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9 Delish Items on the Taco Bell Breakfast Menu

What’s in the Taco Bell Breakfast Menu?

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Jim Edwards

When we talk about fast food chains in the United States, Taco Bell’s name just slips from our mouths before any other. The Mexican-inspired restaurant always has something interesting to offer on the menu. They keep their customers interested with new deals and innovative food items that mostly get a thumbs-up from everyone!

And when the American fast food restaurant introduced its Taco Bell Breakfast menu to compete with McDonald’s, customers were delighted. On a fine day in March 2014, Taco Bell officially launched their breakfast range, letting their loyal customers know they could stop by for breakfast on the way to work! For years, breakfast remained one of their bestselling times of the day until 2020, when they had to hit the brakes on this menu.

In 2020, people had stopped going to their offices and workplaces due to the pandemic, and Taco Bell had no choice but to discontinue its breakfast menu. Thankfully, this unfortunate situation did not last long, and they brought the breakfast menu back in 2021!


Best Taco Bell Breakfast Menu Items

Now, the Taco Bell Breakfast menu is available in selected locations with delicious items to cover different sections of our palate. There are 14 unique breakfast options on the menu, including the famous breakfast Burritos, Cinnabon Delights, and hash browns. We are only going to talk about the top 9 items!

Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Bacon

Seeing this item on Taco Bell Breakfast menu does not come as a surprise to the loyal customers. In fact, they were expecting it to be there! The burrito packed with egg, bacon, fresco, and nacho cheese sauce is enough to wake anyone up in the morning before work.

Taco Bell does not go easy on the bacon serving per burrito either. Maybe that’s why the burrito is a favorite item on their breakfast menu. The stuffed burrito with a flavor of Pico de Gallo gives it a light flavor suitable for a first meal.

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Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Sausage

For those who are not fond of bacon in their breakfast burrito, Taco Bell offers one with sausages. Keeping every ingredient the same except for the bacon chunks, this sausage breakfast burrito is another perfect creation for the Taco Bell Breakfast menu.

The taste of this burrito is rich compared to the bacon burrito, as the sausages do not try to overwhelm the flavor of other ingredients. You will taste all the goodness of egg, nacho cheese, potatoes, Pico de Gallo, and sausages with each bite. Having said that, we do think potatoes may not have been the best choice for this breakfast burrito!

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Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Potato

And that brings us to our next item on the menu—a breakfast burrito with potatoes only! While the meaty options justify the calorie intake of Taco Bell’s breakfast burritos, keeping it veggie-friendly is the franchise’s way of saying we can do without meat too!

The filling of egg, potatoes, tomatoes, and nacho cheese sauce with shredded cheese is the perfect veggie burrito for those who do not want to consume meat in the morning. The potatoes in this burrito do not seem out of place, though, so that’s something!


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Hash Brown Toasted Breakfast Burrito Bacon

When you put hash browns in a burrito, that’s when you know breakfast is served! While the two items separately make for different, equally delicious breakfast menu items, combining them together creates a super breakfast item. The wrapping is filled with the usual bacon, egg, cheese sauce, etc., with a hash brown sitting in the center of it all.

The taste of this breakfast burrito is improved with the hash browns. People who try it alongside the Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Bacon love this one more than the latter.

Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Steak

Not every fast-food chain can do steak right with their innovative menu items, but Taco Bell was not wrong to add this item to their breakfast menu. With the steak, cheese sauce, egg, tomatoes, and potatoes, the breakfast burrito is good enough to enjoy while you sit in traffic.

It may not be a fan-favorite Taco Bell Breakfast menu item, but the burrito is better than many other breakfast burritos with steaks we’ve tried. If you want to have something other than bacon or sausage for your breakfast burrito, the Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito with Steak is the right choice.

Hash Browns

A breakfast menu without hash browns is incomplete. Taco Bell understands this, and that’s why their hash browns never disappoint! Fast-food chains have a way of making hash browns delicious, a flavor that is hard to achieve at home. No wonder it is one of the most bought items for breakfast.

