISP CEREAL!

Quisp Cereal

If you have never seen Quisp Cereal before, we have added a picture for you. The texture of Quisp Cereal is kind of like Kix. It is designed in such a way that it gives the appearance of a flying saucer; that is the reason that they have an alien mascot. If we look at the cereal closely, it kind of like looks like flat golden yellow balls.


Ingredients in Quisp Cereal

The main ingredients found in the cereal are salt, brown sugar, coconut oil, sugar, oat flour, and cornflour. You can link the taste to Cap’n Crunch, but still, Quisp Cereal is better due to its yummy taste and clear texture.

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In the ingredients, you can not see any wheat-based ingredients, but gluten may be present in other ingredients. As the Quisp Cereal is not marked as gluten-free, people who are sensitive to gluten should make sure that they do not consume it.

Quisp Cereal Boxes

When you add Quisp to the milk, you will absolutely love it. If you add it up with whole milk, it will even taste better. The whole milk adds a creamy richness to the Quisp cereal and enhances its corny sweetness.

Unlike most cereals, Quisp does not become soggy quickly. Quisp can be eaten in many ways; people can scoop handfuls of it and just eat it as a snack or eat it with milk.

All your requirements for the perfect cereal are checked off by Quisp cereal.

The Quisp Mascot

The Quisp mascot was created by the cartoonist for Rocky and Bullwinkle – Jay Ward. It was portrayed that Quisp was a prince of the imaginary planet Q. He was an alien, and there was a competition between Quisp and Quake cereal mascots. The voice actor for Quisp cereal was Daws Butler. Daws Butler also voiced Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Quisp Cereal Boxes

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A review of the Quisp Cereal.

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Quisp Cereal is known as the “first internet cereal.” Even though it was discontinued many times, it is still powering through and is adored by a large variety of people. For people who love cereals, Quisp is the perfect option. Not only is it crunchy, but it is also delicious.

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Quisp Cereal – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Sugar Does Quisp Cereal Have?

When we are talking about one serving of the Quisp Cereal, the amount of sugar in Quisp Cereal can be related to one glazed donut – that is about 12 grams of sugar per serving.

Is Quisp Cereal Still Available?

Even though the Quisp cereal was discontinued for a while, it is still available. You can find them online, or you can also find them in some grocery stores.

Why Was Quisp Cereal Discontinued?

Quisp Cereal was discontinued as it suffered from low sales.

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  1. Sadly, Quisp no longer tastes (or looks) the same. A few years ago they reduced the sugar to make it “healthier” and removed the artificial coloring so it’s no longer bright yellow like Cap’n Crunch. The old Quisp we knew and loved, and which was given back to us, sadly no longer exists.

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