Taco Bell Breakfast menu does not only have the hash browns as a separate item; they serve it with many other breakfast items like wrapped in a burrito with steak, sausage, or bacon, making it a popular choice among the breakfast crowd.

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Breakfast Crunchwrap Bacon

A simple breakfast Crunchwrap featuring bacon, yet one of the best items on the Taco Bell Breakfast menu! With bacon, egg, cheese, jalapeño sauce, and hash brown wrapped in a tortilla, your breakfast standards will go up several notches.

Some would say the Crunchwrap is better than the Grande Toasted Burrito, but it’s mostly a matter of preference. If you like your wraps filled with bacon, ending with a taste of hash browns for each bite, this breakfast item might just be for you!


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Cinnabon Delights

Now that we are done with the savory items let’s take a look at the sweeter options on the Taco Bell Breakfast menu. Cinnabon Delights are the best breakfast/dessert item anyone could order at Taco Bell.

The Cinnabon sauce made of sweet cinnamon concoction inside the fluffy dough is the sugar rush you need in the morning to wake up. The bite-sized pastries come in a pack of two, but you won’t be able to stop yourself from ordering a dozen packs! Try to enjoy the pastries in two bites so that you can savor the flavor of the cinnamon sauce.

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Bell Breakfast Box

One of the best items on the Taco Bell Breakfast menu has to be the Breakfast Box! Although all the other items listed here are amazingly delicious, they can’t get more cost-effective than the Breakfast Box.

For an affordable price, the box contains hash browns, a Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito, Cinnabon Delights, and a choice of your coffee or fountain drink. If you do not want to spend your precious morning time deciding what to eat, simply grab the box and enjoy this hearty meal!


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Trying Out the ENTIRE Taco Bell Breakfast Menu!!

In this video, Daisy Sue tries the entire Taco Bell breakfast menu and shares her honest opinion on camera. If you want to know whether your favorite breakfast item from this fast food joint gets a feature in the video, watch it now!


Taco Bell Breakfast menu has the best items for someone who doesn’t like to cook in the morning or simply doesn’t have the time. If you want to enjoy something delicious before going to work, visit your nearest Taco Bell restaurant and let your inner foodie decide what to buy for the day!

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While the Breakfast burrito can be a personal choice, we recommend buying the Cinnabon Delights to end your first meal of the day on a sweet note.

Taco Bell Breakfast Menu: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What time does Taco Bell’s Breakfast menu end?

Taco Bell serves its breakfast menu between 7 am and 11 am. Start your day with a breakfast burrito filled with your favorite style of meat, a serving of sweet Cinnabon Delights, and a coffee or drink of your choice. The hours for weekend breakfast may vary depending on the location, so call ahead and ask the nearest branch before going for your morning fix.

What is the largest item on the Taco Bell Breakfast menu?

The largest item would be the Breakfast Crunchwrap for Taco Bell Breakfast menu. You can order the Crunchwrap with bacon, sausage, or a combination of the two. No matter which one you pick, the taste will surely be worth your trip to the restaurant.

What is in a Taco Bell Breakfast burrito?

The Taco Bell breakfast burrito has eggs, cheese sauce, potatoes, and a choice of your meat. For your breakfast burrito, you can pick from bacon, sausage, steak, or plain potato. Some of the burritos have hash browns inside the wrapping.

Is Taco Bell healthy?

Taco Bell is famous as a fast-food chain restaurant, but its innovative approach to making the menu healthy for the customers makes them a healthy option. You can pick your favorite burrito style with the protein of your choice (bacon, steak, sausage) to consume the calories that won’t settle down onto your sides.

Does Taco Bell use real eggs?

Yes. Taco Bell uses real eggs to make the mixture for the egg blend added to their burritos. The franchise is proud of using cage-free eggs; the hens are raised in an open environment.

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